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  1. Do we have a projected time frame that we can get back online? is there a list of big fixes somewhere?
  2. The setting: 1 vs 4 YeOldeGuy vs 4x Luckystrike my ships are considerably stronger than Lucky’s, but we did this to learn from and to show rookie players how to team play to conquer a stronger player. warning - this is a 40min battle noteable points: Early on, battle lines were set. lucky was having a difficult time breaking the line. later they pushed a bunch of ships into the line to engage cruisers. bombers were sent in to bait the cruisers and group them up once cruisers were gone,.. 100+ bombers did the rest. what I should have done was slowly move backwards to group up the ships and I would’ve taken more than what I did. but this was a fun battle and something we can all learn from. my troops (no where near max tech and with officers): 8x Carolinas @ 34k hp each 8x Bismarck’s @ 51k hp each 32x cruisers @ 19k hp each vs 50+ bismarks between 30-45k hp various carolinas and cruisers 100+ bombers
  3. So during our last Isles map,.. we had a few fun battles and this was one of them YeOldeGuys: Blanco91 vs Ironman: Luckystrikes 14 buffed and tech’d strats vs 14 buffed and tech’d Flak (Sorry, no sound on video)
  4. Realvapejay

    Easter Day Event

    The moment when 14 strats vs 14 flak happened! sorry, no sound on the video. Blanco from YeOldeGuys vs Ironman from Luckystrikes Both pre-buffed and tech’d as soon as chaff ran out, you can see what happens. RealVapeJay
  5. Well, we are approaching 20 hours that no one can get into the bf. Wish there was an option on the main page to leave a bf. We are all stuck and can’t get in.
  6. Does anyone use the forums anymore? are there no devs that are on here anymore? i have not seen ther servers down like this in a long time. What’s going on?
  7. Realvapejay

    Bf 1101217 is down

    Keep getting some kind of network protocol issue keeps coming up no one can get in the game, a whole bunch of us have troops in the air! been unable to access for about an hour now
  8. It would appear that every time the devs add something new to the game mechanics, more problems appear and they seem to get worse with every update. The game is pulling just too much data back n forth from the servers. None of current devices can keep up. if the servers can handle it,... the internet can't,.. if the internet can,... the devices can't.. if the devices can,.. then the servers can't,... but there is always something not working. I suggest dumbing the game mechanics down a bit till all 3 parts of the triangle can work flawlessly without problems, then grow from there. We now have ??? Number of generals that change each individual players troop dynamics (especially when used in combinations),.. main tech tree, 3x class tech tree's and now a battlefield city tech tree... this game is going to implode on itself... couple that with 160-260 players on each map,... ah, I forgot now the league city generals that change dynamics yet again.... The devs are doing sooo much sooo quickly that something is going to just explode. I suggest they dial back a bit and slow down instead of rushing into everything like it's their first time having sex... things will prematurely explode and not work again. should that happen, many longtime players will just quit, many players that pay-to-play will stop paying... it'll be a broken game that no one will want to play. /rant...
  9. Ok, now a whole bunch of us can't even get back into our bf 1096259.... Continually stuck on the loading screen. All we can do is get on the mainscreen
  10. Everyone I'm playing with is having the same problem. When we switch apps and then try and come back the game freezes on the loading screen. This happened every time. I have to swipe the app closed and reopen and it puts me into the mainscreen where I have to enter the bf again. Im assuming the new update has just too much data to load up or is trying to load up too much data at once. I can also assume that it is not my phone as it's a brand new iPhone 7+ with 128g, and all other apps are closed when I try and switch back to the game (because I know ww is a resource hog) perhalps the devs might want to roll back this update till it's a bit more stable on loading? are the devs aware and working on a fix? chime in everyone if you are having the same prob.
  11. Yup, I did. Super fast response time. Ronin was quick to put me at ease. Now maxim is looking at my account... gotta wait 10-15 min while he checks things out
  12. Realvapejay

    Planes are stuck!!

    Hey devs and mods, I have no access to my airbase and my planes are stuck there. The loading ring appears when I select the troop list and I get a connection error. leaguemates have no issue accessing, loading and unloading air units, yet I still can't. tried, starting a demo then canceling; upgrading and still the same thing (spent 322 gems to quick finish the upgrade) - connection error. closed and reopened the game; restarted the phone then reopened the game... i sent a troop in to load. It did but it's showing something weird on my troop list: planes are all in airbase (landed) and troop is in a gig airborne? Wtf? im completely grounded till this issue is fixed Troops that are stuck: 2x scouts, 1x jet, 4x gigs.... BF 1095944 city 1524 airbase 272 im using a brand new iPhone 7+, 128g with the newest iOS.
  13. Hey guys/devs. just upgraded to a new iPhone 7+. took 5 tries to load the game,.. now that I'm in, the objectives are showing on screen and I can't claim them. latest iOS update to. 10.3.3 side note,.. game hasn't crashed on me yet. Was crashing 4 times an hr with my iPhone 6 Ok, restarted the game again... and they showed up.....
  14. Realvapejay

    Member join problems

    Bf 1095775 Hop2it joined YeOldishGuys just before maintenance,.. but much time after maintenance he is still red. i click his profile and it shows him as part of the league,.. but in the bf he shows as red and I can't add him as allied. Nvm,.. 45 min later it's fixed now
  15. Realvapejay

    Gem Bonzo

    This is a typical King of the hill type map like isles. The only map that isn't king of the hill is the world map. Kill chain doesn't really give much opportunity for someone who spawns late the chance to come into the middle with the limited rss on the spawn points. We are in kill chain with GODz and held a portion of center for a short while. Just couldn't get enough rss sent to our lc's and keep troops counts up to keep up. isles is a little more balanced, but being a map that relies more on naval units,.. the center portion has nothing to do with naval and whomever keeps center will ultimately win the BF. A thought to make a more balanced map could be a giant donut style map with just open water in the middle. No king of the hill style, or perhalps a giant circular map where the target city max rss changes from location to location,.. not giving a single capture point,.. but it being a random rotating one, making it more challenging for any single league to keep an area with max rss (triple steel, triple rubber, triple oil). Not sure how hard it would be for the devs to code max rss rotating to 4-5 different random cities. or,.. it could be similar to isles,.. but giant donut ring spawn areas and center cities that have water access and rotating rss cities... just throwing ideas out there
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