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  1. Fails every time when I download it. Could you please post it on Youtube?
  2. Hey TON. Can you please give me your screen name or ID number? I'll send out the rewards to you.
  3. Hey. Can you plz post it on youtube? I'll get the link and download the movie for posting.
  4. 您好!感谢您的投稿。已经将奖励发出。
  5. Hello. Are you the origianl creator of this short video?
  6. Hey. Are you the original owner of these videos? We find them on other channels, too.
  7. Hey. Are you the original creator of this video? This picture is not qualified as it's a screenshot from an old video. Sorry.
  8. Hello Commanders, We are revamping the official world warfare channel on youtube as of lately. Now we would like to call for some great short videos and impressive pictures of world warfare. You will win a lot of diamonds if they are qualified for us to post them in the official channel. Here are some details: Rewards: 3000 diamonds for a short video 500 diamonds for a picture Requirements: 1.For short videos: The content can be basic gameplay, such as how to defend your city, how to level up your tech, how to attack a city with various troops, etc. The content can also be some magnificent battle scenarios of ground units. air units, naval units or having them mixed up. The videos should be short for 3-5 minutes. The videos should be concise in showing what you would want to let us view. Share the youtube links of your videos in the comment area 2.For pictures: The picture should present a grand battling scenario or some creative formations. Share the pictures in the comment area 3.Screen name and game ID number are necessary. We need this information to send the rewards. Should you have more questions, please PM me. Thank you. Peter Here is a link to our official youtube channel, subscribe now. Lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpc0Z50w5QcAZvkMsL5S3w?view_as=subscriber
  9. Hey, can you please also give me you ID number ? Thanks.
  10. Can you please give me your ID number, the battlefield ID number and your location? It'll help us fix this issue quickly. 您好!请问是哪个战场呢?能否提供一下战场ID 号码?
  11. Did you land troops the on the beaches?
  12. Commanders, New version is live now. Feel free to go back to the battlefield and enjoy the game. As this is a major update, we assume there still might have some bugs or glitches. You are welcomed to post them here. We will gift 500 amethysts to the person who find a bug and post it here first. Thank you for the understanding. World Warfare Team
  13. Hello Commanders, As you may have known, we are going to release the new map:Treasure Islands(TRIAL version) after the update.Considering this is the first time we release this map, there might have some unexpected glitches or bugs, we will limit the battlefields and map portal time at our discretion. This map will be available on 14:00 p.m. March 12th UTC (7:00 a.m. March 12th PDT, 10:00 a.m. March 12th EDT). The portal will be CLOSED when 4 battlefields are filled. Here are the details of this map: 1. The qualified military rank is WO1III. Team Size is 2-5. Move speed is 2X. Map size is 72 commanders. 2. Map distribution. 3. Military Installations Firstly, you need to produce the engineering vehicles in the munition factory, train them in the army base. Secondly, dispatch the engineering vehicles, tap the “Build” button to construct the military installations. The Bunker, Artillery Post and Defense Post can be constructed at capital city level 1, the Air Defense Tower will be unlocked at capital city level 8. Thirdly, you need to construct the military installations on the correct terrain, tap OK to start the construction. Construct them wisely to defend your own territories. 4. We also added a new terrain in the map: Seashore. In this map, you can only land your troops on the seashore when deploying transport ships to transport ground units. Here are some examples of this terrain. This is just a brief of the new map. Join the map and explore the installations to get the hang. Please PM me or send in a ticket through the “Contact Us” if you have more questions. Thank you. Peter
  14. Hello Commanders, Map "Treasure Islands" is open as of now. How do you like the new map? We'd like to have your opinions on this map for the future optimization. Share them with us to get 500 amethysts. Leaving your ID number and gaming name is the comment area is a necessity. Peter.
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