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World Warfare
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  1. In your profile is page with statistics S+, S, A,B and so on. And, how many times you achieved it. What do they mean. Where can we go to get an explanation.
  2. What if a player could decide what the turret targets. Turrets always seem to have an order to whast they target and will switch to something that is a preferred target over something it almost destroyed. What if you could press the turrets and chose attack and select a target just like tanks and planes.
  3. Maybe it should be 4 hours to switch leagues, but 2 hours to go from no league to joining a league. What about non-league battlefields. Anyone from a league can play, but only one league member per field. That would create more alliances and help teach new players how to communicate and fight, because they will be in the game longer. Bf's with huge leagues are not fun if your league is small or you arent in a league.
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