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  1. this was during this week's tourney. Barely took the L but it was a good fight against all odds
  2. My brother made a new friend (Command3r Trump) on Rainbow Six: Siege over Xbox One. After the match the guy told my brother about a game he had called World Warfare, and how it was a great strategy game. My brother and I have it a try and we both loved it. My brother deleted it however because somehow supercell games are more so RTS games and at the same time somehow this game is pay2win and supercell is not (a lot of very big question marks). I however, obviously, am still playing the game and I've loved it cause it's as if you're actually on a real battlefield going against hundreds of different armies. If I hadn't had heard of this game shoot I'd be another weaboo playing clash of clans or something.
  3. Gonna be celebrating murica' b-day today with a lot of explosive freedom. Happy booming
  4. Ok, thank you Sounds good, thanks MkV
  5. Wait, so are the upgrades we research for the battlefield only or permanent?
  6. Howitzers should honestly have 300 range. They really just do not do enough damage to only have 200, and in real life these things can shell you from out of no where. If not 300 cause of advantage to troops at least 260 maybe
  7. The start times I believe should be 11am California time and 2pm New York time. That way most leagues would be in the bf at about afternoon for both West and East coast. That is if the que requirements are lowered.
  8. My league is HighValueTargerts, we won our first tournament battlefield for season 6 . My leader says that he can see our ranking (we are in second, 10 trophies with 24 cities and have one championship). However, myself and other members see that the game is showing we were absent. I want to make sure we get our credit for our victory, and other possible ones as well. Thanks! -CarlosSpicyWeinr
  9. I completely agree with you Hitgirl, however, all officers are pretty much (so far) for boosts to unit stats and building stats. George C. Marshall does give increased building repair rate, but at the same time it still counts as a stat boost technically. The problem with female officers is that they could only do things that fall into categories such as healing because they were mainly nurses. I totally agree with having female officers, it would be pretty cool. I feel that last officer you mentioned might work. But the way the game works it doesn't have much use or room for them.
  10. Soviet Marshall OP af 👌🏻
  11. Thanks, it took me about 6 hours total just trimming down all the video footage, lol
  12. I have created my own video tutorial as well for attacking cities, the vid is below . Feedback appreciated
  13. Forget the haters, I high key aspire to have your skill and dedication
  14. A new officer I had in mind was Charles Portal. Marshall of the Royal Air Force during World War 2. He was a strong advocate of area bombing and took over as head of the RAF during the Battle of Britain. I was thinking that since he was a "strong advocate of area bombing" he could give stat boosts to Bombers and Strategic Bombers. His max level would be 15, and would be the $30 officer for only affecting 2 units, both the bomber units. Here are what I was thinking for the stats that would be boosted (from lvl 1 to lvl 15(max) Attack vs Infantry: +1% - +25% Attack vs Vehicle: +1% - +25% Attack vs Vehicle: +1% - +25% Ammo Max: +1%- +15% Movement Speed: +1% - +20% Fuel Max: +5% - + 25% Food Max: +5% - +30%
  15. Ya, the one thing that keeps gemmers from completely dominating is battle level and resources. You can still trade diamonds for resources but then your spending the gems on getting the resources. I agree, it's annoying if stuff like that does happen, but it's all restricted mostly by battle level