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  1. Agreed ,You guys must be joking ! You should not make Global a crisis fringe, global is the classic map , do not change it, you guys will lose a lot more players his way, do not change it,
  2. Hello Officer Peter, This is MadCow from GODz I have a few points that I wish to discuss with you regarding this new map. Firstly, diplomacy in this new will be Huge Issue, I know people will find this quite ironic coming from leader of GODz, but it is true, currently there are many Teams that Are already jumping onto 20 player maps with 2-3 full teams, and this new map is the recipe for disaster , the map already has very small number of players , hence the monopoly leagues ( they know who they are) will simply split to even smaller leagues and in effect have the entire map green and blue in less than a day as they will jump with 9-10 smaller leagues and alts. As mentioned by Ricke14 , simply removing diplomacy won’t solve anything , as there will be verbal alliances just like cup. Hence a feature needs to be added that will force players to fight each other , for example , making it so only first place league gets the win, any other league surviving should get defeat and 50-75% rewards penalty so this discourages then from jumping with multiple league , another solution is to impose a feature , where the more allies you have , the less gold rewards you get, this will also discourage players from playing like monopoly. Secondly, A huge issue immediately popped in my head moment I saw the post announcing new map , the issue of force opening new maps . Force Opening maps occurs when for example 20 players from League X jumps into map A, any other player in that League that ques up will go to map B, and map B won’t fill up with any players except league X, until map A fills up, so this creates new issue for this new map, as league x joins map A, all others in league X will join maps B,C,D,E,F and so on, and the big issue is maps B,C,D,E,F won’t receive anymore players until A is filled, and this creates huge huge problems for maps E,F as it will be days before anyone joins , and league X will already have huge rss, armies, cities and league cities, smoking the map unplayable to any new player that’s joined, I am no Software developer or engineer but I’m sure they can program something that will prevent that. Thirdly, The map speed,, 1x speed will be a pain to play in , already global fields ( take 1-2 days ) to fill up, but 2x speed like isles fill up in much less. Additionally, 1x speed hugely benefits cannoneers with their longe range and aa( I am a cannoneer myself) our aa will snipe any bomber before they reach . And tanks will march from far, quvkly dying to long range arrillery strikes. These are my concerns ans suggestions , thank you for your time 🙏🏻🐮. ~MadCow
  3. U will need one carrier and 10 Strats/Mitsubishi Bombers. Keep ur bombers a good distance from the ships and send ur carrier until it is on top of ship, the battleship will focus it(just like turrets focusing on gig) then send ur bomber for clean sweep, having sucidial charge decreases dmg carrier takes but not mandatory. Hope it Helped MadCow
  4. Hello This is MadCow, Deputy Leader of Undeicided , we got 3rd place in Brozne Cup and this is how we would like to distribute the rewards: Cck: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems MadCow: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems Mellx: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems SgtBaconBits: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems HADES53: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems ironpower: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems TimD: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems Jclay: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems The Remaining amount is to be distributed to the names mentioned above Equally.?
  5. Maybe Cut off the update ,and downgrade to previous version?
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