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World Warfare
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  1. U will need one carrier and 10 Strats/Mitsubishi Bombers. Keep ur bombers a good distance from the ships and send ur carrier until it is on top of ship, the battleship will focus it(just like turrets focusing on gig) then send ur bomber for clean sweep, having sucidial charge decreases dmg carrier takes but not mandatory. Hope it Helped MadCow
  2. Hello This is MadCow, Deputy Leader of Undeicided , we got 3rd place in Brozne Cup and this is how we would like to distribute the rewards: Cck: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems MadCow: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems Mellx: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems SgtBaconBits: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems HADES53: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems ironpower: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems TimD: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems Jclay: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems The Remaining amount is to be distributed to the names mentioned above Equally.?
  3. Maybe Cut off the update ,and downgrade to previous version?
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