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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Grouping units can be very useful in selecting specific units quickly. Below is how to put units into the preset groups.
  2. The following are the recommended game settings and how to set them.
  3. City Layout There are many ways to construct your city. The following are TRADOC recommendations for both layout and leveling Basic base tips 1. Your army base should be next to your airbase (This is to expedite loading from your army base to your air transports located in the airbase) 2. Your airbase should be next to a turret and or your city. (This is so the airbase will be destroyed by splash damage) 3. A maximum of one of your turrets should be in splash range of your city or each other, and should provide 360 degree coverage. These SHOULD be in splash range of the city: Supply factory Army Base Air Base These SHOULD NOT be in splash range of the city: 2 x Turrets Guide to Upgrading Cities. By Snakeeater *Approved release to TRADOC *Disclaimer this is only a guideline, feel free to modify to your own personal game play. I am putting this Guide in numerical sequence as to save time; in both me writing, and in you reading...lol. I will give the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) reasoning for each. I will narrow it to only the upgrading of buildings. This is what I do for all cities up to level 8. 1. Enter game. 2. Build Army base.(lvl 1) 3. Build Munition Factory.(lvl 1) 4. Upgrade City.(lvl 2) 5. Build Mini Farm.(lvl 1) 6. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 2) 7. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 2) Allows for healing troops. 8. Upgrade City.(lvl 3) 9. Build Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 1) 10. Build Turrets X 3.(lvl 1) 11. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 2) 12. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 2) 13. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 3) 14. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 3) 15. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 3) 16. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 2,3) Increases range from 180 to 250. 17. Upgrade City.(lvl 4) 18. Build Airbase.(lvl 1) 19. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 4) 20. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 4) 21. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 4) 22. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 3) Allows expansion of troops to level 2. 23. Upgrade Airbase.(lvl 2,3) Allows expansion of troops to level 2. 24. Upgrade City.(lvl 5) 25. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 5) 26. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 5 max) 27. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 5 max) 28. Build Commerce Center.(lvl 1) Allows for trading Resources. 29. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 2,3) Allows for shipping Resources (supplying League City). 3 X transports @ 75 load capacity. 30. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 4,5) Increases Range from 250 to 300(max) 31. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 4,5) Increases to 5 X transports @ 200 load capacity. 32. Upgrade City.(lvl 6) 33. Build Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 1) 34. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 6) 35. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 2) 36. Upgrade City.(lvl 7) 37. Build Supply Factory.(lvl 1) 38. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 7) 39. Upgrade City.(lvl 8) 40. Build Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 1) 41. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 8) 42. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 2) 43. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 3) 44. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 3) 45. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 4) 46. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 4) 47. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 5 max) 48. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 5 max)
  4. TRADOC is a training league sponsored by and allied with WeFew. Our mission is to provide assistance and basic game knowledge to new players prior to them moving on and joining the world warfare community. Other than our officers, membership in TRADOC is temporary. Typically we pick up new members in a cadet game and release them after. If you Are interested in our training, we have a basic game training course. In order to participate down load the line app from the App Store and friend me, and send a pm. My line I.d is mefaircloth. The additional training can usually be completed in one game and does require some out of game reading.