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World Warfare
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  1. Thanks Im in now. But my bombers crashed because of no fuel and I was 3 minutes asay fron losing all of my full transports and had to use last of my tactics to resupply them..
  2. There are always rewards for maintence and esp since its late, there will be a little extra I assume. Also guys there is no reason to bash the devs. They are losing money every hour its down, I assure you they know that... Bashing them will only irk them and not help any of us. Gotta show respect to earn respect vice versa etc.. The best we can do is voice our suggestions/opinions and hope they listen. They know chat is screwed up, they fixed some of it but still issues. Its nothing something they can fix with a snap of a finger, they dont have a boatload of devs/coders etc like other games that you see on TV. Just please listen to our suggestions devs. I am making a detailed post later this week about the game and hope yall will read it. Again please give us a warning... Have something popup in middle in screen or chatroom so we can all see it no matter which chat we are looking at(bottom left corner I mean even). give us a day atleast warning... Not a 30-40min warning. Thanks for adding the daily bonus, cant wait for the goodies. Also can we get the special discounts extended an extra day for this?? and hope we get a update if not brought online soon.
  3. How long though? Like I had air and stuff out... I was just about to attack someone, all my stuff is in open next to enemy cap.. and so is a few transports full... Please tell me the game is on pause, right? Seriously though a day warning for updates is the norm for most games, hell many do a week in advance. Just wanna know a good appox. like we talking another 30m to hour ? Im tired of hitting retry because Im not trying to lose my troops.. Its late need sleep .
  4. The tactic Wartime Economy has to be broken. I have used it over a dozen times past two days of playing on City/Cap/Village. I hit (!) at the building/farm(s) that I use it on , and it shows no extra growth. I see the tactic ticking down ontop of the building info screen, but no where gives me extra bonus. I still make 1,800/hr even with Wartime Economy ticking, and also the Population Growth:/Fortune Growth: section are blank. Is this bugged or am I missing something? No where does it show me extra fortune gain so I am confused what the heck is the point of it, if it doesnt even work..
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