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World Warfare
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  1. Speed up Global battlefield It doesn’t need to be as fast as blitzkrieg but it needs to be a little faster than it is now
  2. CaptDeano


    When I first started playing this game three years ago it was a lot of fun now it’s just about the money so sad
  3. CaptDeano


    Money and greed of the developers has ruined this game
  4. It doesn't matter because all the naval ships in this game are way stronger then anything else the only thing that can beat navy is more navy should have shore batteries to protect your city... that's why whenever my league plays island battlefields I take those battlefield off
  5. I would like to see a separation from access to the LC and diplomacy so that you can give them access to the LC without giving them access to diplomacy
  6. ArticWarriors Price distribution : CaptDeano :IronWolfe :EdThePhoneGuy :Casca :Gabbert :Stovall
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