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  1. I'm willing to play out the updates before I make any map suggestions. But there has always been one thing on my mind that bothered me so much, it was bombers and AA; perhalps you may consider my suggestion. In the old global the bomber were OP, with 15+ you could wipe out a city in just minutes. Now it takes an hr to do so. Might be my imagination, but it seems the AA are weaker too. It would've been easier just to make the AA with 3x the health and 2x more powerful to counter the bombers. may want to get your testers to try this out. oh and the mobile rocket launcher is waaay to slow, my infantry out run it 2x But for map changes, let's play it out and see. ideally you want factions to all move to the center and fight it out; with more command flags and more incentive to clear out your area to move up to the center, this might create a better balanced war.
  2. You definitely need more testers. We have leagues willing to test for you. Demographically speaking - most girls like FarmVille style games, not so much RTS battlefield style games. I sure hope the girls you have are some of the few that enjoy RTS games.
  3. Some of us on YeOldeGuys will beta test too. with multiple leagues, we can test out the pvp.
  4. I'm bored of this new map.... my 'fun level' went from 10 to 2. i would like to rally people to voice up and post here to get the old map back.
  5. Just a thought that would make a great addition. Can you make a couple options for defensive buildings for the towns and military zones instead of just a sniper tower? perhalps give us the option to build an anti-air building or something like that?
  6. The golden empire is sort of a "capture the flag" type of map now; if you take a look at some FPS fast paced video games, domination is the absolute most popular style of game play vs capture the flag or any other gameplay. It's human nature to try and be dominant.
  7. I'm noticing waaay more drop-outs with this map. I suspect there is not enough pvp happening. Could it be the map is too big? Likely. On our map now, I think we are lucky if we have 12 active players now. Out of 260, that pretty terrible. If the map was scaled down to have less legs (peninsulas), less towns and a more than 6 players per leg, we can start seeing more pvp and probably more action, less drop outs. the idea for the dveloper is to have a very active game that people will buy gems for. If you are getting a massive amount of drop outs before the match is half way, there is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with as no one will want to buy gems. like noodles stated, upgrading and leveling up the troops is now impossible to get to level 5. What's the point to have lvl 5 troops at the end of the game when 95% of the players have already dropped out. doubling the number of command points might be the easy way to do things to keep pvp active. The issue of upgrading does need to be dealt with. tbh, I was going to buy the 30 day gem pack during the last map, but held off to see the new map. Now I'm just not interested in them now. No point in buying them if 3/4 of the players drop off and I'm just running around capping rebel and Ss controlled areas. Kinda boring now, with no mystery of unknown strategy from players. Theres no pride in taking out rebel or ss controlled areas, but when you battle another player for 2-3 days and finally take them out, it feels freakin great. golden empire - currently sits as boring. concept is amazing, but with the lack of pvp and impossible upgrades, it becomes subpar. Wanted to add, let's look at some board games that are great to play, both simple and complex: risk, axis and allies, game of thrones, eclipse, twilight imperium, heck even battleship and etc. they all have intense pvp and that make them super fun to play. The chance to become top by domination, not really points gathering, although having points gather as a secondary way to win isn't bad, but the primary must be by domination to keep your users engaged in the game.
  8. Can you guys make an option to play either global war or golden empire? Golden empire is great, but I miss the old map. There was more teamwork that needed to be involved with that map. A lot more social interaction amongst your faction. re-cap: before we start a new war, give us the option to play either global war or golden empire.
  9. The Peter, whatever you did seemed to fix the rubberband glitch. All our guys sling shotted to their proper positions! Let's hope it doesn't turn into a slingshot glitch
  10. 1045995 the problem is still happening after maintenance. Doesn't seem as bad, but still exists where the troops are bouncing back to their previous position It's happening to everyone on our map
  11. Game is now unplayable.... All I can do is upgrade my cities and towns...
  12. All my troops seems to be stuck. They keep bouncing back to the last location I sent them to, and can't cap a city I destroyed about an Hr ago....
  13. Well, all 10 are stuck again.......
  14. Well somehow 2 of my transports free'd themselves, but it still doesn't solve my oil supply issue now
  15. Hey guys, after this last maintenance break, every single one of my supply transports (all 10) got stuck against a mountain. I can't get oil to my main manufacturing city. It won't let me delete the route either.