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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. after the update Command Effect not working

    I've been watching this post,... no replies yet,... did you guys nerf this general? So we wasted our money on him?
  2. Maintenance & Update on August 9th

    Already have new bugs.... chat bar cancel/send in Arabic-ish general Marshall's effects aren't working
  3. New capital rss conversion bug

    Well schitt,.... I've been on this game for how long and never saw this? Damn, I feel foolish.
  4. New capital rss conversion bug

    Hey guys, i spent gems to switch capitals so I can use the rss in the new city to convert rss to leadership points,... and it's still grabbing rss from my old capital... kinda sucks as I wasted 200 gems for the switch. oh and chat send and cancel buttons are in Arabic or something.
  5. New BUG after Maintenance & Update on July 4th

    A maintenance timer is an amazing idea! Love it! side note: on the chat, the send and cancel buttons are in Arabic...
  6. Independence Day Event

    We celebrated Canada Day July 1,... I'll likely be working and playing this game,.. it right now during maintenance,... I'm watching a movie... can you guess what it is? RealVapeJay - YeOldeGuys
  7. New BUG after Maintenance & Update on July 4th

    When the announcement is made,... the red dot showing a new message is not showing up on the 'announcement'. another member in our bf told us about the maintenance and I had to go back into the messages -> announcement to see.
  8. Only infantry attack on city

    Hahaha, that looked fun
  9. Yes, you read it right folks! This was a 1000+ troop Naval/Air battle of epic proportions! After the 3 big leagues had allied to take out a major player in isles,.. we had 3 days of clean up, arts'n'crafts, knitting and maybe some bbq'ing,.. life got a little boring so we all decided on one giant naval/air battle. leagues involved: YeOldeGuys (450+ units), 64warriors (250+ units) and Jedi (300+ units) (can't forget the honorary OldeGuy for this match - Mabus from GODz - 50ish? odd units) so, we had 3 days to build a massive naval armada, air included. So we built! settled for a location and a time: 0d21h was the start time, so we had to declare war at 0d22h on the game timer. Jedi was running late; when the battle started it was just YeOldeGuys and 64warriors. Huge props and respect to 64warriors for toughing it out against overwhelming numbers! Pics 1-10 Out of no where there's a 64warrior flank that took a chunk out of the huge armada that faced them. Pics 12-18 It was amazing to watch even though they were outnumbered by 2 to 1 All the meanwhile with Jedi, (late to the party) was setting up "The Wall", which consisted of many, many higher level troops than what we had. Pics 19, 20 & 21 we were running with Quantity in mind, while Jedi was building Quality. We were mostly lvl 1, some lvl 2 and a handful of lvl 4/5 units. Jedi had many lvl 4/5 troops with a good mix of other lvl troops. After the battle with 64warriors, we jockeyed into position to face Jedi and see once and for all if Quantity will outmatch Quality! The reference to the movie '300' came out. As they were outnumbered still by at least 30-40%. One of our guys was really excited, or the brakes stopped working on his power scooter... and well, he lasted about 5 mins up against "The Wall". The rest of the Armada followed and clashed up against Jedi! Their higher lvl troops where picking off our units off like a carnival game! Pics 22-31 They also played very smart,.. made sure all the cruisers were gone, then unleashed every bomber they could carry on the rest of our ships! Pics 32, 33 & 34 It was nearing the end and was looking like Jedi was going to win over this battle when the late-comer-honorary-OldeGuy Mabus swoops in for the final blow. Pics 35-41 In the end, YeOldeGuys was left with just a handful of ships... EPIC! Mabus came out squeaky clean, lol. Why was Mabus an honorary OldeGuy? Well, he ended up on our isle and was completely boxed in,.. and he's also Canadian,.. and we're nice guys and like to help people Instead of playing solo, he played as an OldeGuy helping where he could and we helped where we could, definite team player! Mad props to Jedi for putting up the wall and smart plays! - shows that Quality and Strategy can out play Quantity in the right situations! Mad props to 64warriors for taking it in the chin like men and falling with absolute grace and dignity! Outside of the boring 3 days after taking out the biggest threat; being able to co-ordinate 3 leagues to work together, and how we worked together to take down the lead threat was amazing. The incredible sportsmanship to have an amazing big battle was just EPIC, and made this BF, one of the most memorable ones we will ever have! Thank you to all who took part and I hope you guys can live through our experience with the pics I took!
  10. Isles of war suggestion

    I would like to make a suggestion for isles of war; this being a map for heavy naval use. The center isle should have waterway access closer to those cities. The same old tactic used in global is being used here - load gig, fly to center, cap city. Doesn't really pave way for naval use in the center. If the center isle was split into 5 separate isles with waterways that come close to each of the city or if there were waterways that came close to each city,.. then you have a map where you would see constant battles to control center,.. rather than to quickly fly a gig with m40's in and cap. That same old tactic is getting way too old too quickly. just my 2 cents,.. hope it's worth a dollar one day
  11. IMG_3058.PNG

    After battling the Chinese, it was arts n crafts time
  12. We can still spell!

    No screen shots,.. it was constant hitting/hit back. There were 3 leagues, but only one with any numbers (German cross), the other 2 only had 1 member (Chinese badge). About half a league team in total, not a lot but enough. They had center after the first day, which put us on edge right away. We started hitting them at center right away along with mabus (good schitt btw - whom also was a major player with the takedown events), 64warriors joined us in the fight. Jedi joined us not long after as well. As we battled hard just west of center on their production city (lvl13) and NW at their LC, Jedi pushed center as well as mabus and 64warriors followed suit. One of the best moves was luring the opposing navy (all bismarcks) into a channel. Stop, turn and fight as another navy sneaks up the rear, boxes them in and starts pounding. Pretty amazing, when we all team up against a big threat. The SE center city exchanged hands 4 times I think, the SW city a few time and the center city iirc twice. Their production city exchanged twice too. They are excellent players, but I don't think they quite are proficient with naval units yet. Disappointing to see when they surrendered, they converted all the cities of value to LC's, converted back and abandoned for their farewell... Downside, is (or plusside),... we had 3 days left of,... arts n crafts, haha There should be a new badge for being creative like this,... like maybe a "knitting" badge or something,.. lol.
  13. We can still spell!

    We may be old, but we can still spell! What do you do after you and your allies take out the top league that took center on isles of war? Take up crafting of course!!
  14. Issue with members joining a match

    We just had a problem with members trying to join a match. we had 11 ready for enter on our match (1094727),.. a bunch of us got in and with still half the map to be filled at 7d20h,.. the rest could not enter. Even those who didn't register in the league team before I queued could not enter the match. we are 7d19h now and stuck at half strength, with no one able to join us. can you guys look into this?
  15. Can't load troops into LC/monument after update

    After this last update, we can't load troops into the LC / monument airbase. havent tried the army base yet, but suspect the same.