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  1. Hello. Current ranking system here has nothing to do with skill and more to do how big your ..... City count is. Everyone already touched on how it's an unfair advantage to larger leagues. So I'll suggest my own balance fixes. The current system is redundant. Number of cities is pretty much the same as your territory score. The only difference is that the cities don't hold as much "weight." Personal rankings should be as follows. battle score > territory score in complex terms. They should be characterized by the following Battle score (most points to least points) = player city capture > player troop kills > rebel city Capture > tiger tank kills > rebel unit kills. Territory score can stay the same. A simple fix to balance League rankings would be taking an average score of all the members on that field. This will give larger leagues a slight disanvatange. Your only as great as your weakest link. This will encourage more helping of newer players. Let me me know what you think.
  2. Bump. I'm back to playing. Looking to update this guide. Anyone else think I should?
  3. They already fixed that problem. Did you not read that in the update notes? Hey Peter our battlefield didn't update the 30,000 V point win. All the stages are working.
  4. Your using old tactics for a completely new game. throw out all the old tactics you used before and create new ones.
  5. This map needs major tweaking. Stage Requirements Okay so we recently unlocked the 3rd stage after virtually controlling everything worth Victory Points in the inner circle. I completely disagree with the Gold mines unlocking after another 24 hours. We were all hyped for nothing. I didn't even log back into the game for 24 hours because I couldn't really even progress until it dropped. This map is completely unbalanced. We don't have enough active leagues to even capture all of the gold mines (only one per league). Even with all the gold mines and the Cities, the 4th Stage won't unlock because its not enough points. This means that one faction would have to control nearly everything that is worth victory points before the core of the map unlocks... no it still wouldn't unlock the core. This map is designed to 1. either end as a slaughter fest of one faction, or 2. a back-and-forth stalemate that never unlocks the core because the points are too high. Gold Mines Another major issue is that fact that leagues can only control 1 mine. On top of that, the mine doesn't automatically generate gold, and the amount you can buy is too low to even be worth the consistent effort of checking every 2 hours. City Storage For the amount of resources it takes to build things, the storage in each city is not sufficient at all. 16,000 Steel was at 200 with only upgrading 6 buildings and building 4 units. I think each city should get a significant increase in the amount of resources they can store. Unit Queue The current queue system for building units is not big enough. You increased the time to build units, increases the cost, and decreased the queue lines. This means a person has to be on 30-50% more just to do the same amount of work the old system did. Players that have a limited amount of time to play will be isolated from many of the changes that were made. I suggest making several changes.
  6. Try switching your capital. Worked for me
  7. Hummmmm to defend your base? If you think you can just keep the same units and do well you apparently miss the strategy portion of a strategy game. You adabt to the players around you. You probably just want to do the same thing over and over... Artys and bombers, artys and bombers... It's a new game with new strategies. Toss the the ones out. and if I was an admin I would ignore you too, you spend more time bitching* then actually giving valuable suggestions. later bro, we don't care if you quit. I took a city down with 6 stugs, are you upgrading them? (Not expanding)
  8. By the time they get high level fighters you'll have aa. And I have used my head, I wrote a post to address real issues, not complaining about having no strategy in the game. Just quit. Your just taking a spot someone else can use. There are more counters to this, but it seems like you'll be out of gems before you know it. So spend away. Once they Nerf heal you be back in here complaining about how it's unfair to you. I don't even have heal for that exact reason, it's a gem hole and you'll be on empty spending cash soon. Bring your bombers. I'll take you on.
  9. If you are complaining about this you are wrong. Build 10 scouts and you'll see them shred bombers. If you have any doubts about that ask Jamin from Rebels, I used this against him when we joined late in a league battle. Use your head to create a strategy... There are solutions to these kind of things. This is your only freebie. -Spaz
  10. Beta Testing If you take none of my previous suggestions or advice, please listen to this one. Beta Test your Updates. I have no doubts that the top 20 even 30 leagues would be willing to test your updates to ensure there are no bugs at launch. There are quite a bit of bugs embedded in this one that can cause long-standing players to quit on frustration. All the Hype for the new updates can crash in a few hours when the game has to go down the same day its released to now, where people are not collecting resources for their cities. -Spaz
  11. Semispaz

    shipping supplies?

    I think people not collecting resources is a much bigger issue.
  12. Okay first things first Missions. 1- Missions should not take 10-15 hours to complete because you are waiting for blueprints. If you are going to add blueprints as part of the missions, they I suggest the previous mission has a blueprint attached. At least for the earlier stages. Later of course you can get them as stage requirements. 2- You should add and increases Exp. earned from missions. Completing mission should be more important then it is right now, especially for the early game and newer players. Reconstructing 3- I thought this was a good idea at first, but when I saw how easy it is to build them back up when a city is being attacked I changed my mind. This also makes it a guarantee that you will cap a city as it was. It takes away the strategy of keeping building intact and actually gives an advantage to the attacker after he as capped it. Gems 4- Taking away gems as rewards creates an a bigger imbalance then most people realize. This creates a bigger gap from people who won gems, to those who purchased them. Those players who only purchase every once in a while might end up leaving because they can't compete with the guys who spend more money. Capital 5- King already mentioned the bugs associated with changing your capital. I think you should also be able to change capital using gold or cash, not just gems. Battle Level 6- I think your battle level should increase your Flags more. You should be able to hold more territory on this map since it seems to be more important then the previous map. So far I think Units are fine. Tiger Tanks 7- I know a few people disagree with me on this, but i'll mention it here. I think Tiger Tanks have outlived their purpose on this map. This map is just a faction version of the league battlefield map we play. The objective is in the center and their are no Tiger Tanks there. I think people should be ranked #1 based on territory, units killed, cities taken, ect. rather then how many tanks you kill. This is coming from someone who has been ranked because of them, and I think this game should be more objective focused then Tiger Tank focused.
  13. D. Gameplay (Updated) Tech Points Tech points are required in order to upgrade units in the new patch. Currently there are 2 ways to obtain them. 1. You will obtain 1 Tech point every 30 minutes. 2. Stage Prize 2 gives 1 Tech point, and Stage Prize 3-5 give 2 Tech points each. Tech Units In order to unlock units, you must meet 2 separate Criteria. 1. You must follow the Tech Tree that is shown in the Technology Tab. 2. You must upgrade previous units to meet the requirements. (Example: M101 105mm Howitzer requires you to have a level 5 M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and a level 4 M4 Sherman Tank.)
  14. I would definitely like to see what you wrote and see how our thoughts differ on them. I do plan to expand on it quite a bit. Yeah, even within my own league I differ on strategy. For example, I thought Navy was OP, but virtually useless against me while I was inland. This new map might prove to change my thoughts on that from the looks of it. Well you run into crap, it wins. Hard to get off of those boots...
  15. Thanks, I'll add some gameplay and more content as it goes, but with the new patch coming in would have just be wasted time. I'll be add a Tech & Gold Section to the Gameplay part.
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