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World Warfare
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  1. this is an aliied anti tank mine. These would be fun.
  2. I'm a new player and have read through this thread. I agree with what others have stated that this game is just too demanding for time and the only reason I've been able to assemble the top league and jostle for first place in cadet is because I've been recovering from recent surgery. So I've been home and bored., that said I love strategy and specifically war themed rts. This hits that nerve well, but once I get back working, my time will be limited and I won't be able to compete., when I can't play competitively, I usually don't bother. My suggestion would be to vastly increase upgrade times and rework the amythist rate accordingly. If the game can become one of months instead of days then being on all day everyday won't be quite necessary. Simply checking in in the morning and playing a few hours after work would be enough. Then do some marathons on weekends and such. Conversely, you could drastically reduce both upgrade,build and travel times to make this a game of an hour or two. That would also work. A completely pve map would be fantastic, maybe worked into a campaign? With its own unique rewards Why are all officers pay to have? Makes this game feel pay to win=not good for a healthy pop. There should be a way to get officers without spending money. I spend money on games I like because I want to support its developers not because I want an unfair advantage. So I'll buy gems but not officers. Tutorial is not extensive enough and should be deeper and that could roll into a campaign with pvp opening up as a user choice once the ui is understood. Can someone explain to me why my league cap is 40 in main menu but 20 in battlefield? Yet even at main menu won't allow me to invite players to league. Overall the ui is clunky and hard to understand where to tap for what....after a week players in game still trying to figure out things that should've been explained in a good tut or would be better understood with minor name changes. Like healing troops for example, on day five I figured out refill meant refill hp , why not just say "heal or repair units" ? self explanatory. Where can I produce food besides buying it in the supply house? What purpose does the waffen hq serve on the map? Can a league cap it? If not why? Would add some fun and a new dimension. Overall there is just so much unexplained and prolly seems quite daunting for many to do the work to figure out but that's the thing, when a game becomes work, u lose players.
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