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World Warfare
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  1. Does anyone else think that there should be more uses for Gold other than buying bugles? Maybe have more item that can only be purchased with Gold or diamonds? Whatcha guys think?
  2. AandBbroz


    You are probably too far away from it, I don't know what the limit is but If you are too far than whatever you have taken over will be considered dead. If you are actually close to the harbor then click the harbor and change the owner to your city and it should give you the resources.
  3. AandBbroz

    New Update

    So apperently there was a glitch that powered up troops attacks by hitting 'stop' a bunch of times. Thanks for not telling me about it before it got removed ?
  4. AandBbroz

    New guy

    I guess I will start by telling everyone a little bit about myself, Ive played World Warfare for a month or so now and I guess I'm pretty good at it? When I first joined there where very little good leagues out there so i created my own league 'JustJoin'. I know it's not a very creative name but I wanted new members and I thought no one would join because I was new to the game and thought no one would join the new guy. Since then We have become an amazing league which makes me a proud leader. I post our accomplishments on the forums, and now I've become active enough that I want to see others step out of their comfort bubble and share their stories as well. I would love to see everyone's accomplishment and stories let's start a World Warfare blog
  5. Maybe have the ability to convert Habors into a league city? This a unique idea I like it.
  6. So Maddog and I jumped this one guy ?
  7. Still going to load up only artillery and AA on my attacks ?. We need planes that can land on the ground to load up troops now ?
  8. AandBbroz

    Paratrooper assault

    So one guy in our faction was getting attacked so we all dropped paratroopers on his artillery ?
  9. Now we need submarines to kill them ?
  10. AandBbroz

    League attack

    So we hit this one guy with 50 artillery units yesterday night...

    © JustJoin

  11. AandBbroz

    Rebel army

    battle I'd: 1023178 coords: X=200 Y=145
  12. AandBbroz

    Rebel army

    So I think one of my leaguemates ticked off the rebels...
  13. AandBbroz

    Ammo Glitch?

    So my troops has over 30 minutes of ammunition left but when I attack it says they are completely out of ammo. I think there might be an issue with airdropping supplies.
  14. Will new types of game matches appear that have other forms of winning? Like instead only having quickmatches that end after 15 days or a certain score will new matches with different conditions apprear? Sudden death matches were you can't respawn or matches where you have unlimited troops and leadership would be really awesome to see. :D
  15. If you guys are making new units consider submarines and mine fields. Just a thought :3
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