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  1. Peter

    Halloween Moments

    So what you wanted to say?
  2. Peter

    Halloween Moments

    I don't think this picture works. Please post another one.? Please use another picture. I don't this one will work.
  3. Peter

    Halloween Moments

  4. Peter

    Halloween Moments

    Commanders! Happy Halloween! Let's have spooktacular time now! Share your Halloween moments and win bonuses from World Warfare Team. Here are some details: Duration: October 31st UTC-November 2nd UTC Rewards: 500 diamonds and a special Halloween medal. To Participate: Share a picture of your Cosplay, your Pumpkin, or just a picture of you celebrating Halloween! In-game name is a necessity Notice: The rewards will be sent via in-game email within 72 hours. A commander can only receive the rewards ONCE.
  5. Peter

    Chat Bug Not Fixed

    Thanks for the report. We have asked the engineers to take a look into this issue.
  6. Peter

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    Cool idea! Let me bring it to our developers' attention.
  7. Peter

    Share Battle Sitreps

    Commanders, New map "Battle of the Bay" is now available! I believe there are more epic battle scenes are underway on this map. In war the only sure defense is offense, and the efficiency of the offense depends on the warlike souls of those conducting it. Coordinate your Army, Air Forces and Navy to crush upon your enemies! We are glad to have some sitreps or grandeur battle scenes here. Share your sitreps and win the amethysts, please. Sitrep Requirements: Sitrep must be posted in the comments under this thread. In-game name required. Sitrep must be different from the ones from other commanders and your previously posted. Sitrep has to be with thrilling battling scenes. Sitrep has to be embellished with your comments. Sitrep should from map "Battle of the Bay". Rewards: 500 Amethysts for sitrep with both amazing screenshots and exciting comments on battles. Amethysts only for the FIRST sitrep a commander posts per day. Diamonds will be delivered in 24 hours after the sitrep received. Valid Time Period: Start time: UTC 3:00 a.m.on Oct. 24th; EDT 23:00 p.m., PDT 20:00 p.m., on Oct. 23rd. End time: UTC 15:00 p.m., EDT 11:00 a.m., PDT 8:00 a.m., on Nov. 28th. Should you have any questions, please PM me or go to the support to leave a message. Thank you! Peter
  8. Commanders, The server will go down for maintenance at 7:00 am UTC (12:00 am PDT, 3:00 am EDT). Expected downtime will be approximately 2 hours. Keep your troops safe before you log out. Please update this game in App Store/Google Play Store after the maintenance. Thank you. Patch Notes: -New map! 6V6 mode with 1X move speed. -The tactic "life-saving" only works for league members now. -The ammo carried by the infantry reduced from 20 hours to 2 hours. -Fixed some bugs that related to the game crash. -Fixed a bug of chat disappearing.
  9. Peter

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    Ummm..It should be Sunday...
  10. Peter

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    The city level is 15. You can have the highest armaments. Yeah, we have navies on the map.
  11. Commanders, Back to months ago, we received so many suggestions that you guys wanted to have a small map with small teams, I'm happy to announce that this map is around the corner! We'll implement an update very soon to bring it online. Now let's take a preview on this map. Overall, this map, named "Battle of the Bay", where 12 commanders with 2 teams will compete and coordinate with their Army, Air Force, and Navy, is a 6V6 map with 1X move speed. Here are more details: 1. New Matchmaking. The portal of this map opens at 24:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., ends at 3:00 and 15:00 p.m., on every Wednesday and Sunday UTC. With this mechanic, you guys have 2 chances to find a match. Please also notice that no team forming in 10 minutes before the map starts. Besides, the matchmaking is fairer than before, the system will match you the opponents based on the performance rating grade. Here are some pics for the matchmaking. See pics below: 2.Team Distribution. The two teams will be distributed on both ends of the crescent-shaped island. Commanders on this map spawn on high-level cities, they'll be able to train high-level units from the start of the game to earn quick advantages. See pic below: 3.Map Strategies. Every one of you can expand to the center of the crescent-shaped island to get more resources and cities; there is a fortress on the sea surrounded by abundant resources, capture it, you'll gain a big advantage. See pic below:
  12. Peter

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Nice! We'll think about it. Good to see we have some nice suggestions here. Lol
  13. Commanders, As of lately, we received many complaints that the tactic "Life-Saving" is too powerful, so we started this poll to investigate if all of you want to nerf this tactic. If you have more opinions, please leave them under this thread. Thank you! World Warfare Team
  14. Peter

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Да, они есть. Мы думаем о них. У вас есть хорошие идеи по этому поводу?
  15. Peter

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Okay. I'll let them have a chance to look at your suggestion.