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  1. I appreciate you guys responses. The difference is that we report these glitches and exploits whether we find them first or others do. I could’ve simply learned from them and did it myself and taught others only in GODz to benefit us in future battles. But instead I did the right thing by bringing it to attention of support. What I have realized though, is that Maxim is right. You commenter’s indifference is right. And I was wrong. None of this matters it’s just a game. And I don’t actually care anymore. I’ve done and accomplished pretty much everything there is to do in this game. And now I’ll just go find a different one. All of these problems and annoyances simply disappear immediately when I cut the game off. Watch as I make you all vanish and disappear with the flick of my finger lmao you can have this glitchy flawed game that you resist fixing and correcting when problems arise. Enjoy! I’m out.
  2. I posted a forum thread yesterday about Chinese league cheating and game support refusing to stop it. The thread disappeared overnight not surprisingly. I will post a new one every day until they ban me. Then I’ll make new accounts and keep posting anyway. And then if I’m banned I’ll go to iTunes with evidence of the cheating + coverup and get refund. Go ahead and try me Maybe in China you biased support staff people can silence dissent. But I live in the USA where there is freedom of speech and corruption and cheating will lose against truth and relentless honesty. The Chinese league is cheating. Some of the support staff knows they are cheating and would rather help and support them instead of stopping. The game’s support staff is based in China. Which no smart person should think is a coincidence after seeing how support covers up for the Chinese League Cheating and glitch hacking. Screenshots are below.
  3. KingCB

    What is R & D adjustment

    Thank you!
  4. KingCB

    What is R & D adjustment

    Hello, recently there is a new item in the store with limited time before it’s no longer in the store. It says R & D adjustment, I can’t find any announcement or description about it. And we’re not sure exactly how it works. It looks like it resets technology or class tech points. Possibly giving us the gold and/or time back so that we can re-assign the points as we see fit. Before I can decide whether to buy one I’d like to know what exactly are the limits and how does it work? Does it only reset one category of technology or class tech? Does it reset all? Looks like the item gives 2 cards. One of our players bought one... but said it can’t be used yet. The option to “use” is greyed out. Screenshots are below. Can someone please give info about this new option ASAP ? Thanks, KingZeus
  5. KingCB

    Season 10 Top Leagues!

    I am Zeus leader of GODz (which finished rank 1 again in Silver Cup). For the 60,000 diamonds and 600,000 gold bonus pool, please distribute according to the list below: Season 10 ZeusTheLegend - No Rewards Masterreid - 10,000 diamonds 100,000 gold Slayer173 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold Layton33 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold AlexofMacedon - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold Lopez950 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold AtlasRise - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold Serphas - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold IronWolfe - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold Polack - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold Sehren - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold Demona - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold WhiskeyGirl - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold Nixo - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold ManBearPig15 - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold Please also give each of these players the Distinguished General bonus medal (fist with partial lightning bolt). If there are any questions about our list or instructions, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. KingCB

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Really good idea. Not sure how difficult that would be to implement... but it would make tanks in the game more realistic (mobility while firing was an important trait of tank supremacy during ww2 era). Until the game comes back up... we might as well discuss strategy and update options lol. Nothing better to do for me unless I want to do some work on a Friday
  7. KingCB

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Yup. I'd like to see a new battlefield tech option for tanks that gives area of effect for a few minutes to all tank units. Like Salvo for flaks. If you look at the battlefield tech options... Tanker class has less "Tanker class only" options than air class and cannoneer class anyway. No real reason that high level tanks should always have to be single target even when firing bursts of cannon fire at 20 m40 that are all stacked on top of each other. We should all have to be concerned with spreading out as needed to avoid area of effect damage. Tanks shouldn't be the only good unit in the game without splash damage. fighters and jets I'm okay with not having splash damage on those only because I wouldn't want them killing 6-8 gig planes at same time in 1 min. But everything else has splash damage if it's a good unit. Tanks should have some as well. Then more players would use tank destroyers and anti tank guns and flaks to counter tanks. More balance in the game is always better.
  8. KingCB

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Bloodmancer and I haven't been on the best speaking terms recently But this comment is very underraated. I've been focusing on Tanker class to keep things balanced on teams where MANY of the best players all gravitate towards cannoneer (because m40 and mobile aa together is currently the most OP combo for pvp fighting). Tanks in general have never been strong enough in this game to stand up against all of the naturally high-power defense mechanisms in the game built to eliminate tanks. Bombers, Anti-Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Flaks have super attack power vs tanks, even turrets have their highest attack power value set to "vs tanks". Can't wait to see how modifications to tanks might affect some of the big pvp fights in big battles. I had lot of fun using super tanks against Fluffy last week (even though they still got roasted often against m40 and rockets that have lots of boosts and tactics. -Zeus
  9. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    Lot of people post complaints or frustrations, but we should also mention when issues improve or seem to get better. Im pretty sure support reset our server or did something to try and fix lag... because a few days ago, suddenly the map went down and no one could get in for a few minutes. When it finally worked again all troops that were moving had automatically stopped where ever they were. Since then, the battles have been much better. Still not perfect how it used to be a year or so ago during large battles, but we can at least command troops and give tactics mostly which is better than being frozen and not able to do anything at all. Here's some cool screenshots from the current island battlefield of GODz vs Fluffycakes, Cocidius, and YeOldeGuys all allied against us.
  10. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    The only thing that would be more embarrassing than us bickering like kids is if we really did get locked into a battlefield fight and then you'd get to see how quickly he gets annihilated. Anyway, another day... another huge battle ruined by lag. This one had the potential to be REALLY awesome. But instead I spent half the battle looking at the weird looking new loading screen mesmerized by the spinning loading circle. Maybe the lag circle is secretly hypnotizing us all lol
  11. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    Blah blah blah... I'm glad you changed the subject to trying to convince people you aren't jealous and bitter about being a habitual loser and league-hopper in this game... because you really have nothing else even remotely worthwhile to contribute to this thread. You came here to troll and vent your frustration about your personal hatred against me... I came here to vent my frustration about extreme lag events in the game and try to pressure developers to fix the issues urgently. In response, you came to my thread and lied by saying the extreme lag events don't exist. I know you lied, because I don't believe you could possibly be that dumb to make claims that are clearly wrong. GODz team 2 is currently in an island map against FluffyCakes, Cocidius, and YeOldeGuys fighting them all at same time. We are winning, which is incredible for 1 league against that much opposition... but once again, the story here is extreme lag events persisting even after closure of blitz map. There is talk of boycotting spending, players who have already decided to never spend again, and the support staff/ developer team needs to be aware that more and more people might stop supporting the game if the most important problems are not addressed with priority. Little bloodmancer if you don't have anything intelligible to add to this particular issue, then please silence yourself and don't speak here again. You can start a different thread about how much you hate me and tired of GODz winning, if that will make you feel better. Screenshots for reference... game makers really need to focus on this or they could lose a lot of the game's paying base. Fluffies are historically BIG spenders. Game is losing money if they don't get this fixed.
  12. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    I came back because 2 days after I posted this thread... there was a large scale update in the game. Blitz map was ended (which was a very likely culprit for much of the extreme lag/ connection problems). Major bug fixes were announced. And the game has possibly changed for the better since. Not saying the update was because of my post, or came earlier because of my threat to quit... but the difference between me and most of you is that I take action to affect change when there are problems. I'm not just a talker (like you, bloodmancer). Meanwhile, you are the one giving me more "attention" than anyone else lol. Your jealousy and bitterness over my (and GODz) success compared to your own meager and underwhelming presence/existence in this game is obvious. I feel bad for you, loser. You should try to remember that this is just a game. Don't take it so hard on yourself to the point where you hate other people just because they are much better and much more successful than you in your favorite game to play. Have a nice day
  13. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    To be clear... I didn't send any spy to your league or ask anyone to spy on you. People literrally go out of their way to COME TO ME with info that I didn't ask for. I get pm and mail all day everyday from people that want to join GODz or be in good graces with GODz and they volunteer info. Particularly people who used to be in GODz and maybe want to come back after seeing how other leagues (like yours are significantly inferior). Can't blame me if someone messages me out of the blue with strange screenshots that show support and enemy leagues talking about GODz. Surya and Bloodmancer with all due respect... you players don't have any lag because you are both noobs in noob leagues. You enter maps with 2-5 players in your league. Ally everyone around you for "safety". And rarely engage in epic battles as a result. In GODz, we are with 15-20 players in every map we play. We fight against virtually all leagues with zero or limited allies. We regularly (on a near daily basis) fight in huge, large-scale, epic battles with sometimes THOUSANDS of troops involved. Lag and connection issues have been confirmed by our enemies in those maps, all GODz members, and the support/developer team themselves. So don't compare your experience to mine... I don't expect you to have any lag on your 8 light tank army that your using to attack the village next to your capital city on the 7th day of your map. When issues are beyond your experience and understanding... you should be quiet and let the pros discuss the problems and solutions. Thanks. GODz has reported and helped correct more glitches and problems in the history of this game than all other leagues combined. Back when "peter" was the main support person I had running convos with him near daily on issues that resulted in dozens, perhaps over a hundred fixes of glitches and exploits. We master the game in general, which includes exploits, advantages, and any/all possible avenues for success. But we are not cheaters. You can pretend to think whatever you like though. Doesn't matter to me
  14. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    Florian read this screenshot below and then tell me how you interpret it. I can't think of any way this makes sense other than something shady against GODz. I did mention that context of earlier and later discussion is missing so maybe there's more to it... but here I see Aw (the leader of war1war) specifically say he's going to take his 3 leagues to fight GODz and then staff reply that they will provide technical support... and even says he's willing to stay up all night to be on guard lol. the "extent" of the conspiracy against GODz is unknown here. But even if it's just harmless "watching to make sure everything goes smoothly" why does support have to assure enemies of GODz that they will do this and stay up all night and be on guard to watch us? Lol. Wouldn't be more fair or make more sense if he simply replied that they will watch both sides and maintain fairness throughout all battles? Seems strange to me. But even if everyone disagrees and thinks the screenshot means nothing to show bias against GODz I already said that doesn't even matter to me. I just want lag and connection problems fixed so I can play they game without freezing and circle loading and can't move everytime like there's a battle to fight. That's it. I don't want any gems... I don't want any army credited to my account... I just want the game to work so I can annihilate all who would dare oppose me. That's all if I start a new league I'm going to name it the The LAG Monsters cuz nothing is more unstoppable and scary than LAG
  15. KingCB

    I quit because of lag

    Thank you Bolt for taking the time to respond. Support in this game has almost always treated me and GODz fairly, and I have respect for you and all of the hard work that you and your team put into this game. But with that being said... you see the screenshot right? And you see how someone could read that and come to the conclusion that maybe something isn't right? As for a potential motive, "parity" amongst leagues could lead to higher morale and more revenue also. If one team (such as GODz) dominated all others all the time then the "others" could get frustrated and walk away more easily. Potentially in the best interest of the developers to "help" (either directly or indirectly) other leagues to keep them interested and enthusiastic in the game. In fact, it's been this way "indirectly" for years. Before you were even here... support changed tactics and "nerfed" parts of the game month after month because GODz enemies complained about it being the reason for why we won so much. Artillery Support tactic was nerfed first because we were stacking them and wiping out armies back when it did 15% damage of total health. Medic/ Health tactic was nerfed (it used to have 60 second cool down) and GODz members were using them back to back to back. Bombers used to do crazy damage if you kept tapping attack then target over and over then that was changed. We have continuously discovered and mastered advantage after advantage after advantage and our enemies complain about it then support changes it. The most recent example is Tournament. We won the championship in season 9... then our enemies complain that it's only because of alt leagues and second acct leagues (something the Chinese and War1war and plenty others did to win tournemanent long before we ever did)... but immediately after we win tournament and enemies complain... the support staff changes the rules and now there is no Diplomacy allowed lol. Meanwhile we still first place in season 10 anyway because non of those things are the reason we are good. It's just because we are really active and skilled and will keep trying new things and organizing to find advantages because that's what smart people do. To be fair... all of those things that the game changed were good decisions. The tactics NEEDED to be nerfed. And bombers damage calculation was an exploit that NEEDED to be fixed. And Diplomacy did not matter to us. The noobs who complain didn't realize it but it helped them much more than it ever helped us. So that's all fine. But it's not right to say that the game never does technical changes to benefit some leagues and try to slow down others. It's been happening for years. I welcome it... more challenges means more fun for us as we overcome it and dominate most of our maps anyway. Where I draw the line is this past map that GODz just finished. We ended up clearing the entire map and winning with huge margin of victory anyway... but it was hands down THE MOST frustrating battlefield I have ever played in this game. I lost 7 armies back to back to back to back to back to back over and over and every single time I couldn't even command my troops. Circle loading lagging out... can't give tactics... can't move... kicked out of game... parameter error.. screen frozen. It was incredible. I've played hundreds of battlefields in this game and never felt that helpless or frustrated before until this past week. Both sides complained about lag but the five leagues we were fighting didn't seem to have it as bad. Then I see the screenshot I posted in original thread about providing technical support to enemy of GODz after enemy tries to get in tourney match with us. How am I supposed to interpret that? Bolt when you read it... what does it seem to you? I enjoy this game A LOT. But my last BF was literally unplayable. And if things are all of suddenly worse for GODz than they are for other people and other leagues... then there's a screenshot that might explain why. I only came back here because some support guy "officer David" had a GODz DL email me to come. I posted in contact us. Just fix the lag and connection problems then I'll shut up. I don't want to cause problems. I just want to be able to play the game without severe lag and connection problems showing up every single time a large battle is about to happen (which is every day when you in GODz). Let me know when it's fixed then I'll come back. Until then I quit and will look for other games to play during my spare time. That's it.