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World Warfare
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  1. Ok sounds good lets see how it works
  2. How can i become the special medals from "Forum" ?
  3. Hello. I would like to have the possibility of bringing my army into a certain form. Square. Circle. Triangle. Far apart. Close to each other.
  4. Yes so true ! And the loading problem in league cities with gigantos planes in combi with the officer... u cant load all troops into your gigs...
  5. Boandalin

    Creative Video

    Thx ! Hahaha btl 433 is nice too ! Was funny to watch ;D I have more videos ... but is not for puplic... write me in game ( GenoCide ) and i send u a direkt link
  6. Boandalin

    Creative Video

    Hey write me in game/ my name in game is "GenoCide" I am not so many times here in the forum... and we can talk about it
  7. Boandalin

    Creative Video

    Niviru VS SpartanElite 1-3 BY GenoCide https://youtu.be/DM4u1g4dMhs https://youtu.be/YBi_xtGLe-8
  8. Here my video// new nick name is = GenoCide Angsthasen & LDX against God'z Island of war
  9. Boandalin

    Creative Video

    Hey here my video Angsthasen and LDX against God'z.... with my old nick name...
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