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World Warfare
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  1. Sister Leagues Pros: Helps with capturing LCs Additional teammates can join map Alts can scout maps Alts are played when main league is busy or not active Players feel safer in a crowd. They dont lose cities if they have multiple sisterleagues to help protect them. Cons: Leagues like Chinese and Godz jump in with multiple sister leagues, resulting in no fights on map. Recent godz map had 80+ Godz on Blitz, Chinese had over 10 Leagues on Same map. Ruins the maps for other players that dont feel like they have a chance to compete. They may gem up cities fast, but with jo fights on the map the amount they spend the rest of the days is limited. Sister leagues create a feeling that top leagues must use overwhelming numbers to win rather than actually learning how to fight better. Tactics spam can be overwhelming to smaller leagues. Recommendations: Limit number of leagues you can ally to three. Three allows you to ally your alts and to ally one other league Allow unlimited ndividuals to ally. This allows for new players to ally a league, but players won't stay out of a league just to ally, the benefits of the league are more than the benefits of unlimited individual ally. Slayer173
  2. Slayer173

    Best Moments.

    Like everyone else, i have a lot of war stories from this game. It can be alot of fun and sometimes even stressful. I would like to thank the players that helped teach, coach, mentor and sometimes chew me out. GeneralBattleSkarz for teachi g me when i was in the Pact. Pad...you know who u are. Layton for just being fun to kill cities with, thanks bro. To Polack, he's fun to watch PvP or kill cities. Reid for teaching me the value of booting people out to keep the league strong. And finally to Zeus, without him absolutely would not be the same, he's defined so many players. I learned about the value of pissing off so many leagues and players from him. It makes u stronger, brings the PvP to you when u have so may enemies. CHEERS! Godz BTW! Slayer173
  3. Slayer173

    New maps

    I would like to see some new maps or new ways of fighting the game. -King of the hill. Put something in center of map to capture and hold the longest or have a league start in middle with a monument and try to hold off the rest of the map. -Dodgeball, line up on two sides and compete like that against other side. Everyone on same side is on same team, regardless of league. This would help new players to get to work with leagues and meet new people. -Navy only or air only battlefields. Small city islands with no resources. Plus up cities so they make more res. Then make the map mostly water. -Battlefield where you start with a set limit of resources or a set of units that can't be replaced. Last man standing wins. So u have to preserve your forces and use them wisely. -Speed maps. Be first to cap 10 cities or something along those lines. -In general any new map designs for regular bf would be fun too Slayer173
  4. No respawns, Let teammate kill a city and u can para troop in, but respawn r painful. Slayer173
  5. Add unit that produces smoke to hide units from view of scouts etc.
  6. Slayer173

    Anti tank guy

    Infantry with high armor damage
  7. Slayer173


    Long range ground scout with high damage to vehicles and infantry
  8. Slayer173


    Add wedge, V, Column, linear, circle and box. Could add a disperse button to spread all units out and tighten to bring units closer.
  9. Slayer173


    Game needs formations. Units cluster too much, or spread out too much based on speed. Add formations that go as fast as slowest unit.
  10. Slayer173


    Add covert units that can spy or Sabatage cities
  11. Slayer173


    Add a nuke strike option for high level league. Make it very resource intensive. 24 hr reset after strike, 48 hrs nothing can be repaired in strike area.
  12. Slayer173

    Medic Units

    Add 3 types of medics. One medic for ground units/infantry. One tow truck/wrecker for healing vehicles, allow aircraft carrier to repair aircraft.
  13. Allow radar to detect airborne units early, wide range detection. Make it directional?
  14. Slayer173


    Add Blimps, very slow, but very wide range visability no attack
  15. Slayer173


    Add submarines, let them go under water to hide. Improve destroyers so they can see subs and kill subs. Scouts should be able to see them too.
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