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World Warfare
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  1. I agree 100%. We should reduce the amount of players to 5 players in one map instead of 20. That way it is balanced amongst all players. Maybe not global map, but a new map that will have this feature. Battle of the bay has a 6 v 6 map. However that map is a league vs league type. There should be a battle royal map where 100 players go at it at each other until there is one player left.
  2. This would only work if there is other camouflage added with looks instead of added features. Would be great to move around with desert camouflage while the enemy has red, or blue, or even a green tiger. Love to see more colors added than features. Plus another thing why just tiger? I like to see some other color texture like green for US tanks, or white for soviets, blue and gray for Germans. Etc
  3. Gen Moo Moo POV of the monument ceremony
  4. Bastion POV close look up at the monument
  5. Close look at the LC.
  6. Another LC ceremony for nearby players that could not make it to monument
  7. Close look at the monument ceremony
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