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World Warfare
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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Veterans Day Sale!

    I can’t find where it’s at in game look at prices?
  2. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Talking about Chinese in cup not bf... whole different beast! Yes tactics can beat jemers when it's 2-3 on one in regular bf most the time but not in cup with higher lvl competition along with smaller map faster paced and emphasis on tanks! I watched one guy jem his 3 lvl 10 turrets 37 times... not shitting u 37 times holding back Chinese league! Thank god he was my ally! Tactics only can get you so far but yes they can prevail over time! I never sleep so jemmers wake up to nothing a lot and r p.o'd! @MkV I have theses glitche all the time! All the time!!! @InHaLe I truly agree with you it'll tip pvp balance completely outta wack but I'll definitely donate 1 of my 23 generals to lc every bf... don't use fighter, moral and AA generals had often
  3. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Yes for sure!!! They need to make serious changes to cup! It should be about skill only... no Tec, generals, trees or jems just u v them straight up! & @MkV you can't seriously sit there and say them coming out with the 3rd Tec tree upgrade system is more important then focusing on & fixing the glitch issues... if it's not a money grab like you say (& I disagree with) then why put it out instead of fixing the biggest problems when they had new content both the last 2 months updates? i get there doing there best with the system they got and I howl heartedly believe that but I believe that system is broken and needs to be adjusted to make the game run smoother! When you can't go a single day without lagging or running into some bug or getting booted from server during attack or heavy troop activity they need to make that priority! Even do a 3-5 day down time for maintenance... with real results would make a lot of people really happy!
  4. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    @ImmelI get that but when your trying to compete in cup and every troop your up against have a 10-20% bonus plus jemming on top of it it's impossible to keep up even with better tactics! When the Chinese league comes in cup 5 hours late and have bombers in 2.5 hours and jem armies as soon as they get killed it no longer becomes fun!
  5. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    MkV I do agree u can't please everyone but another money grab isn't what the game needs... & that's is what this is with the emphasis on officers & paying to have more slots! in last 6 months they haven't done much for content that isn't a money grabs... added generals (money grab), 2 new maps (1st) noob map so pointless, 2nd) geared towards jemming to get to center fast cuz no resources (money grab)), Tec tree making u need gold (major money grab & needs to be removed), 2 new units flaks (good additions), attack indicator (good addition) and new Hq Tec/ general which again make u spend anythem for more slots & emphasis on generals (money grab)... do you see the consistency of (money grabs)! I get it's it make money but In that same timeframe they have had major chat issues (unfixed), major lagging issues (unfixed & getting worse), crashing issues (down for hours at a time) and pay to play/pay to win issue is coming to a head! I love this game but if it's a cruse ship as explained above I'll be sitting in the lifeboat praying we don't hit an iceberg as I read the name titanic on the side!!! When u gotta pay more then $100 a month to keep up with all the update and new content for the game it's going to fail!
  6. August 23rd Update preview

    Yup... they so need to allow allies to load at airfields tho!!! Much needed change!
  7. August 23rd Update preview

    On second thought you're right that does make sense but you got a thing one in five planes or 20% of planes built during World War II crashed! They should make Turrets keep attacking the same troop until it gets out of range... not change over to new target when it's overhead
  8. August 23rd Update preview

    @ImmelWas at work why couldn't answer sooner but if I'm wrong about your avg score that's fine it happens!!! I'm simpler trying to tell you that Flots r all but useless in European map... period... which is very very true & a lot of people will agree with!!! With 80% of map not giving them access being land locked, the water canals in center not all being connected, the physical build time to get lvl 13 munitions to get the, the travel time to get to any useful spot, using up valuable troop space and the ease of com centers flying in resources isn't enough to change your mind then as you said it is what it is... you go on and keep using them cuz they sound so effective.. i didn't mean to start a fight but yes good players opinions matter more then garbage ones.... as I said in my post idn you & I was guessing your avg score & kill ratio... Zeus said he knows you and your a good player so I'll take his work just am passionate about my opinions... sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way Why no AOE? Make them kinda ineffective later in the game when you got 10-16 AAs versus 30-40 strats/bombers they won't stand a chance without splash
  9. August 23rd Update preview

    @ImmelIdn what game your playing man but in European map if your building a navel (besides last ditch effort to defend ss islands to survive map... I've seen that done but still failed) your lets just say you need a new strategy... Cities & rzs r what gets you points and there's what 20-30 of 260 at best none ss cities you can hit in European map with battle ships so yes I'll 110% say tell my face is blue there useless on that map! On isles map yes they do have a limited usefulness and I'm stretching the word limited! About 1/2 cities can get hit by navy only 2/3 of that 50% effectively enough to kill city with ships alone! But you go ahead & use those carriers & navy with your im guessing 100-125k avg score at best! I'll keep chugging along at my 250k 18+ city per bf avg proving people like u wrong all the live long day!
  10. August 23rd Update preview

    Who even uses carriers on a regular basis... there all but useless? Isles maybe on a suppppper small scale but personally unless we pre set a big navel battle (at the end of the map) on I've never once used them at all!!! & when I do for these battles there just decoys to make them think where r the plans and how many do they got!!! Dont see the point in waistline time update a unit used maybe 1% of the time in the game on one map and ignoring most of our worth while ideas? Just don't feel our feedback is getting heard when the new update have this garbage in it!
  11. August 23rd Update preview

    Gotta agree with most people's comments it kinda stupid & unrealistic to have them be able to attack!!! AAs capability I'm 110% behind them having because they do have that in real life but I've never in my life heard of an aircraft carrier with cannons on it to attack ships or buildings!!! should be switched in my opinion!
  12. Poll: Unlimited Respawn in Tourney

    This glitch is horse poopie! If someone gets whipped in first 6 hours they shouldn't be able to respawn on the other side of map and have 8-12 hours to prepare to get killed again! They should eliminate respawn from tournament all together and limit paras to only 1 once all your cities r gone! Hell I think they should go as far as to add the effect where if an AA is in the area a para can't be landed there! Makes no sense that a paratrooper can land right on Top of a AA!
  13. Attack Range!

    Completely agree... howitzers should have more range then a lvl 5 turret! It makes no sense that a city can hit them!!!
  14. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    Support helped me fix my troop issue! Very satisfied with how they handled it! ????
  15. Emergency maintenance on May 26th

    Your logic is horse shit! This game as you call it is a service just like anything else when they start taking money for stuff you need to maintain a certain lvl of performance and effeciancy and there doing nothing but give us shitty service! The 1500 compensations is a joke... I had10x that invested into what I lost between time resources and jems spent! It's bs and there about one more incident like this from losing my time and $ on there services! Start treating your f ups seriously and start actually compensation players not this bs! K... I will