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World Warfare
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  1. my favorite games are strategy. Im a huge fan of the Total War series and World Warfare is the best mobile strategy game I have ever played. So thank you for that. One thing I like to see in a strategy game is a balance that makes the starting units still somewhat useful later in the game. The last game I played I was almost destroyed in the last 30 minutes by 30 king tigers and 30 bismarks. I understand that people will always use more powerful units at later times but I believe that some changes could make other units still useful. Example, make anti-tank infantry and only allow infantry to be transported by aircraft. While you still won't see hordes of infantry later in they game it will still make them useful as the only units to be transported by aircraft. This would also make he cannoneer class more useful. As of right now the cannoneer class is way underpowered. The first research is infantry and recon vehicles which are useless in battle very early on. Even artillery becomes less useful after you obtain bombers. I started researching that class but switched to airmen because I realized that other classes would be way more powerful later in the game. You should also think about making higher tier units use more population pts. I think this would allow different styles of play. If heavy tanks and battleships cost 2-3 population pts I may want to use a few very powerful units or I could outnumber them with a horde of smaller units that only use up 1population pt. Nothing is more boring in a strategy game when all players are just rushing to build a huge number of the most powerful unit. There is no strategy or tactics at that point. Still, I love this game. Thanks for making a great game and continuing to develop it better.
  2. Facebook ad. Like many here I thought it it was a false ad or just another bas build game. Luckily I decided to try it and now I love it
  3. I am a new player but I would love to see these units added... Submarines: These should definitely be added. To make it fair, they should do massive damage to ships and be able to submerge. Perhaps only destroyers/certain aircraft can attack them while submerged to reflect the use of depth charges. They should also be slow, have little health, and have a small amount of food, ammo, and fuel. This could be balanced to reflect real life where subs could easily sink an enemy ship with surprise and a few well placed torpedoes while also being very vulnerable and slow when discovered. I am drooling while imagining the German tactic of Wolf Packs right now. Infantry:You should create other kinds of infantry such as anti-tank, mortars for a deployable artillery, and perhaps if I am really lucky you will make flamethrowers for anti building. These should still be weaker than their vehicle cousins though. For example, anti-tank infantry should still lose in a 1-1 fight with a tank, however 2 anti-tank infantry should be able to take out a light tank unit. The balance is that only infantry can be used as paratroopers. (for the history buffs out there: yes I know armies used gliders to drop in heavier equipment in WW2 but I think this should not be used for game)
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