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World Warfare
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  1. AwesomeWinner from StrongFree Overal decent map. Exciting idea to promote naval but map size could be increased as well as naval troops speed buffed to decrease the super op mega plane strategy. Lots of players have been saying to add more resources, would definitely agree. The first couple days of all my bfs it was really difficult to get steel and cash especially since production was so bad. Would also like fairer city spawns because some cities were connected to other cities and resources, but some cities were islands and people couldn’t expand until they had naval boats, which is impossible without oil. Would also like to see a building or land troop that can counter battleships. Especially huge battleships armies (20+). I was attacked by one of these and it was nearly impossible to kill, especially with the supporting cruisers defending off planes
  2. Also, when it is loading these often pop up.
  3. When I log onto my WW, it load fine, and I'm taken to the main screen as normal (sometimes it doesn't load when I'm trying to enter the game). But, when I do things like click on the league symbol in the top right, try to read my mail or try to collect my daily bonus, it just loads, and doesn't stop. When it does this, the game freezes and you can't go back to the main screen or go anywhere. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but it doesn't help. I hope you can get this fixed.
  4. I think that Heinz Guderian should be added. He was best known for a being a very good German tank commander during 1939-1940. He participated in the invasion of Poland and was entrusted with the invasion of France. Since he was most well know for commanding tanks, he should give a bonus to tanks. -Plus SPD -Plus Defence -Plus Attack -Plus Sight My in-game name is AwesomeWinner77
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