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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. The headquarters under Siege
  2. I Have created a group called "worldwarfaree" on kik app. Any kik users are welcome to join and share your thoughts and ideas with other members from all over the world. You can get to know each other better and even get help and suggestions on game. After all this game requires communication.
  3. league city

    Man you guys giving me same question again and again. Like I said I would never post this here if I was never 100% sure and have no testes this issue. Our transports never got attacked and logs shows that all resources were delivered. Yet there are no resources. I tested this issue not once but many times. I sat and sent transports and watched over em whole time when it flew and landed in the lc. There's many people with that issue not only me or my league players. I asked others too. They said they had this issue.
  4. I made this league after my old account and quitting big leagues because the amount of ego some leagues and players had. My goal has been to help new players with no experience in game. Most of big leagues will only let in good experienced players. If you are not one of them and passionate about the game, this is for you. I also came up with an idea to let big leagues pass me the new players. I can train em and simply pass em back. Basically a training academy league. I believe in team work and communication. If anyone interested please email me or if you have kik message me on username Lil_camel. I have all players group there and from there we can go further. Thank you.
  5. league city

    Yes but that's not the issue. Our transports get delivered and resources either don't come in lc or come half or be in lc then dissaper after 5 10 minutes.
  6. Hundreds of top players quit because of the amount of time this game requires. Please you really need to make this game faster. You can't expect players to not have social life and sit and play this game. Movement is way too slow. I think if you make all tanks fast as how light tanks are now. That'll be perfect. And gigs anti tanks and artillery. Plus what's the really point of ally if you can't load and land in there cities. If you go help em then you are just stuck there and thing of ways to kill all your land troops. By the time you build upgrade the game ends because of how long it takes to build upgrade and movement again. Tired of bragging for more than year to developers so I quit the game. Just like hundreds of my too players, friends who had no choice.
  7. This is exactly what I mean and been trying go get in developers head. I know hundreds of good top players who quit because the amount of time this game requires. You can't expect us to not have social life and play this all day. Also most of new players never stand a chance and after constantly getting killed by big guys and leagues they give up and quit. There's literally no balance of power. What a new players supposed to do with 2 3 or 20 players of one league around him. Not all leagues help new guys which I been doing for a year and training new players. For me I quitted this game yesterday because the amount of time it requires on movement and building, upgrading. Every update they do something seems to get more worst. I hope they change things because this is the only game I play.
  8. 1 - I have never understood why can't you land or load in your ally city. What is the point of being an ally. So many times you go to help an ally right between hostile territory or far from your city. Now you are stuck there and you have no option to get your troops destroyed some how. 2 - I know hundreds of top players who quit the game beacuse the amount of time it takes, movement, building and upgrade. It's like developers don't want us to have a social life than to just play this game. I know your guys response is gonna be that we try to make game experience real as possible but no gig or tanks or any troops take hours to get to a destination far as city right next. By time you build and are prepared game ends. I really think movement needs to be made faster. 3 - you have to travel the whole map sometimes to get rubber and oil. It's just not enough. More oil and rubber resources are needed. 4 - I think 4 or 5 day map should be created instead of 8 days. Last days of game really get boring and everyone is eager for it to end. Plus maybe create a tutorial map for new players against rebels only so they learn before playing the actual game which most of em quit because they never stand a chance against big leagues. 5 - you need more maps and also league badges of other countries not only U.S, France, China and few others. As you guys can see this game has players from all around the world. So it'll be very nice to give leagues and players to represebt where they are actually from not just few badges you guys have.
  9. league city

    No like I said it's been going on for 2 months and I got so frustrated that I ordered all players to watch the transport till it arrives in lc. Which I done also. After 4 5 battlefields, we had same issue of resources just gone, lc never receiving em or receiving them and after few minutes gone again. I then done last battlefield alone to confirm the issue. Whole battlefield I sent resources and of never got em when transports got delivered even in game lc logs. Then I reached out to other leagues and players who also confirmed the issue.
  10. league city

    Ok so this has been going on for 2 months now. Every time we send resources to League city. They just dissapeared. At first we thought maybe it's just new player messing with us and wasting resources by building and canceling. Then after 5 battlefields I had to investigate my self and with other players and leagues. I did battlefield alone just to make sure. We send resources and I literally watch the transport going in Lc and boom, resources are not there. Two days of saving resources and ghosts took em. It literally sets you back days because now the days you saved resources were for nothing. I have talked to other players and leagues and they have the same issue of lc not receiving resources.