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World Warfare
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  1. InHaLe

    Christmas Moments

    and the one who has this medal can get other medals that have been in past years? Christmas 2 for example
  2. InHaLe

    Christmas Moments

    Russian Christmas InHaLe
  3. InHaLe

    New Stuff for Christmas

    These skins were already in the game for Christmas. they are simply removed and put back, and you are naive as children
  4. InHaLe

    New Stuff for Christmas

    is that all? ahahahahaha
  5. InHaLe

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Remove from the game - shields on ordinary maps (leave expensive shields for 8 hours) and remove diamonds and ametis in the cup. Then the game will flourish!
  6. InHaLe

    Halloween Moments

    Halloween in Russia! InHaLe
  7. InHaLe

    Map Rotation

    I agree. But I'll tell you a secret. They did not create the game themselves. they hire a company or a programmer and they write updates to them. They do not create the game code and do not understand it
  8. InHaLe

    Map Rotation

    I answered the topic. what is the problem? if you do not like me personally, this is your problem. The problem is that you are blind. You do not see the real thing. do you really think that you will improve the game? Players return? New players will come? Yes, they are after the last changes, generally will not be remembered about the game. You are trying to change what worked always, do not offer anything new! Where are your ideas? there is none of them. I offered and will offer new ideas. I will not change what has always worked. in particular the speed, the number of players in the team, the voting and the time spent on the field. This is nonsense. This attempt at least to do something, but do not actually do anything. Your messages are even more uninformative than yourself. Oh yeah I forgot you do nothing else like commenting on me. Your primary account is so bad that you are ashamed to play it.
  9. InHaLe

    Map Rotation

    The problem is that the battlefields do not fill up normally, because there are no players. Players leave this game, and the actions of developers exacerbate the situation. price increases in the regions where there is no dollar and reduce the players in the team. show that profits are falling and the players do not have, and they go off their game. I talked about this, I warned, but the path is almost not reversible
  10. InHaLe

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    going to personal dislike first, you already lost. you can not say anything on the merits. Then do not show up on the forum. You yourself have compromised yourself). And not one of my words, did not give a decent answer. You even lowered my reputation, just because of the fact that you are wrong. I do not allow myself this
  11. InHaLe

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    with the help of a proxy to change the phone number of the mobile operator? I will laugh a long time from this. you do not invent to me, I know how to circumvent these prohibitions. No need to reproach me with accounts, okay? we solve the problem of the game, and the main problem is the accounts. You are all against the struggle with accounts, just because you are not profitable. I did not use accounts to disrupt the mechanics of the game. The Chinese used 7-8 leagues for many seasons and you are silent. How they won this season, too, many know. And you tell me about accounts? I can list all the leagues that abuse accounts by breaking the mechanics of the game. I suggested an option that will work, the option outlined in the topic will not work I can not listen to your nonsense. You open your mouth only for personal reasons. You are also disgusting to me, since you are also part of those players who use accounts. Are you afraid of losing your strength? ahahahhahh You are helpless without alliances and accounts
  12. InHaLe

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    because for 6 hours of play, playing in parallel on them, you can break the mechanics. And fly on 15 bombers
  13. InHaLe

    Islands of War

    I appeal to the developers! On what basis do you change the speed and voting on the map of the island of war? Why do not you ask our opinion? Why do you break the mechanics of the map? This is lawlessness! You spoil the game! RETURN BACK! If this continues the changes in the game in the bad side, I and many will go out of the game
  14. InHaLe

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I, too, will be happy if you remain to be very stupid animals, like most people on earth. flock of blunt rams P.S: MKV, thought you're not a flock like them ...
  15. InHaLe

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    ???I will not comment, the sense of zero. I will laugh every time you tell me about the experience of players and their skills. And it works against such noobs as you, and such in the game 90%???