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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. August 23rd Update preview

    Gotta agree with most people's comments it kinda stupid & unrealistic to have them be able to attack!!! AAs capability I'm 110% behind them having because they do have that in real life but I've never in my life heard of an aircraft carrier with cannons on it to attack ships or buildings!!! should be switched in my opinion!
  2. Poll: Unlimited Respawn in Tourney

    This glitch is horse poopie! If someone gets whipped in first 6 hours they shouldn't be able to respawn on the other side of map and have 8-12 hours to prepare to get killed again! They should eliminate respawn from tournament all together and limit paras to only 1 once all your cities r gone! Hell I think they should go as far as to add the effect where if an AA is in the area a para can't be landed there! Makes no sense that a paratrooper can land right on Top of a AA!
  3. Poll: Which troop size do you prefer?

    Smaller is 100x better you can actually see air & army base when your deploy troops to add them to airbase! This makes it 100x easier to use the hot keys to load troops in specific gigs! You don't gotta click 15x just to hit airbase!
  4. Attack Range!

    Completely agree... howitzers should have more range then a lvl 5 turret! It makes no sense that a city can hit them!!!
  5. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    Support helped me fix my troop issue! Very satisfied with how they handled it! ????
  6. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    Your logic is horse shit! This game as you call it is a service just like anything else when they start taking money for stuff you need to maintain a certain lvl of performance and effeciancy and there doing nothing but give us shitty service! The 1500 compensations is a joke... I had10x that invested into what I lost between time resources and jems spent! It's bs and there about one more incident like this from losing my time and $ on there services! Start treating your f ups seriously and start actually compensation players not this bs! K... I will
  7. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    1500... I can't even get build 1/40 of what I lost with that! What a joke I'm seriously taking my gaming & money elsewhere if that's the best you can do for fn me outta 4 hrs build time & resources on top of that! seriously program in a fucking pause button on game for when server goes down like this! So ? right now!!! Your an idiot!
  8. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    We got an eta on start we hit the logged start time?
  9. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    It seems like we can't go a bf without this stuff happening! I love the game but when you got 10-20 hrs build time alone not counting resources into an army & you give us 500 amnyth in compensations that's a kicked nother regions! lucky this time I only got 40 troops in the air cuz I'm Day 2 of bf but there's gotta be a way to give people back what they lost in troops! It can't be that hard to see what they lost and have them receive that in a pack! yes they would have to rebuild but at least it wouldn't be with nothing!
  10. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Can you please make population transferable like all other resources or just get ride of it! running out of population sucks!
  11. Short Maintenance Apr. 18th

    You gave us no warning I was literally in middle of ocean... on isles couldn't even get to my base!!! Seriously more warning was needed my whole league is airborn
  12. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Make it so allies can land at your air base & can load in your barracks... it's kinda stupid & so inconvenient that allies can't use your air base!!!
  13. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    1) I'd like to see on troop screen and the hot key screen where you can put troops in squads to have a life meter next to ever troop!!! So you know who's getting attacked & what multiple troops life is at without having to click on them directly... which is difficult and all but impossible if there bunched! 2) it would be nice to be able to know what generals other players are using so you can strategize according to there wellness & attack them with there strength
  14. LC Permissions?!

    Hello all, I like a combination of this idea but a little more in depth & more fields... (for example) 1) separate all lcs in to individual screens like above ... along with having a general screen for cash cuz it's Lc wide which doubles as an acess page where the Cinc can assign people acess to build & ship items from certain Lcs... (I'll create visual like above if needed but just click button giving you access at that lc!!! 2) I see there also being an issue with used materials (alone) instead of munitions shipped (too) cuz of the way I play for example... I'm a night owl with my job so I come on & cue munitions at Lcs so there not idle... I would like to still be able to do that without it showing that I use a Shiiiit tone of materials that I'm not actually using just building stuff! - this issue could be fixed with another tab labeled munitions sent by Lc which shows what & how many munitions were sent to people by lc & all together! .... there should also be a timeline screen tab off of this screen to show when stuff was sent to nip issues in the but fright away about when stuff & resources was taken by Lc! 3) (idea) You could also create medals of some kind for milestones from this screen then for resources donated to the team effort... shows who's a team player