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World Warfare
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  1. Otemer

    World Warfare, coming to Steam!

    Is it multiplayer? Are the games just as long as mobile version?
  2. Otemer

    Best Moments.

    My ingame name is Otemer
  3. Otemer

    Best Moments.

    My game name is Otemer
  4. Otemer

    Best Moments.

    Me and 4 other comrades in cup stayed up all night in cup and wiped ghosts off the map. And then the next night we wiped WrathofGodz off. Though they respawned and shielded
  5. Otemer

    Maintenance & Update on December 21st

    You done good joycraft, you done good
  6. Otemer

    New Mode: Blitzkrieg!

    The que is taking too long
  7. Otemer

    August 23rd Update preview

    Neither of those new units are submarines
  8. Otemer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    We want and need range rings Especially for people newer to the game
  9. Otemer

    A few troops to take a farm

    Worth it
  10. Otemer


    Its worse when its an entire city
  11. Otemer


  12. Otemer


    Oh hey silent
  13. Otemer

    Class Tech Introduction

    I believe it would be better if instead of all the upgrades accumulating cost and time together. They all had their own cont and time to upgrade them. Over time it will become too costly before even getting to tier 2. It will already be too costly and long before I get the 3rd and 4th upgrades not theirs but upgrades. With only 3 upgrades it already take 3 hours. Please change it so that it doesn't become so impossible to upgrade.