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World Warfare
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  1. So just got out of a island game. Loved it except for he fact of bubble/shield abuse. One player was very quick in accomplishing the task of getting the center city. Then he popped the shield bubble and stacked the shield for 5, yes FIVE days straight. If it wasnt for the fact my team capitalized on a mistake. There was no cool down. He would pop a 2 hr shield then in 1 hour add an 8hr shield then 8 hrs latter add more and more shields so it never came down. NEVER. There was another league of players in the field that had cities that keep their shields bubbled for two and three days solid. Thats not right. Allowing players to stack shields for days at a time. If they add time to an existing shield then reduce the time of the added by half. Something like you pop a 2 hr shield. Then you add a 2 hr shield, the game would only give you 1 additional hr because the shield exists. If you add another 2 hr shield, it would ouly ad 30 min because of the 2 previous existing shields. Have the given value diminish over use. You do this with the commercial center and the use of reset tickets. Every time you reset the commercial center the amount of tickets double the next time you use them. Do something...... Or if you have an 8 hr shield the cool down would be 1/8 of the time the shield was up. An 8 hr shield would have an 1hr cool down. an 2 hr would have 15 min cool down. it is very hard to play if more than 25% of the map is shield bubbles. how about an award of Bubble Boy for the most hours a user (not player, because they are not playing if always under a bubble) is under the protection of a bubble. i do under stand there are uses for bubbles. When you need to sleep. Your a one man league. You have a family emergency and cant play. But..... being under the bubble is not playing and it stops others who want to play. DEV’s Give us a Christmas present of bubble cool down between uses. You have cool down on some Tactics. Why not on bubbles/shields. Thank you
  2. I have a few to suggest and a way to use them. let me start with the generals credit for quotes:http://topyaps.com/top-10-famous-presidents-of-america I did not make the descriptions of the generals myself. Just how they can be used. Dwight D. Eisenhower: An essential cornerstone of the World war 2, General D. Eisenhower was the supreme commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, who played a major role in washing away the Nazi Germany. After the end of World War 2, he was elected as the first supreme commander of NATO and Dwight D. Eisenhower – Eisenhower entered WWII as an assistant to senior officers such as MacArthur and Patton. He proved his value as a commander during the North Africa Campaign. Afterwards, Eisenhower was appointed by President Roosevelt as the commander of SHAEF - Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force – command headquarters for Allied forces in northwest Europe.later became the 34th President of the United States of America. After living a prestigious and esteemed life, this prominent figure of war and politics finally departed to heaven on March 28, 1969. High Dollar general because he will increase the value of TWO other generals Dwight D. Eisenhower must be used with Omar Bradly And Douglas Macarthur or Isoroku Yamamoto And George Patton or Bernard Montgomery or Erwin Rommel provides extra percentage enhancement the carrier / Tank generals / Infantry increasing what the two have by a bit. MUST HAVE Bradly AND a carrier general AND a tank general =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Should be higher than the $9.99 general but not as High as Eisenhower Omar Bradley:: Widely known for his polite and courteous nature, Omar Bradely was a notable American General of World War 2 who significantly contributed in Normandy Landing as well as in the Battle of Bulge. From childhood, he had a great passion in baseball, books and shooting. In mainstream General Omar Bradley – Previously an instructor at an infantry school, Bradley entered WWII under the command of General George Patton – only to later become Patton’s boss. At the time of the Normandy Landing, Bradley commanded all of the US ground forces in WWII. Commanding a total of 43 divisions – totaling 1.3 million men – it was the largest US troop command ever under a single US field commander.American media, Omar Bradely has been characterized as a gentleman General who never demonstrated his power and authoritative abilities on officers and soldiers working under his leadership. He departed our dimension on April 8, 1991, in New York City. Omar Bradley strength to Infantrymen / (allow Jeeps to capture?) durability shooting distance visibility Speed food ammo gas provides extra percentage enhancement to Patton / Montgomery / Rommel / Isoroku Yamamoto / Douglas MacArthur when used with Patton / Montgomery / Rommel / Isoroku Yamamoto / Douglas MacArthur. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Isoroku Yamamoto: Best known for being the mastermind behind the Pearl Harbor attack, Isoroku Yamamoto was an eminent Naval Marshal General of Japan who introduced some radical changes in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Born on April 4, 1884, in Niigata, Japan, Isoroku Yamamoto completed his graduation from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in 1904 and was also enrolled in Harvard University where he studied from 1919 to 1921. He died on April 18, 1943, when his aircraft crashed in an ambush by American fighter planes. Douglas MacArthur: Douglas MacArthur was a notable warrior who played a striking role in Pacific War during the World war 2 which further climaxed in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing, thus compelling Japan to surrender. For his outstanding service in Philippines Campaign, General MacArthur was awarded the Medal of Honor. Apart from serving as the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he had also served as the Military Advisor to the Commonwealth Government of Philippines. MacArthur was reinstated in the military just before the Pacific war began. After he was unable to stop the Japanese from taking possession of the Philippines, he stood on his promise to return. In 1945, he did just that and presided over the Japanese surrender. Due in part to MacArthur’s strategies, casualties under his command were relatively low. Isoroku Yamamoto / Douglas MacArthur each one slightly different between them what one has strength the other has weakness. small aircraft carrier enhancement carry capacity for m24 Bombers only m24 bomber enhancement enhance both small aircraft carrier and M24 bombers durability shooting distance visibility Speed food ammo gas receives extra enhancement when used with Bradley / Eisenhower. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Bernard Montgomery: Best known by his nickname “Spartan General,” Bernard Montgomery was an eminent officer of British Army, who just not only participated in the World War 1, but also played a significant role in World War 2, ensuring the victory of his 8th Army against the Allies in 1942. General Montgomery was the person, who, on May 4, 1945, accepted the surrender of German forces at Luneburg Heath. Winner of several prestigious awards, Montgomery took his last breath on March 24, 1976, at his home in Hampshire. Bernard Montgomery / George Patton each one slightly different between them what one has strength the other has weakness. Tanks similar to George Patton durability shooting distance visibility Speed food ammo gas receives extra enhancement when used with Bradley / Eisenhower. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Erwin Rommel: Respected by both his own troops and opponents for being a generous officer, Erwin Rommel was a German Field Marshal during World War 2 who commanded the German forces fighting against the Allied Forces during Normandy invasion. Counted among one of the most experienced commanders of desert warfare, General Rommel was popularly known by his nickname “Desert Fox”. Throughout service, he was never accused of war crimes, and furthermore, he was against to kill captured soldiers or civilians. Erwin Rommel Tanks Mice / stugs increase against buildings. durability shooting distance visibility Speed food ammo gas receives extra enhancement when used with Bradley / Eisenhower. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I still need to figure out someone for Anti Air. I cant get them all in the first try. Just my thoughts on using generals singularly and in combinations with others. Please don't price them all excessively. Beginning players needs to afford them too. Peg.
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