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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Season 9 final result!

    In this tournament we had a different roster every single week. So lots of different GODz members helped. For the bonus diamonds/gold distribution to GODz please see the following list: KingZeus - As is customary, I will donate my earned share of the rewards to other GODz members as a token of my appreciation for their dedication and efforts. Please send me the bonus medal, though. Layton33 - 10,000 diamonds/ 100,000 gold Slayer173 - 10,000 diamonds/ 100,000 gold Masterreid - 7,500 diamonds/ 75,000 gold ESCROC - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold IronWolfe - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold AztecWarrior - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold ProphetofTruth - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold ProphetofRegret - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold N1c3pl4y - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold marshallG - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold SenorFluff - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold CommanderBurger - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold NickFlyer - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold Bullet4Breakfast - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold xAlphaxPH - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold Sehren - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold Please also send every member of this list the medal with lightning bolt on dog tags (the GODz insignia) so that we always remember our incredible and hard fought victories in this tournament. GODz FTW
  2. Bonuses in Season 2

    Hello Manson. Can you please confirm if there are bonuses for the season 9 tournaments in the same way that almost all other tournaments have bonuses? If so, where should I indicate a distribution list for our commanders to receive rewards? If not, can you please confirm why this season has no bonuses but all other seasons did? Thank you
  3. New Mode: Blitzkrieg!

    I think this is a great idea. Looking forward to trying it out
  4. How did you find World Warfare?!

    I found this game through on advertisement from a different game which was called War2Victory by Wistone. Apparently Joycrafter/World Warfare is related to that game in some way. But as W2V died off... this game was born. And I was fortunate to check it out after the advertisement and hearing about it from some friends that I played with back on w2v (mainly from Dormin). Many top players are from that game including KN, Forest, and NoQ from FluffyCakes. JPJ was from w2v. Also Boxak. Several others as well
  5. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    On an unrelated note... In the next update can developers work on adding some changes to the rankings systems? Well actually, don't change it. Just add to it please. As a leader, I spend a lot of time trying to push my members to take pride in donating and focusing on team instead of individual goals... but all of the rankings (except overall league rankings) are based on individual factors. I'd like to see a new ranking list for donations which could be seen by all in each battlefield... and then also show in a rankings list or even just a total added to the profile stats for how much each player donates per battlefield. This way, players can have something to be proud of even if they aren't always the number 1 ranked player every map. Also the league rankings on main page has been capped at 45,000 score/ 2 crowns for almost a year now. Can someone please add the extra levels so that leagues can keep pushing up before all leagues in the game are "tied" at the same league score? Lastly, what is the point of having an overall rankings system on main page at all... if there are no rewards associated with it, ever. In battlefields players get rewards for top ranks (more gold at end of map). But on main page the overall rankings has never given any type of reward to any player or league ever. Even if you have to restart the rankings from zero to make it fair... can you think about rewarding the top players and leagues with amethyst or a choice of an officer or something/anything? Maybe once a month or once every three months. Just some ideas to think about for next update(s). thank you!
  6. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Hello Everyone. I just finished my first battlefield since coming back to the game from a short break. It's my first time going through some of these new features from the update. So far, I like it all a lot. I read through some of this thread and saw a lot of complaints. Some of the concerns are valid, but I really do think that some of you need to be more understanding and appreciative of the hard work and thought that developers have constantly put into improving this game over the years. Keep in mind that the game is free to play. I will type that again for emphasis because I really don't think a lot of you understand what that means lol. This game is free to play. Smart people can enjoy this game and compete at a high level without spending AT ALL. The battlefield tech would be terrible if it only costed amethyst... but instead they allowed resources to be used FOR FREE to boost battlefield tech as well. As for officers, they even gave a free navy officer to EVERYONE who is active and pays attention and they might give more. So free players can contribute to LC hero feature also. And even without this feature free players can still be extremely effective in this game. I think the game balance is fine. I think the fact that support/developers communicate with the players and implement ideas that we have into the game is exceptional. And I think that free players should understand and appreciate the fact that some spending NEEDS to happen so that the free game they enjoy can remain viable. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated by players who spend a lot. Instead, be happy THEY are spending so you can enjoy the game for free and try to find ways to beat them anyway using teamwork, being more active than the spender, and using intelligence. The game is running smoothly right now. In my first week back, I didn't have any problems with crashing or lag. I had some fun pvp battles and the fighting was seamless. Looking forward to more fun coming soon in future battles -KingZeus
  7. The new (reborn) GODz league has won virtually every battlefield entered with a large team that we have played over the past 5 or so months. It has been a great accomplishment and a lot of fun. But that streak of success is now over. The WeFew league led by MKV, SnakeEater, Corax, Drone, EasyEight, Carlos, and WeThunk has defeated the GODz league in a dominant show of force this week. Even though they only had 8-9 players plus some alts... they beat a GODz team of 17-18 players. Even though GODz led in first place for the first 6 days of the map, the WeFew team dominating in PVP fighting nearly from start to finish. And overwhelmed our team with their skill and talent. Hats off to WeFew for a great victory. If anyone has any screenshots from the battlefield please post them here so that I can remember this map and use it to motivate myself to be better if/when I come back. In the meantime I will be taking a break from the game and from GODz. This loss was due, in part, to my failure as a leader. And so I will step aside indefinitely. To all that I have fought with or against... thanks for the fun time and exciting memories
  8. August 23rd Update preview

    One last quick note. The new GODz are in a Kill Chain map also. And we didn't have to ally half the map to survive like the cowardly FluffyCakes. We are up against WrathOfGODz, CrushCrew, Sylvanus, YeOldeGuys, and YeOldeGuys recruiting league... all at the same time. They are all allied together against us. We are on the map alone... And we are still dominating the map anyway with exceptional teamwork and skill. AND at the same time... another large team of GODz fighting WeFew in a normal map and in first place by a considerable margin (even though WeFew has won some early battles). If anyone here thinks that FluffyCakes can stand up to a real GODz team in any battlefield at any time then they need to stop smoking crack Lol. GODz is head and shoulders superior to FluffyCakes in all aspects of this game and will be until the end of time. If you want to put that to the test... then give me a date and a time and we will come show you... again... for the fourth time.
  9. August 23rd Update preview

    GODz just entered map with WeFew. Yes, there is a waiting list but you get the honor of being first in line since we have already killed everyone else on the waiting list except you. Good luck in the battlefield, snake. No more need for words now that we have the opportunity to let our armies do the talking. See you at your city sooner rather than later
  10. August 23rd Update preview

    I don't tolerate innuendo, subliminal, or indirect challenges to the GODz reign. I also have very little interest in arguing with a "leader" who criticizes others for embracing strategy which makes his team stronger and gives his members advantages that your own players don't enjoy simply because of your own close-mindedness. Hypocrites like you are a dime a dozen. And I'd rather fight you than sit here talking about it all day. Message me in game or here. Let me know a day and a time. Feel free to add any rules you need to, to make yourself feel safer. GODz heavy hitters will join your map and teach you the respect that you need to learn when conversing with your superiors in war games. Put those pretty little win percentages on the line and we will let the fighting settle it for us. We will be the ones laughing... at your aircraft carrier armies lmao. Noob. -KingZeus of GODz
  11. S7 Reports from the Frontline

    Hello, for GODz which finished second place please distribute the bonus rewards of 54,000 diamonds and 540,000 gold as follows: Masterreid ~ 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Slayer173 ~ 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Lopez950 ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold Polack ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold N1c3pl4y ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold Kanerkano ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold ProphetofTruth ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold ProphetofRegret ~ 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 gold WarlordLogan ~ 2,000 diamonds and 20,000 gold AlexofMacedon ~ 2,000 diamonds and 20,000 gold
  12. EPIC 1000+ unit Naval/Air Battle on Isles of war!

    Thanks for sharing this. Great job to everyone involved. And well done Mabus for getting GODz league an honorary mention
  13. We can still spell!

    Hahahaha nice job. Do you have any screenshots of the battles against Chinese league? There are three Chinese leagues that are decent. Which one did you fight?
  14. Class Tech Introduction

    Thank you so development team and support team for introducing new ideas and new updates to our favorite game i am looking forward to seeing how this new feature will impact the game. We will approach with an open mind, and do our best to learn and implement new strategies for this feature into our gameplay. GODz FTW
  15. S6 Battle Report

    Thank you Manson. He chose a bad time to change his name Lol. His name is now LordAres