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World Warfare
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  1. Fall

    New game modes

    Think the game should have new games modes 1 should be a world map of 1939 and u could choose any allied count and u have 1 day to get ready then all out War and one each country would have its own units in the factory's goes for navy,airforce,army and also should think they should increase the amount of troops u have or atleast make it like tourney where u easily get 70 troops on day 1
  2. Welp maybe a new game mode I've been thinking about where there's a world Map and there's up to 4 or above allied countries u can pick France,Britain etc and there'd be new features and new boost those countries are known for like Britian starts with the largest navy and largest territory and how it would work citys would be named after real life citys and the level would be based on how advanced they are like Paris would be level 15 and instead of mixed troops it be all French troops and there'd be a new button named escort where destroyers and other ships can escort cargo when your sending supplies etc... and add ships into the commercial center so they can deliver trade also in each country's factory it would contains the country's armaments
  3. Fall


    They switched the German generals names and put Chinese names
  4. The rewards when do we get em when do we get our rewards for tourney
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