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  1. [00ffff] Peety is my ingame name. ID: 528906 Best video out right now, and more to come! World warfare employees hit me up, I'm not stopping with this one and I want to be a Public Affairs officer to keep making more content to bring new users to your game. ❤️ I also just posted a early game tutorial for new players! Check it out here! Ingame name: [00ffff] Peety ID: 528906
  2. This is a guide I created to help you decide which Technology tree to approach! If you have any questions, please post below and I will answer as I see your questions! Thanks guys! GL in the field!
  3. Please bring back blitzkrieg. I know all of the veteran leagues loved it. Normal battlefield is just too slow. Upvote if you agree!
  4. D-day 2017. 3 members from a rival league against me and my 399 range rocket launchers. I actually held this attack off.
  5. Pietryga

    Independence Day Event

    Four of July fireworks!! - PIETRYGA
  6. Pietryga

    Independence Day Event

    Beating the rest of this battlefield with the godz. Ingame name is PIETRYGA
  7. Is the stug assault gun considered a tank?
  8. Awesome work guys! Can't wait to see this ingame!!! ??
  9. Alongside this I have more now. Huge emphasis on skins. Let them cost real money, I'll buy em. A way to purchase generals from gems. That way we can save for them and atleast get a few cheaper ones without dropping cash. (Not sure if this is already in place) More terrority points per player. This slows down gameplay even more than troop movement when you CAN take a city but points don't allow it so it's not worth to go forward with it. A battlefield surrender option that doesn't effect win loss if surrendered before 24 hours in. Also inflicts 24 hour penalty and you cannot rejoin another battle for 24 hours. That's all I have! Honestly this game gets more and more fun the more I play it and seems solid. A lot of the suggestions above me are great too however. I want to see these implemented!!
  10. Afternoon gents! Today I finally conquered the Waffen HQ by myself and I'm going to share how I did it and what I think would be the best way to do it solo as well as with your league. This is the first battlefield I've ever played in and wanted to go big so against all odds, I decided to take this task on. I made a few mistakes along the way and will share them all here. The ideal attack wave would be 5-10 tiger tanks, 3-7 mustangs for anti air, and the rest studs. You need to pay attention to your attack angle when coming in to the different mzs. You want to lead with your tigers and have your studs come in from behind. Attract fire with the tigers. The towers do great damage, but the artillery is the actual heavy hitter. Since artillery does splash damage and hits all troops within a small circle, damage can stack very easily and you can lose 40 studs very quickly if not careful. Always ensure your tigers are drawing the fire, and keep your mustangs close behind incase bombers want a little taste of the action. The tactic you'll need to use is to capture one of the mzs asap. Rush in, blow up the three towers, blow up the mz, spread your tigers so the artillery doesn't hit them all with one shot. Capture the mz and begin rebuilding the turrets while pulling back all of your troops. Get them to the closest army base and heal them up. Meanwhile, allow the turrets to lay waste to everything in its path. It will even kill the tiger tanks at the other mzs with no issue. Ensure when building the turrets to have them be repairing. Move your troops to the next mz and go again. And finally again. I was able to shoot at the HQ with three mzs out of 6 captured and with turrets on them. Killed off the HQ and it disappears leaving no loot sadly... went from level 33 - 34 though so exp wasn't half bad. If if you want to accomplish this as a league it will be a lot easier. One person go for one mz at the same time. Capture them and let the turrets do the work. Three minimum would work best, 6 would be ideal. Lead with tigers, protect your studs, protect them all with mustangs, it is that simple. The hardest part of this whole experience was staying persistent. My first wave I brought in was pure tigers all level 5. I was not aware of the splash damage and had a very painful experience. I ran in and had no anti air, just to get chased out by bombers. Came back in with anti air and lost all of my tanks taking my first mz. I rebuilt the same army except lvl 1 and went again for the second mz, and killed only two towers before losing my crew. This is when I changed it up and went with studs which are waaaaaaay more efficient. I remade the new army and came back to the second mz and only lost a single troop to the two injured towers. I healed my tigers and went to the third mz. Lost 10 troops and captured it. Backed out, had the towers kill off artillery and then sent in that army to kill the HQ. All in all, gained about 5 levels. From 29-34. Good times on a better game!
  11. Different game modes. - Last man standing with 20 or so players. (No leagues) - zombie battlefield? - capture the flag More customization. - Vehicle / aircraft / ship skins. - Different Colored names. - More player emblems. - More player avatar pictures. Factions - choose between being USA, Germany, UK, Soviet Union, Japan, Italy. (Only thing this changes is troop skins to resemble country selected) more ads i barely heard about this game from Facebook I believe, but I absolutely love it. More ads means more players which means more money and more updates!
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