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World Warfare
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  1. Mauro87

    Splash damage

    so, you're telling me, for example, to bomb an AA with 10 bombers or 20 AA with 10 bombers, is the same ??
  2. Mauro87

    Splash damage

    who can explain to me how the splash damage is calculated? should we consider the full amount of hp and defense of an entire group of units or a single unit ?. how much can the morale influence?
  3. Mauro87

    Christmas Moments

    Merry Christmas Mauro87
  4. Mauro87

    Defense: Explained More

    taking into account the defense parameter and HP, the damage that a unit suffers, is calculated per minute or seconds?.
  5. Mauro87

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    I agree. the solution is so simple, allows access to the map of only one account per device, so we avoid stressing ourselves to create new accounts to have more tactical-cards, alt accounts to be demo, alt account for extra-troops, account alt to have immediately LC at the beginning of the bf, etc ...
  6. Mauro87

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Immel, are you serious? do you think tanks with damage to a single unit can overwhelm the m40s? do you think the opposing player is stupid and you expect to disperse the tanks to implement your strategy? the tanks are slow and will be overwhelmed by the attack radius of the m40, only the panzerlll are fast enough but have poor defense ... you're not fighting a cpu in easy mode but against another player who can use his m40 intelligently.
  7. Mauro87

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    we are looking for a solution for m40 / AA spam, when in reality there is no real strategy to destroy m40 in combination with AA. I propose an excellent idea to the developers of this game. To revolutionize the strategy of the game we should introduce napalm. in all well-balanced strategy games, napalm is present. napalm is able to slow down the movement speed of tanks and vehicles, limit visibility to long-haul vehicles (artillery, rocket launchers, etc.), partly block roads, ports, etc., the damage to napalm could be greater in the woods because the vehicles in the woods have more attacks, napalm can be used as a defensive action, etc ... if the napalm is used well could eliminate this stupid spam m40 / AA and the use of a lot of artillery ... game is currently unbalanced, even in the techno classes, the aviator class is the most disadvantaged.
  8. Mauro87

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    it would be useful to set a time to use life-saving card, for example you could put life-saving card every 15 minutes ... so you can prevent the player from putting 100 life-saving cards between allies and alt accounts.
  9. Mauro87

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    the effect of this card should be extended to the whole territory of the city, otherwise the card to increase the resources is useless.
  10. Mauro87

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    a useful advice to improve the game would be to modify or change this card. this card is useless, nobody uses it.
  11. Mauro87

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    I can not download the link listed .... there are players who play and others do not ... very well
  12. Mauro87

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Hello everyone, I understand the delays with the maintenance, the problem of these maintenance is that American players are advantaged, because they wake up now and have the whole day ahead ... while the European and Asian players are penalized.
  13. Mauro87

    Best Moments.

    I remember downloading the game from the play store, initially I was not impressed, then I realized it was and is a great game. in the first battlefields I did not know of the existence of the league of the city, my troops walked on foot through the map !! I had a lot of losses, but I'm still in the game !. thank you, worldwarfare for the beautiful game! Player Name: Mauro87
  14. Mauro87

    Halloween Event!

  15. Mauro87

    Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    we are talking about the new update. Why to complain about the small mistakes in the game? The game has never forced anyone to spend money. If you want an advantage, you can buy it, it seems logical. In my opinion, the game is all right and we have great customer support, it's readily available. They said they would solve the problems, why keep complaining? .... ps: I'm a player who's been playing for about a year.