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  1. Peter

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Nice! We'll think about it. Good to see we have some nice suggestions here. Lol
  2. Commanders, As of lately, we received many complaints that the tactic "Life-Saving" is too powerful, so we started this poll to investigate if all of you want to nerf this tactic. If you have more opinions, please leave them under this thread. Thank you! World Warfare Team
  3. Peter

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Да, они есть. Мы думаем о них. У вас есть хорошие идеи по этому поводу?
  4. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Okay. I'll let them have a chance to look at your suggestion.
  5. Peter

    About Tournament

    Commanders! Here is some information on the league tournament. The tournament event opens on the second Saturday of every other month, i.e. January, March, May, July, September, and November. Details below: Bonuses: Leagues that rank in the Top 5 of the Silver Cup or Bronze Cup will have the chance to earn extra rewards, i.e. bonuses. League leaders have to produce a list of the commanders that will have the honor of sharing the bonuses. By receiving this list, we will deliver the rewards of the assigned amount to the commanders. Details of the bonuses are as follows: Meanwhile, the Champion League of the Silver Cup will be honored with the chance to select a medal they would like to wear. This medal will also be sent via in-game mail to the members that league leader has listed. The following medals are: Bold Vision, Distinguished General, Delta Force, and Wise Strategist. To Participate: League leader, or anyone with access to open a BF click Event-Tournament, has to form a League Team. With 6 teammates, the CINC can hit "Start Battle". It may take awhile to match for a BF. Please make sure all of you enter battlefield manually within 2 hours after the BF has started. Requirements: Silver Cup: Must be a qualified league from the previous Silver Cup. Has to have ranked in the Top 5 leagues from the previous Bronze Cup. Bronze Cup: All leagues are able to participate. A battlefield will open when at least 4 league teams are matching. Each league can only dispatch ONE team to participate in this event per round. Each league team has to dispatch 6 participants.
  6. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Hi RJ, we'll ask them to take a look into the chat problem again. We only have Veronica in the Contact Us to help you guys now, she'll have to take a rest on the weekends so the responses have to be delayed during the weekends.
  7. Peter


    Can you please tell me the coordinates of this spot? We can fix this bug if we get the coordinates.
  8. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    OK,我让这边的开发人员研究下可能性,感谢您的建议 Te tengo. Muchas gracias por el consejo. Les avisaré.
  9. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Agreed. I'll let them know
  10. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    We are addressing this issue now. Hope it'll be fixed shortly.
  11. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Got you. Wait a sec, is there still a chat problem? Can you please write in a ticket through "contact us"? Thank you. It's fixed in the maintenance yesterday.
  12. Commanders, We have closed the new navy map, Battleship Supremacy, after it stayed open for nearly a month. We do think there are a lot of suggestions, advice, and opinions on this map, so we started this topic for you guys to discuss the features. Our developers will have the chance to take a look at your feedback, according to which, they'll probably make some changes. Now, tell us what's on your mind. World Warfare Team
  13. Peter

    Shield Cooldown

    OK, let me let the devs know this.
  14. Peter


    This is a WWII based game. We will not develop the civial war mode. Sorry.
  15. Peter


    Sorry it's a mistake. He is for all ships now. Sorry it's a mistake. He is for all ships now. It is