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World Warfare
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  1. I had to google translate all this and I love the concept and idea since I'm sick of being in past bf with 5 6 top leagues all allying each other and going for small group of leagues or new players. I still have few questions and would be awesome if someone who speaks English can help and explain. Thanks guys.
  2. I really think you guys need to add more resources especially oil plus speed up the resources. You literally have to wait days till you can build navy because it takes way too much resources to build. Since the map is so short by time you have a good navy it ends. Literally pisses me off and breaks my heart seeing my gorgeous navy and all the effort to build just to see the game end. There have been few glitches Also. Stuck on constructing something or cities disappeared. Plus game gets stuck on main screen, chat issues as always.
  3. Yes I am frustrated after being so loyal spending thousands of our hours on this game and seeing good members just quitting. It's not only me it's most of us. Most of your new players play for few days then never come back to this game. This game has only last till now because of old loyal members since day 1. I really don't see any point in listing issues and why I'm frustrated because I done it for years with 2 different accounts and problems seems to get worst every update. Just look at your chat issues, you guys can't even fix those. Rest of the issues are history. I'm a grown man and I would never go off like this but it is frustrating putting so much time, effort and money in this game just to see it getting worst. Then seeing good friends, players quitting giving up. Most of you guys don't even respond except veronica. Joycraft should be thankful it still has old loyal players to this game because it's the only reason this game has made it that far.
  4. We list issues everyday and did list them, emailed, contacted em. You barely get response.
  5. So what is the point of this website and forums,when all we players bark & bark and no one seems to care. It's been 3 years and there has not been one update that fixed all issues, instead it made it worst. You expect from players to be online for hours and hours and spend money on something which will never improve. We message, even offer help with game since you guys can't seem to fix basic issues. Any game , the first thing it has is policy agreement posted, this game literally has none. Hundreds of good players just gave up and left this game hundreds leaving each day. Past year I quit once for 5months now 3 months hoping to come back to a better gameplay experience but all we get is disappointment. You guys can't seem fix server issues and I believe you guys literally have no idea what you all are doing. Maybe stop buying cheap servers or learn to code? Get experts instead of what you all have. We all are sick of barking to you guys while at end you all seem to do what you all want and even that isn't right. You guys should be ashamed of yourself that you expect players to play this very time consuming game and spend on it yet refused to do anything to atleast make the game play experience better. Now most of us loyal old players have given up and I hope everyone stops wasting time and especially money on this game. STOP taking advantage of your good loyal players. No wonder most of new players don't stick around. Most of you guys don't even reply to players concerns or bother to care. So why have all this, close it down if you can't even figure out the most basic things in gaming. It's not only about filling your pockets. In 3 freaking years not one bit of this crap is fixed. Same stupid issues that were there in 2015. If we sit and list the issues, issues do not end. No point of even trying to talk to you guys.
  6. List of suggestion that couldmake this game better. To all faithful players stop playing this. Stop wasting time on this when developers don't even care about a word you say. Stop wasting money on something they never fixed in past 3 years.
  7. These all transports are empty plus diplomacy requests never go away if you reject or accept.
  8. Well that's why you have an hour to react before you go hostile. Plus this will make people choose thier allies very carefully. What I see now is that people or top 2 leagues ally each other just to kill small leagues or most people just ally anyone. Giving this option will make players thibk twice before they ally everyone.
  9. Is it just me or anyone else also feels like you should be able to land in ally cities. What's the point of being an ally if you go to his city for help and then can't load or land. Also I'm pretty satisfied with new blitzkrieg mod but I think in one of the mods league players limit should be changed from 20 to lower maybe 10 or 5. Playing same thing again and again it gets boring and having less league players in atleast one of the maps will give new players a chance to fight against others.
  10. Hey guys so Two issues we are facing for now from new update are: 1) Transport planes like Gigs or others are showing loaded troops in them even after emptying. They don't go away and it's very annoying. 2) Diplomacy request never go away even after you decline or accept them. That's been like this even before the new update. 3) The building in your city are dissapering but only few people have reported it like 2 to 3 so if anyone else facing this issue please confirm in this post. This issue has been reported to me from over 20 players plus I been also facing these two issues. Like always I confirmed these issues before reporting to make sure it's not only few people? It's affecting most us. Thank you.
  11. OK so after the update here are the issues many players are facing. I did confirm the issues with other players. One is that when you load troops in bases they don't show you load time unless you click on it. Second all buildings not displaying build info unless u click on it. And Lc disappearinglike someone dropped a NUKE on it. This is annoying.
  12. OK so after the update here are the issues many players are facing. I did confirm the issues with other players. One is that when you load troops in bases they don't show you load time unless you click on it. Second all buildings are not displaying build info unless u click on it. Idk if that's part of update but isn't a good idea. And Lc disappearinglike someone dropped a NUKE on it. This is annoying.
  13. The headquarters under Siege
  14. I Have created a group called "worldwarfaree" on kik app. Any kik users are welcome to join and share your thoughts and ideas with other members from all over the world. You can get to know each other better and even get help and suggestions on game. After all this game requires communication.
  15. Man you guys giving me same question again and again. Like I said I would never post this here if I was never 100% sure and have no testes this issue. Our transports never got attacked and logs shows that all resources were delivered. Yet there are no resources. I tested this issue not once but many times. I sat and sent transports and watched over em whole time when it flew and landed in the lc. There's many people with that issue not only me or my league players. I asked others too. They said they had this issue.
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