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  1. Ok, last one finally showed up, an hour later.
  2. I'm still having the same problem, and I haven't been compensated for the amethyst I lost yet.
  3. Ok here is shot showing amethyst amount. Then email where I claim the screen shot showing no update of amethyst. I cant show you the next email where it would have updated because I only had one left
  4. It is really getting bad now, I have had at least 3 more incidents where I didn't get amethyst. Now it seems to not give them the first time trying after a long time. Then if you try again really right away, it gives you the second batch but still not the first.
  5. The only senecio where I have noted not receiving them is when you buy the monthly packs. These amount to 2000 amethyst at a time and approx 1/3 to 1/4 of them don't work and give amethyst. When you are over limit , it wont let you claim them and they sit in inbox. For me to t only seems to be the monthly(daily) allocations of 2000. Hope this helps
  6. I have noted if I got them up to 24 hours later and didn't receive them. One of the times was just prior to logging this complaint
  7. When I claim amethyst from mail it sometimes doesn't give me the amethyst. About 1 out of 4 times I don't get any. I have waited to make sure it's not just taking a long time to update, they just don't show up. Please fix this, I paid for them, I should get what I paid for.
  8. I can't find a way to switch the officers I have summoned. How do you in-summon one that is active and replace him with a different one?
  9. I now have new officers as a result of adding some from the last "deal". I have 5 officers summoned and more that I would like to summon. I can't find a way to summon any of the new officers. I currently have 5 officers summoned. Is there a limit to how many I can have in use at one time? I also can't see a way to un-summon any of the officers currently in use. How does this all work and what are the rules?
  10. My father, retire from the US Air Force as a Chief Master Sargent, with 31 years of active duty. During WWII he was a member of the Army Air Corp. He flew 14 missions in B-24's as a machine gunner. They only made it back to base with the plane intact on 7 missions. The worst mission found him and the crew shot down behind german lines. The pilot and co-pilot were killed during the attack. He lead the remnants of the crew to safety and was awarded the Air Medal for his actions during the escape.
  11. After an hour, the resources finally appeared and the repair will now initiate.
  12. I'm in silver cup match... battle ID 1093147. I sent munitions from city 228 to city 88. The log shows it completed but the munitions did not get transferred, they disappeared. I also attempted to repair a destroyed building in league city 222. There were not enough funds, so I transferred enough to cover the cost of the repair, again the log shows the transfer completed and the cash indicator shows an increase in the funds. But, when I attempt to initiate the repair, the program says there are not enough funds and won't initiate the repair.
  13. Typical of the things that you can screw up is to change the rewards while never stating them for season 2. I find it especially frustrating as providing rewards for the tournament actually cost you NOTHING. if you were providing actual money I might be able to see why you might change, but its diamonds and gold that can only be used in the game. So just keep everyone happy and keep the rewards the same. Take this as a learning experience and be explicit in the explanation of the next tournament.
  14. BladeGuner

    Access broken

    There are people joining my league when no one approved them and with the current settings only I and my second cab approve new members and ban people but one of the members without the rights was able to ban a player. This has been broken for a long time and I would like to see it get fixed.
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