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World Warfare
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  1. I like where the league battles are going it's a step in the right direction. The survivors I have are simple. 1. The map needs to be a little bigger with the days extended to at least 5 days. With how the map is now and with the amount of days given it feels rushed like the only strategy you can play in order to win is rapid expansion it's a sound strategy but it shouldn't be the only one you can play to win. And that's how it feels right now. 2. The diplomacy is good for starting out the only issue I see would be that for declaring war it shouldn't be a two way street. If it's war than that means it's the others team decision it shouldn't turn into a debate over battlefield or allied chat. But for allies and neutral it's good for both parties to agree on it. these are the only things o can think of at this point that I think would help the league battles become more competitive and team/strategy focused. Great game guys keep it up and I'll see you on the battlefield
  2. Fireworks from Snake Eaters league! My in game name is Komodo
  3. I'm loving the game. I love the team play in it, I only have a few suggestions to help it along. First suggestion is notifications for mail and private messaging from player to player. I found that when I mail or private message someone while they're offline to update them on anything they don't receive a notification on their phone saying they've been message or that they have mail from me, i think this would really help the team play aspect of the game, maybe adding it as an option in settings like you have with the other notification options. Second suggestion is when your league leaders form a troop to invite other league members to join a battlefield, that when they do find a battlefield to join that the leader be the only one that needs to choose to join, as in everybody else in the troop joins with him. This would help those that are offline to Join with their league mates without having to worry to be on at a specific time to also hit " enter battlefield " when it becomes available. Though if my first suggestion about mail is implemented then maybe it'll help with that as well.again thanks for the great game I hope to help in it becoming an even better game.
  4. anybody else having server issues? Not being able to connect for long periods of time or being kicked repeatedly
  5. Snake Eater


    It's going pretty good
  6. Snake Eater


    Taking one city at a time
  7. I'm loving the game so far it's different than most war strategy/ tactics game. I like the lovely speed of units and how the game plays out on the battlefield, but at times it does seem like it plays out slower than what you would imagine. Most strategy games have different speeds usually starts out with x0.5 speed and you can move it up if you wanted. What I'm trying to say is that you guys might want to play around with the idea of making the movement speed of units a little higher. Right now it feels like x0.5 speed, boosting it to a x1.0 speed or to make it feel that way would be a great idea.
  8. Please let me know when there's a new update up and running. I'm still unable to load the game so until then I'll just be waiting
  9. I'm still unable to enter the game.
  10. I hope that this is fixed in the next update, if that is the case when would be the most likely time that the next update will come out ?
  11. Device model: iPhone6 Battery Level: 58% battary status: Charging Total Space: 11.8 GB Free Space: 1.2 GB OS version: 9.0.2 Platform: iOS
  12. I am still having the issue, and I haven't tried logging into on a different wifi I haven't had the chance to, if I do though I hope it fixes the problem though I have tried using LTE instead of WiFi and it didn't change anything.
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