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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. In-Game Instructor Recruit

    Game tag: evilspawn recruit time: any time I'm on line i also enjoy helping noobs at this game. Either by giving them advice and tips. I would love to teach many more the ropes of this game that will help encourage them to stay and help our community grow
  2. Medals

    Peter, when is the next event that gives us an opportunity to win a new medal
  3. New units

    I know we all have been teased about he new units and that they are going to be released soon. Any idea on a time fram or exact date on when they will be released in the game?
  4. [Fireworks- Tears of Your Enemy]

    18 arty pieces with the aid of an ally taking on a Waffle House. Unfortunately it's not allowing me to upload these pics. Getting an error 200
  5. New maps

    I did and I liked it. Any idea when all these cool new toys will come out. Hopefully possibly before Christmas you think.
  6. New maps

    Peter, i know you mentioned that you guys plan on introducing new maps and units, including naval units. I have two ideas. 1) you guys should consider the possibility of adding a snip unit as another infantry unit. This unit would have a lower defense and health but a higher attack. Also maybe the possibility of adding a mortar unit to compliment artillery 2) since their was mention of new naval units what about adding a map that is specifically catered to naval warfare with the use of air power. I think that would be awesome and gives us dedicated players a whole new curve ball on game playing.
  7. [Winners of League Battle]

    Umm Peter should theGastapo be in there as well. We did when a trophy after all in this event which should've qualified us as a winner and for the silver trophy event
  8. New unit suggestion

    How about a sniper unit. I think that would be a new unique boast. It would be weaker for defense and health points but have a stronger attack boast then normal infantry unit or even add an offer unit to help compliment artillery unit.
  9. [League Battle Feedback]

    I also do feel that the league battle is going in the right direction and thing they maps also should be bigger and the time fram up to 5 instead of 3. I also think that more ways on earning victory points should be available in league play. One suggestion I have since it is primarily league v league player v player that v points should be awarded for every unit you kill of an opposing league units. In my opinion it complements the whole league battle scheme.
  10. Suggestions

    Peter, anyway we we can have the opportunity to purchase resources just like the opportunity to purchase diamonds. I only ask because sometimes when we start a battle the area where we sometimes spawn at does not have any Resources depot (example oil) in that particular location. While other players are surrounded by them. I feel this would make the game a little more fair and people have the opportunity to have the necessary resources. Otherwise it becomes an unfair advantage to those that have none near by.
  11. Not leveling up

    I agree it would be nice if we could level up more as well as maybe considering more v points in the game. Especially when we battle other players. Maybe considering adding a single v point for each player unit we kill and vise versa. It would make the game more fun and change the strategy on playing it.
  12. 【The Legendary Katyusha】

    Ok. Do you think maybe since you guys are adding new units that you guys can increase or command points more often. Especially when we first start a new battle and as well as having seperate command points for infantry. Also would be nice to add more oil resources. Make a little more even and fair especially when you a first put on the map to start a new game and their is no oil near your location and then some people have oil all around them.
  13. Designations

    Hey guys I have a suggestion and I know most of you have played call of duty and would get what I am saying. I noticed that every time we complete an achievement it unlocks a designation name. However we don't use it in anyway. I was thinking what if we could use it in r battle tag like in call of duty after we unlock a new designation or even use it on are elite units. What do you guys think?
  14. 【The Legendary Katyusha】

    I like it. Is it going to be for an artillery piece of anti air
  15. New units

    Sorry Peter. It's just Evilspawn