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World Warfare
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  1. I am not really sure your last comment is logical, when you claim that the it's a people issue, not a game issue. You can justify all the reasons you want, but the fact is the way game is set up that it continues to place ridiculously unbalanced dynamics to the gaming system where the so called 260 players, have next to ZERO chance to win the game when large leagues with active players outnumber everyone and overwhelm, including from new players to highly experienced players. Even highly skilled players that can rank number 1 o 2 in personal rank, cannot hold off the inevitable of fighting 20/40 player leagues. So this is where I am not sure if you are simply in denial, or just brushing this off as a player issue rather than a game issue. It's completely unrealistic, unchallenging, and frankly quiet boring. You are not realizing that it is IN FACT making many players, including skilled ones, LEAVE THE GAME. You are loosing customers, countless customers. Now I don't what that means to developers, but it sure means loss of revenue. So it's to you benefit to pass on this critical information objectively without being so bias about it. Finally, you need to seriously fix the gemming system, or put a cap on it, because that also introduces a terrible dynamic to the game, where its more about he who gems the most wins, versus pure strategic skill. Anyhow, thanks for your time. I hope something is done and you guys actually listen. Because it doesn't look like you are getting the bigger picture of what's it is actually causing. Only the big established leagues enjoy this game, because it's easy....when you have 10 to 20 active players fighting together, ZERO CHALLENGE. If you are going to make it fair, ONLY MATCH LEAGUES with SIMILAR LEAGUES IN NUMBER. This way it's evenly matched and not based on numerical superiority. IT IS A GAME FLAW, NOT A PERSON FLAW.
  2. Well its ok if you don't agree, but I can honestly tell you I speak for many other players who feel same way, more like hundreds.
  3. Thats totally cool. If only they would introduce these troops in game. It would make it more interesting.
  4. Of course great organization is key, and I am good at that...but you said, "Great players last very long in a fight", but let me add to that...that even if they last, they will never win or rank 1st, because when you have 20 member leagues ganging up, you have ZERO chance for growing as a smaller league. Because most, NOT ALL big leagues want to take every single city on map and refuse to become allies or neutral. Hence the horrible league matching system that many good players eventually get tired of and leave never to come back to play this game again. It may be a team game, but it severely limits are huge number of players who are not in a team, or have no chance of growth because of the inbalance, not to mention the absurd Gems with no limits. It's based on who can use the most gems to win their way, not on real strategy. I can show you countless comments on this from other players. There is no real challenge pitting huge numbers against small numbers. What would be the point of playing the game against such odds, more like a waste of time and money.
  5. First I want to say that this game is truly a unique milestone in strategic gameplay, there is nothing quiet like it in the market with this level of detail and tactical enterprise. It is fun, as it mixes the old Axis and Allies with real time strategy. However after playing several months it's become obvious there is HORRIBLE and HUGE FLAW in this game with the unbalanced league gaming system. Let me explain here in detail as I am sure many players will relate and hopefully the developers would actually listen, as it seems they are ignoring this critical issue which is driving away many players, customers who otherwise would pay money. In the course of my gaming experience after I formed my own new league...I usually excel in all battles, often ranking 1st or 2nd in personal ranking, but when it comes to winning as a league, it's almost next to impossible not because i lack skill or tactical strategic know how, (I often face two or three opponents at the same time and survive), but the fact is despite me being a skilled player or any single skilled player, who is in a younger league of anything less than five active players or ten players, is usually by all accounts automatically doomed when facing leagues that have 20 players. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW SKILLED YOU ARE, when leagues with huge number of active players outnumber you with a ratio of 3 or 5 to 1, you will loose no matter what. So what happens to all the new players that enter the game, or even semi-experienced gamers who really are actually good when they face a horrible ratio? The game starts to suck, not because the players suck. Oh, and you will see plenty of arrogant macho bravado comments from some big leagues (which I won't name here), who have total disregard to any player and it's just war to them, or in most cases pure greed. They are not in the game for a challenging ratio gameplay, no they act like big mindless greedy bullies who would take on any new player or smaller leagues, giving little thought to anything else. What this does, it actually kills the dynamic of the game and quiet practically makes it boring. • WHY create a league game match when you have two or three leagues with 20 members against leagues that have less than 10 or five of three players in leagues? WHAT IS THE POINT? WHERE IS THE CHALLENGE IN THAT? Obviously, the game designers did not give this any thought, because the moment a game starts, its already a dictated NOT by skill, but by NUMERICAL SUPERIORITY who is going to win. This makes the game in my opinion boring, because its not relying on actual rewards based on fair balanced gameplay on highly skilled players challenging each other, more like who can GANG UP like THUGS on every little league, new players, skilled players, and usually win by overwhelming. Again, WHERE IS THE CHALLENGE IN THAT? • WHY match high ranking advanced leagues with leagues that are younger? What is the point of that when again there is no leverage in gameplay balance. The league SYSTEM in many ways I dare say is a lousy idea, because it's relying on a DEPENDABLE team play, with ratios of actually having active players that won't quiet, and players that will commit. It's not based on individual skill, mano e mano, no it's based on numerical superiority and all the arrogance that comes with it. There is ZERO honor or ethics involved in your league system game. (Hear that developers?). • WHY ignoring these facts as developers is a huge negative in app reviews and general gaming satisfaction. You have the potential to make this game from great to totally awesome. But you need to seriously take a critical review with all your board members, designers, developers and discuss a better League matching system that introduces fair play and rewards players who are skilled, instead of just numerical superiority wins. Yeah, I've heard the lame argument that all is fair in war, but I am talking about making it REASONABLE...instead of the ABSURDITY of the way you've set this game up. • Finally, there are a large number of things in this game that could use improvements, including but not limited to creating new rules SPECIALLY with people who use gems to build turrets instantly in the heat of a battle. Do you realize how utterly unrealistic and lame that is? That a player can attack a city, take down the turrets by well placed armaments, than a player can non-stop gem their turrets? That is one example of lameness in the game. I don't know it's because the developers just care about who spends the most money on gems, or do they care about having a realistic game? • Learn from classic Axis and Allies board game and MAKE THE GAME MORE DYNAMIC and INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGING than just the Cookie cutter same old boring taking a city after city goal. Introduce the option to build fortified walls, pill bunkers, BRIDGES that are strategically placed, Impassable mountains and terrain, command saboteur units, V2 rockets, a more realistic fighter and bomber aircraft models, *Your White Jet look like a Lego Toy, seriously and strategic bombers that have built in defense like the Fortresses of WWII. Also, for the most part your Navy units are useless in many ways, unless you play the island map. Submarines! WWII was hugely fought at sea through U-BOAT submarine warfare. SERIOUSLY, it DOES GET BORING with the same cookie-cutter 3 TURRETS per city, and that is the ONLY OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME. Not all players are young kids, some of us want intellectual challenges in strategy. PLEASE BE MORE CREATIVE IN INTRODUCING NEW GAME OBJECTIVES and DYNAMICS in your game. • How about making the game a bit more historically accurate? * Please first get rid of that white jet that looks like a lego toy, that sounds like a propeller aircraft. Japanese zero have a big red zero, the German Luftwaffe have a cross, the US have a star, and so on. How about actually just making the whole game a real WWII map of Europe, Africa and the Americas like in Axis and Allies? Why this generic map with no real objective other than just taking cities.....BORING.....make it more interesting. Your games gets a rating of 4 out of 5. Which is pretty high, because it has elements that no other game has. If you finesse this game by SERIOUSLY considering the above that I took the time to write, you can make this game a 5+. I am just encouraging you and giving you critical feedback. I don't care if others agree with me or not, but I know many do with these viewpoints and suggestions. But don't ask the big leagues, because to them there is no such thing as honor, or being considerate of smaller leagues...it's just winner takes all. How about introducing HONOR points? There you go....try it sometime. Until you fix this horrible League matching system and introduce an top play against even matched leagues or solo vs solo you will continue to loose COUNTLESS players and the GAME IS ALMOST UNPLAYABLE, unless people love playing games which are matched in ridiculous ways. PLEASE make this game GREAT, and I am sure the rewards in terms of player satisfaction will quadruple and that means money for you as developers too. Thank you, The PHANTOMV
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