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  1. BWAR

    Error messages

    they've never had sound so I'm confused by what your talking about, maybe go to settings and check all your audio settings and make sure that they are all working correctly, and then go into your own personal settings and check all of them.
  2. BWAR

    Error messages

    What do you mean by messages? Do you mean the notifications for if your under attack or something like that? And do you mean while in game notifications or outside of the game notifications/messages.
  3. BWAR


    What about other subs too?
  4. BWAR

    Statistics explained

    Every time you finish a map, you'll get a "Rating Grade", which goes off of your final score at the end of the map, and your ranking at the end of the map, I don't know the exact details for each one, but that's a simple overview of them, they really just say how well you did in past maps.
  5. BWAR

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I think that the first idea is an incredible idea, not so sure about the second one but I for sure would get involved in the first one as I’ve had many ideas and many have been sent in but none have been accepted, but I think this’ll work very well actually, good thinking Grape. BWAR
  6. BWAR

    Christmas Moments

  7. BWAR

    New Stuff for Christmas

    Not for me in anyways, even when I have different devices trying to do the same task, it’ll lag, map will literally not render in, I have to restart every hour for 5 minutes of smooth gameplay.
  8. BWAR

    Lost guest account when reinstalled?

    You can't get guest accounts back as they weren't binded to anything, as in FaceBook and GameCenter, they won't be able to recover your account, it happened to me as well, lost around 300 hours worth of work, and the was explained to by a dev of what I did wrong, safest bet is connect your new account to facebook or gamecenter as soon as possible as to not lose that account.
  9. BWAR

    New Stuff for Christmas

    Ok hold up, so out of all things that your adding, it's skins for howitzers and anti tanks, and a few new medals, I don' t know how long it's been sense the last update but I feel like you've had enough time to be dropping something huge, like oh geez I don't know, the lag, yes the skins look cool but especially after a huge break I'd think we'd be getting more.
  10. BWAR


    If you'd have actually watched it at all, they aren't automatically dropped onto the city, they are drawn over, anyone can do this, I've done it, you just need to learn how to do it is the only thing, no point in complaining, I'm not gonna say how because it isn't a difficult thing to learn.
  11. BWAR

    New maps/gamemodes

    This seems like a good idea in theory but the game is built around team play, and having a competitive team with you. There has always been a risk and reward of running solo, and the game isn't gonna influence more players to run solo, as it makes no sense. The game is built around getting a league, training together and capturing an entire map, this just would change to much and completely negate the fact that running solo should be a concern and you have a better chance of winning with your league. BWAR, Fluffy FTW
  12. BWAR

    The New WorldWarfare

    So, Over the past couple months now I have seen some things that at first seemed like an ok idea, and that it would help the game, the devs were actually attempting to change the game for the better, and as per usual, it messed the game up even more, the thing I'm obviously speaking of is the new 2X speed in maps. Devs, if you are reading this, change it now, your gonna kill your game and your not gonna get it back. You are feeding the non competitive players who don't spend (I know I don't but for other reasons) and making the people who do spend angry. The point of officers or generals or whatever you wish to call them today, was to get the better unit, get that extra edge in the game, but now with these speed boost to map its completely screwed up the very thin line of perfection that this game was working towards, other then the lag this game was in my opinion, one of the most strategic mobile strategy MMO WW2 games, and now at this point with all the updates that have been for better or for much much much worse, It's just not anymore. Along with everything I just spoke of, another issue is the games damage recognition timing now, sense the 2X speed is the norm for maps now, the damage calculation system has been messed up, YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE DAMAGE CALCULATION SYSTEM IF YOU CHANGE THE SPEED OF THE GAME. Devs we have messaged you over contact us, I have seen tons of other threads posted about this topic and nothing has been changed, when will you come to your senses and realize that this isn't what the players want, or more importantly to all of you, your customers. Trust me you will wanna change this with either changing it back to the original speed and tell everyone to stuff it, or change the damage calculation system to fix what is already wrong, please. BWAR, Fluffy FTW
  13. BWAR

    Twitch Channel for Game

    Agreed lag could be an issue, but personally I’ve always noticed how if I personally don’t have units there, it doesn’t lag for me, so if you allied both sides or neutral one and ally the other to tell them apart, then that would be an amazing idea.
  14. BWAR

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    so the troops would auto pilot themselves to a city?
  15. This topic is gonna be opened just so that we can all speak about current glitches and also certain aspects of the game that need to change. This topic isn't meant to be a rant/complaining area, if you want that, go in game and cry. This topic is gonna be open so we can all speak our minds about anything and everything such as tournaments/glitches/game development/notes of certain troops/aspects of the game.
  16. BWAR

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    The reason this isn't in the game is because being able to land at an allies city would be ridiculous and overpowered for leagues that ally every single person in the map. Leagues with sister leagues for example that have like two sister/brother leagues would benefit from this and would more or less break the game. Allies are already over powered as they are being able to supply tactics to other allies.
  17. so the que issue I don't know much about, but from what I can tell they've taken it out for now and are doing some work on it which is what I think I have seen on another forum page. For the "Target building should be a ruin" can you describe what you mean by this as I am confused of what your meaning. The 'Parameter error" has been an on going glitch in the WorldWarfare community which the devs are working on fixing day in and day out because I myself have spoken to them about it because i've been affected by it as well. Something that can help all this improve quicker is you taking screenshots of the issues when they happen and posting them here and sending them to the devs through the contact us button on the main screen.
  18. Alright, thanks for the information @MkV
  19. BWAR

    Planes and Allied cities

    The reason that the game devs aren't gonna allow us to land at allies cities is because of the mass amount of sister leagues that are being used by most to all leagues. Allowing allies to land at other allies cities would be a terrible addition to this game and would ruin it personally for myself.
  20. Is there any exact info you can give on this topic to help change this, like photos, exactly what's happening, what transports this is happening to, like is this all carrier like troops or just gigs and other flying transports, or does this include the transport ship or the carrier?
  21. BWAR

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    What would you have damage output be on the subs is the question, superior damage to the battleship/carriers and also, how long would fuel be for the subs. Also, there are a few glitch spots that I myself have gotten stuck in, and seen pictures of players losing 10+ stugs to these spots just to go and get a resource zone, then they either have to let them die to rebels or have them starve to death because they are still in the troop cap. something they could add is maybe a new mode out for like 2 weeks or so, smaller map and no lc troops, just pure tanks and bombers pounding it out, or maybe even a tank only field, with the acception of scouts that is, it would have the same style of cup, just no LC troops would be added and a larger map, this would also maybe help with frame rate issues and lag issues, I know myself and SelfishFran had a tank only fight about 3 months ago, and there was little to know lag, we would add a new person to the fight after every fight, and would soon have a 5v5 going with no lag what so ever, I believe some of the lag comes from the animation of the M40 and the look of the splash, just a theory.
  22. BWAR

    League teams

    So there is a new glitch/bug out that I have reported through contact us, (which Ronin kindly responded to). The glitch is, on the main league page when you go to battlefields, all of the fields sense the last update will not show up, which is making it hard to get into a map with your league or just a friend.
  23. BWAR

    Maintenance and Update-Mar. 27th

    What type of chat fixes are you making, anything specific like them disappearing, or old chats from hours to days re appearing?