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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. The new (reborn) GODz league has won virtually every battlefield entered with a large team that we have played over the past 5 or so months. It has been a great accomplishment and a lot of fun. But that streak of success is now over. The WeFew league led by MKV, SnakeEater, Corax, Drone, EasyEight, Carlos, and WeThunk has defeated the GODz league in a dominant show of force this week. Even though they only had 8-9 players plus some alts... they beat a GODz team of 17-18 players. Even though GODz led in first place for the first 6 days of the map, the WeFew team dominating in PVP fighting nearly from start to finish. And overwhelmed our team with their skill and talent. Hats off to WeFew for a great victory. If anyone has any screenshots from the battlefield please post them here so that I can remember this map and use it to motivate myself to be better if/when I come back. In the meantime I will be taking a break from the game and from GODz. This loss was due, in part, to my failure as a leader. And so I will step aside indefinitely. To all that I have fought with or against... thanks for the fun time and exciting memories
  2. August 23rd Update preview

    One last quick note. The new GODz are in a Kill Chain map also. And we didn't have to ally half the map to survive like the cowardly FluffyCakes. We are up against WrathOfGODz, CrushCrew, Sylvanus, YeOldeGuys, and YeOldeGuys recruiting league... all at the same time. They are all allied together against us. We are on the map alone... And we are still dominating the map anyway with exceptional teamwork and skill. AND at the same time... another large team of GODz fighting WeFew in a normal map and in first place by a considerable margin (even though WeFew has won some early battles). If anyone here thinks that FluffyCakes can stand up to a real GODz team in any battlefield at any time then they need to stop smoking crack Lol. GODz is head and shoulders superior to FluffyCakes in all aspects of this game and will be until the end of time. If you want to put that to the test... then give me a date and a time and we will come show you... again... for the fourth time.
  3. August 23rd Update preview

    GODz just entered map with WeFew. Yes, there is a waiting list but you get the honor of being first in line since we have already killed everyone else on the waiting list except you. Good luck in the battlefield, snake. No more need for words now that we have the opportunity to let our armies do the talking. See you at your city sooner rather than later
  4. August 23rd Update preview

    I don't tolerate innuendo, subliminal, or indirect challenges to the GODz reign. I also have very little interest in arguing with a "leader" who criticizes others for embracing strategy which makes his team stronger and gives his members advantages that your own players don't enjoy simply because of your own close-mindedness. Hypocrites like you are a dime a dozen. And I'd rather fight you than sit here talking about it all day. Message me in game or here. Let me know a day and a time. Feel free to add any rules you need to, to make yourself feel safer. GODz heavy hitters will join your map and teach you the respect that you need to learn when conversing with your superiors in war games. Put those pretty little win percentages on the line and we will let the fighting settle it for us. We will be the ones laughing... at your aircraft carrier armies lmao. Noob. -KingZeus of GODz
  5. S7 Reports from the Frontline

    Hello, for GODz which finished second place please distribute the bonus rewards of 54,000 diamonds and 540,000 gold as follows: Masterreid ~ 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Slayer173 ~ 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Lopez950 ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold Polack ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold N1c3pl4y ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold Kanerkano ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold ProphetofTruth ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold ProphetofRegret ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold WarlordLogan ~ 2,000 diamonds and 20,000 gold AlexofMacedon ~ 2,000 diamonds and 20,000 gold
  6. EPIC 1000+ unit Naval/Air Battle on Isles of war!

    Thanks for sharing this. Great job to everyone involved. And well done Mabus for getting GODz league an honorary mention
  7. We can still spell!

    Hahahaha nice job. Do you have any screenshots of the battles against Chinese league? There are three Chinese leagues that are decent. Which one did you fight?
  8. Class Tech Introduction

    Thank you so development team and support team for introducing new ideas and new updates to our favorite game i am looking forward to seeing how this new feature will impact the game. We will approach with an open mind, and do our best to learn and implement new strategies for this feature into our gameplay. GODz FTW
  9. S6 Battle Report

    Thank you Manson. He chose a bad time to change his name Lol. His name is now LordAres
  10. S6 Battle Report

    Hello, I'd like to thank all of the current GODz members for their efforts in Season 6 tournament. We fought hard, had a lot of fun, and learned some new things. We finished second place overall, but won first place in each of the three cup battles we played in. A lot of us were disappointed that our team in week 2 did not get an opportunity to compete as we were queuing in match-preparation for nearly 8 hours even though we found out other teams like GHOSTS and FluffyCakes were all queueing and waiting also. Hopefully this can be fixed so that future teams do not miss cup battlefields because of game start problems. To show my appreciation to the GODz team for their efforts, I will donate my portion of the bonus rewards to the other members who competed in multiple battles with me. Please distribute the rewards as follows: KingZeus - 3 cup battles - Zero Rewards (donated to others) Masterreid - 3 cup battles - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Layton33 - 2 cup battles (but also helped with our ally DemiGODz in tournament) - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Ingrimm - 2 cup battles (but also helped with all video making and editing) - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Polack - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Ez E : ) - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold (can't type his name without turning into a smiley face. Please find him on GODz members list he is a League Officer) Ironman2U - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Marcus1 - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold BatalionStalion - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold N1c3Pl4y - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Break - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold IronWolfe - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold (he is currently in the Spartan34 league, but was great in league tournament with us. please send him the rewards anyway). Thank you!
  11. Yes, of course
  12. Here are a few more videos created by Deputy Leader of GODz Ingrimm. From our league tournament match. 1 vs 1 PVP battles. Enjoy! Second video
  13. WW3 Simulation Map idea

    With all due respect I don't like this idea. Seems far too complicated to implement for the game developers. Also, why force players to choose a flag... once the most popular country "runs out" of availability, some commanders could find themselves in a position of HAVING to fight under a flag that they don't want to represent. Anyway, its good to share ideas and communicate about things with the goal of making improvements. But not every idea would work well for this world warfare game that we play.
  14. This map was the first time I ever fought against IronLegion. And you guys earned my respect. Your team is skilled, active, and you were keeping up with us closely for a long time in beginning. But to be fair, other teams besides IronLegion fought us also. We fought Deicide as one of them gemmed turrets and city 20 times and took them out before we ever reached your side. We also fought TheStrongSoul and one or two of our guys lost full army while attacking SierraLexa's city (she was a former GODz member and we had some good conversations and memories shared in PM). Her city was reinforced with three TSS armies. From what I understood, your team had more allies/neutral than we did (Spartan34 allied both of us, and I think Demi might have neutral you guys too?). Either way, its what you wanted. We fought you guys alone with no help from any other league. When you get a chance, if you dont mind... Please pm or mail me in game. Need to ask you something in private.
  15. For third time in three attempts the new GODz league will finish first place in Silver Cup League Tournament. In week 2, we signed up and tried to enter but ended up "queuing" for nearly 8 hours and the game never started a match for us (even though other teams were queueing and waiting to fight also). Anyway, in the 3 cup battles we did compete in... we managed to capture 1st place each time. In this latest battle, IronLegion, Deicide, and TheStrongSoul were hostile against us. DemiGODz and Spartan34 were allies. At the same time we fought this battle, we were finishing up a normal battlefield in which we wiped CorbuloPact off the map as well. One of our Deputy Leaders, Ingrimm, made a video showing some of the action. I wanted to post it here so that our admirers and haters alike can continue to follow along with our progress. It looks like we will finish top 3 this season... which is pretty cool considering we missed an entire week of the tourney due to entrance/timing/game rules issue in week 2. We are looking forward to next season when we will he even better and more motivated for Championship. Also, want to be one of the first to congratulate LuckyStrikes on their Championship for this current season. A bit ironic that we saw them in week 1 of the season and finished first while they finished second in our map. Looking forward to meeting and competing against the best teams in this game including LuckyStrikes and the top Chinese Leagues also. GODz FTW !