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World Warfare
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  1. What happened with promised event reward?
  2. Except the other disadvantages this map has some more disadvantages NPC troops are not smart. They are not any aa in NPC cities You made so many NPC cities with 15 lvl that the other players cities are not attractive The duration is too long. Start voting on 4 th day. Blackhunter
  3. And it would be better that the NPC get stronger and stronger, for example every 12 hours. Not only incresing city lvl, but the quality and the quantity of units defending the NPC city. Blackhunter
  4. why the gold reward and speed is not like in liberty rising? and as Cengiz mentioned it will be better to play here without allies.
  5. 1x is too slow. 2x will be better. Many of us don't play global due to 1x speed.
  6. when the update will be available ?
  7. Yes its my name in game. thanks a lot
  8. Hi. I did not see the mail where is indicated the time of maintenance. And I have bombers in open air. I wold like to have them after maintenance. blackhunter
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