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  1. I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of the game staff and support teams including the developers. World Warfare isn't perfect, but it is a really great game just the way it is. Not many games have this combination of sophistication, graphics, and dedication from the developers/ game staff to keep trying to improve it. Please keep up the good work, and I'm sure that many of us will continue to support this incredible game. -KingZeus of GODz
  2. Lol thanks Manson
  3. Well at least tell us which bug it is... Finally fixing chat so that PM will show up right away instead of 2-10 hours later? Or maybe you are the fixing the bug that Chinese league uses to shield their city AFTER we already dropped troops and started attacking them? Or maybe you are fixing the bug where transport planes dont have Ramcke officer effect of more space when entered into league city airport? Or maybe you are fixing bug where League Cities can be "returned" to level 1 city in only three minutes instead of a more reasonable period that actually allows an attacker to capture the LC? Or maybe you are fixing the bug where turrets can be reconstructed unlimited amount of times with no cool down period, and city can be gemmed through pacification unlimited times while being attacked... So a person with lots of gems can NEVER lose his/her city no matter what the attacker does? Or maybe you are fixing the bug where some leagues with lots of gemmers can shield multiple cities back to back to back with no cool down period? Maybe I'll wake up with my bombers dead... But all of these things will be fixed and it would be worth it. Then again, who am I kidding...
  4. Lol what the hell is this? Since when do you guys do maintenance at this time? Peak playing time for US players. Do maintenance 3-4 hours from now like its always been. We were clearing out middle city area on isles of war with bombers and other troops out. Now those bombers are going to die. Whoever decided to have maintenance at this time, plesse tell him I said to go sit on a stick Hahaha
  5. Hello All Razor is right. As the leader of GODz I have literally seen HUNDREDS of good players come and go. First enjoying the game, but then getting bored or burnt out and eventually quitting. Even I have taken two long breaks and encouraged my friends to take breaks. This has been because repetitive gameplay along with the increasingly intense over-use of diamonds and time required to be successful is draining over long periods of time. In addition to the ideas listed above, I suggest a cool down period for turret reconstruction and city pacification. It doesn't not make sense for someone to be able to use gems/amethyst for pacifying their city 20+ times... and instantly reconstructing their turrets 50+ times all in the same battle. I've seen it happen as recently as this month. And if you do not place limits on these things, then this game cannot be considered a strategy game... it is pay to win if a player can use gems to ensure that he/she NEVER loses a city no matter what through the use of shields when offline and unlimited reconstruct/pacify of city and turrets when attacked before a shield can be brought up. Also, I will acknowledge that the game makers do need to make revenue for the game to continue. But again, there needs to be limits. I know that there are hundreds of players who can and do support this game through spending modestly. I would ask that the developers show their appreciation by starting a special tournament with a buy in fee... for example, each player who wants to compete has to pay $9.99 before entering the map. Each player is then given 2,000 diamonds and 2,000 amethyst. With a bonus for extra amethyst each day of the map depending on Ranking within the battlefield. This would mean each player has the same opportunity. No diamond advantages. Even playing field for all. The best man/woman/ or team will win or lose based on skill. I don't think it would be that hard to implement because this game has already done something similar when you all had a BETA test for Golden Empire. During that time everyone started with same amount of diamonds. No options to buy more. Only difference was you let us in for free instead of charging for entry. Please bring back the golden Empire map (which was a lot of fun) along with an idea like this and I think a lot of players would be interested in trying it out. The gold resources fields that generate gold for players and leagues would be very desirable since now more players realize gold is important for leveling up technology. Thank you developers for taking the time to read this ! -KingZeus founder and CEO of the Mighty GODz Dynasty
  6. You're right, Razor. You have won. You won the right to be the champion of spending 20 hours a day playing this game for a digital victory that means nothing to no one except you. You won the right to keep spending your money on a video game which even you admit has deep rooted problems which must be addressed. You won the right to still be in third place in a global rankings leaderboard that will show GODz as number one for a long time to come. You have lost to GODz MULTIPLE TIMES previously, but you finally won 1 little battle which you think offsets those 3-4 losses and I understand that for you it means the world because you've been dominated and outclassed for so long. Enjoy burning out your members and watching your league slowly fall apart under the weight of an increasingly intense system which can only lead to one inevitable conclusion. You lost Rotymir because of it and more will surely follow. Congratulations, Razor... you won the title of being the biggest Dork in the game. Enjoy your hollow "victory", you nerd. Lol this sht is like the Cleveland Browns beating the Patriots in a pre-season game while the Patriots rested half of their starters. And then the Browns players all rush the field in celebration at the end like they just won the super bowl or some sht. Lmao. The funny part is that you seem to be too stoopid to realize you're embarrassing yourself.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Razor. First, I'd like you to know that the first time I ever saw or heard of the glitch was when YOUR member, JohnnyPhatz used it on me as I was attacking his city. After he did it, he pm'd me and told me to enjoy the long walk of my troops lol. Immediately (almost 5 days ago), I reported it to GM (screenshots included for reference). And it was I... Not you... Who then gave your league a taste of its own medicine. The reason why, as you said, so many other leagues hate GODz is because we have been extraordinarily dominant for such a long time. And we have destroyed every league that has ever opposed us. Multiple times each. Including yours. GODz is the greatest league in the history of this game... And one little 8 day match that you barely won by the skin of your teeth cannot change that. Furthermore, if we had our real team instead of splitting our best players in two groups to dominate two different maps at the same time (which is why our lead in the league rankings is so incredibly unreachable by weaker leagues like yours who only have enough good players to win one map at a time), then you know that your group would've been dominated just as we have always dominated you. A dozen of our very best players weren't on the map. You basically fought our training team... And got first place Barely. Lol. Further, it is ridiculous to say that only this game's rules can determine who wins or loses a match. Just a few weeks ago, the rankings were determined by who had the most cities. At the end, We owned more cities than your team did considerably... Does that mean you would accept that we won if this exact same battle happened last month? The only reason you won is because your monument was a higher level. Congrats to you for upgrading it quickly after we flew in and annihilated your first one killing hundreds of your troops in the process. That is another thing that will likely change soon. Monument level shouldnt determine the outcome of a battle. Fighting should. And in the fighting... Results were either close to even, or we won. I know you were scared towards the end because you were shielding MULTIPLE cities at the same time... Then if you broke the shield by attacking something... You would shield the cities again quickly. I've never seen a leader shield that much. But I guess thats what you needed to do to feel safe as we relentlessly chipped away at your advantages and showed great resilience even though you had clear leads from the beginning. I went to sleep more times than not with no shield at all. And never had a shield on more than one city at same time. Unlike you. Lucky for you that you had so many gems for shields. My last attack when I came in and killed Ullman's army and took his middle city was for you. Too bad you were shielded and unwilling to fight me. But instead of focusing on our differences, I'd like to discuss the similarities. You boycotted the league tournament and refused to allow your members to compete in it because the time and money involved with competing at a high level meant that even in victory... You still lose in real life. But then... You ignore that same lesson and refuse to apply the concept towards normal battlefields? I took things a step further and asked all of my members to take a step back and focus on what matters most. Not to get sucked in by the increasing intensity of these matches to the point where this game becomes all there is in our lives. I thought you of all people might understand that. But I guess your pride and your ego blind you to reality in this instance. I didnt rage kick anyone. I made my decision calmly and decisively and I have no regrets. For a long time, I have put my league over and above the individual players. Fight hard and do what it takes to win. 8-12 hours of playing a day or more? If thats what it takes... Spending at unreasonable rates? If you have it to burn and thats what it takes then great... But no more. I chose to no longer enable unhealthy and extreme practices for my members. I put them and their well-being first. Many of them are-were disappointed withvmy decision but it is for the best. One day... When you and your team continue down the path of ever increasing requirements for your time and money you might realize that I'm right... And make a similarly drastic decision to stop it. You were right, Razor... And I was wrong. Your boycott was the right decision. My decision takes it even further. Changes are needed to make this game more casual and less reliant on spending (time and money). Skill and intelligence should be rewarded more than who has the biggest wallet and/or who is the biggest nerd who can stay online for 18 hours a day playing. I'm willing to bet we have their attention now, and that ideas will flow to try and make things better.
  8. Okay for 500 diamonds... my favorite current officer is the Turret General Scherer. This is because he's the best and most important one. I would like to introduce/recommend a new officer named Adrian Warburton (I don't know if he has already been recommended or not because I didn't read this whole thread. And I don't know the names of all the current officers in the game because I don't have them except a couple of them). But anyway, Adrian Warburton was a British Royal Air Force Ace Pilot who did a lot of Reconnaisance work. He was famous for gathering Intel that preceded several major attacks against Italian navy ships and other targets. He was also famous for using scout planes (he led a squadron of multiple scout plane pilots) to attack bombers and other planes or targets they might encounter (even though the guns on their scout planes were moreso for defesive purposes). I would recommended that this officer give the following attribute boosts to Scout Plane values: Attack against planes: +35% "Power" value (which is Life or Health Points): +500 "Sight" value (range of what they can see): +100 The sight boost is important because now that some players have the turret general which boosts the turret range by 100... our scout planes can't get close enough to a city without being shot down because turrets can shoot farther than scout planes can "see". The "power" boost of 500 is minimal but provides a small boost that could help in one on one battles. The attack vs air units boost is also a small change that will not change the balance of the game tremendously but will help the many players who smartly rely on scout planes for much more than just basic scouting lastly and most importantly... I would like to recommend to the game developers that you all consider giving this new officer to ALL players in the game for free as a Christmas present on or around Christmas Day. Most players don't have any officer at all yet. Many players don't understand how they work, and/or don't know that they level up for free each map and that they will keep the officer map after map. Giving one officer for free will introduce the officers to free players in a way that could get them used to the officers and encourage people to want to buy more after getting a taste of the cool new feature. It would also boost morale in the game and keep a huge part of your core player base happy. More information and screenshots about my idea for an officer are included below. my in game name is KingZeus GODzFTW
  9. Sorry i didnt see this until today. Ive been too busy to pay much attention to the forums here. Im glad that MajorD was able to lead your teams in league tourney in spite of your position stated above. He did a great job and so did others within your team. No league beat the Chinese this time around, but most of us sure had a lot of fun enjoying the challenge and competing the best we could. About "unfair gameplay" you need to realize that life isnt fair Lol. Others might always have advantages that you dont have in life and in games. YOU have advatnages in this game that others dont have. Such as technology levels that newer players arent even close too. Do they sit around whining and boycotting about it? No, instead they play the game, enjoy it, and let the chips fall where they may. TBH, i know a few of them that will tear you up regardless of your technology advantages lol. Meanwhile, thanks to MajorD, your league finished in the top 5. Which earned your league overall bonises of TENS OF THOUSANDS of free diamonds and MILLIONS in total Gold across all of the players in your whole league. You owe him a debt of a gratitude. And you owe it to yourself and your league to continue allowing your teams to fight and enjoy the game, win or lose, doing their best, and continuing to earn rewards and bonuses for your league. Lastly, I will worry about whatever leagues i choose. Including yours. And you should thank me for it, since your own misguided thought process almost cost your players tens of thousands of free diamonds and tons of gold. Hopefully Roty will come back soon oR MajorD can take over before its too late so that your grumpiness doesnt ruin your league. -King
  10. For the 54,000 diamonds and 540,000 gold due to GODz please distribute the awards as follows BloodandSteel - 18,000 diamonds and 180,000 gold BladeGunner - 8,000 diamonds and 80,000 gold ApolloOfGODz - 8,000 diamonds and 80,000 gold PoseidonOfGODz - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold JPJ - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold Silent6 - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold KratosAurion - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold ETTT - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold For the extra medal you can give us the one with the Dynamite since that's the best looking one. But most of us already have them all already anyway.
  11. We are excited about the upcoming league tournament See you all there !
  12. FYI - One of my members cannot use chat at all. The rest of us are struggling badly. Private Chat either doesn't show up... Or shows up late. Messages in team chat and main sometimes end up with red dot error notification of un-sent. Sometimes when we click re-send it still ends up not going through. Sometimes it looks like it went through but then 15 min later the message we sent then appears with red dot. It's extremely frustrating. And seems to be getting worse now. We are using KiK chat more and more but it's not convenient to keep switching back and forth between apps. how hard is it to simply FIRE the third party idiots who ruined chat... And then reset it back to how it was before? Before developers updated it, they MUST have kept a file of the software/program which was already in use with the game for a year straight. Just take it back to how it was before and scrap whatever stupid changes were made. New chat is a failure and cannot be fixed or saved. Get rid of it and go back to previous version. League chat option is great, but not at the expense of all this suffering. Just go back to how it was and then slowly work on adding the "league chat" option later once it can be tested and checked properly. Thank You, -Zeus
  13. Hi Florian, You made a very valid and lucid point. We fought the Chinese league by ourselves for the first days of the match. But you are right that our allies played an integral part in helping us to defeat the Chinese league. 2-3 players from NATO, and I think 2 players from Cocidius came and joined with us in the final climatic battle which ended the Chinese league's reign. A couple of members from Thorpak League also contributed by attacking the Chinese league's resources on the edges while we were advancing (which distracted them and forced them to address attacks on multiple fronts). The other leagues were, at times, hesitant to say the least. GODz doesn't have a strong track record of working together with other leagues. So it felt like pulling teeth trying to get everyone coordinated and on board with aggressively attacking the Chinese league. We have also beaten the Chinese league in league tourney several other times including twice with no allied help at all. But to answer your concern... Players need to focus on SOLUTIONS, not problems. Yes, the developers UNBELIEVABLY took away allied chat one week after allied coordination was a huge reason for a great victory in league tournament. It's disappointing and maybe even a bit suspicious. But so what? We will still fight them anyway. If we decide to ally with other leagues I will communicate and coordinate with friends right in main chat. Many within the Chinese league seem to not understand English anyway. And even if they do, i don't care. Whether it's spoken in chat or not, they KNOW we are coming. Relentlessly. Allied chat doesn't work... Then we will use pm, mail, and/or main chat in the battlefield and still organize anyway. Or we will use KiK chat. Or simply fight with no allies and do our best on our own. And as far as gems go, if we have some to use then great. If we don't have any, then we will do our best anyway. Simple.
  14. Hello Telwar, Noodles, and Capt Razor, Hope you're all having a nice weekend. In case you guys didn't know... League Tournament starts again in 5 days. So will your teams be showing up? If not, then why? Can someone explain to me what this "boycott" is supposed to accomplish? And what the reasoning is behind it? If the reasoning was that the Chinese league cannot be defeated because they have too many diamonds... Well, we just beat them in the last league tournament. And we didn't have to use an excessive amount of diamonds to do it. Instead, we primarily used teamwork and allies. In-game boycotts are for changing the culture in games where the developers and staff don't listen to their player base. It's not necessary for this game, because staff and developers DO listen to us. They certainly don't always get things right. But every other week they are working on updates and changes to improve and maintain a fun gaming experience. And many of the changes they implement are ideas that come STRAIGHT from players like you and I making suggestions. So what exactly are you boycotting? Too many gems? You and your players are in control of yourselves... If you dont want to buy or use gems then dont. If your enemies buy a lot of them... Then be happy about it. Them spending their money is what keeps this game free for others who choose not to pay. Do your best to beat them anyway regardless of how much they spend. And then... Whether you win or lose, have fun and enjoy the game. And give your strongest effort to relentlessly show your enemies that you are highly skilled, highly motivated, and make sure they that know every time they ever match up with you they are going to have the battle of their lives... Win, Lose, or Draw... Represent your League and fight for the glory of your team. As the defending champions of the Season 2 League Tournament, we are excited about the new start. But it just won't be as great as it could be unless the best teams in the game show up. So will you answer the call? The most challenging and exciting part of our favorite war game... Will you show up and have fun and do your best? If not, then why??? Sincerely, ZeusOfGODz