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World Warfare
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  1. Thanks Peter, I don't need amethists. just make lc aviable to convert from lower city then lvl 10
  2. Make league city available at low lvl city. not 10 and plus.
  3. What does the new map look like??
  4. Too long to declare victory.
  5. What about the speed?
  6. Don't open the map on the eve of weekend. Many of us rest somewhere with their family on the weekend. Would be better to open Crisis Fringe map on Monday or Tuesday.
  7. The cities of periphery areas will be shielded and could not be captured on this battlefield.These areas are in light yellow in the picture below. Could you explain what for is this? And how long they will be shielded ?
  8. There must be no ally. and where is rewards for latest events?
  9. What happened with promised event reward?
  10. Except the other disadvantages this map has some more disadvantages NPC troops are not smart. They are not any aa in NPC cities You made so many NPC cities with 15 lvl that the other players cities are not attractive The duration is too long. Start voting on 4 th day. Blackhunter
  11. And it would be better that the NPC get stronger and stronger, for example every 12 hours. Not only incresing city lvl, but the quality and the quantity of units defending the NPC city. Blackhunter
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