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  1. Not just shorten the game , all things would have to be adjusted , number of players , build times , etc.
  2. I agree with you MKV It is more complicated than field length only , but it is a first step.
  3. I understand where you are coming from yes you are right on a lot of your points and i agree with them, but if they did a 4 day adjusted the map , i think more would stay & play the entire map , as it is now 20 start after 3-4 days only have 10-12 still active or even still in it . It will not fix all problems but its worth a try , with me i have to take a break between maps or get burnt out. I know i would do a lot more maps if you had a choice , the other thing is now i have 8-10 maps on the go as members get tired of waiting 8 days to join a league map . So members are active but spread all over the place. You are right i see a lot of players quit do to not winning ,loss of city etc. I have a few ideas about new players as well as you are right they go up against experience players get killed fast ,leave the game. They need to have time to be trained , helped but can be a full time job helping them in a full map with experienced players. I try to help where i can but if there are in a map i am not in its almost impossible to help them much as you can not see the map or their set up. Having leaders & dep. Leaders able to see all maps that members are in would be able to help new players a lot , as you would be able to see & help them with advice . Thx Domm
  4. I agree with both Iggy 112 & Mk5 build times , numbers of players per map, etc would have to be changed but i think more players would play more often , if you had shorter maps , keep the 8 day map also , just give a choice in long run more $$$$ for game. When i play a map i put 110% into it average 80-100 hours per map , then have to take a week or more off to recoup & have time with family , i love this game do not warn to see it destroyed , but we are losing a lot of very good players due to time it takes to finish a map.
  5. Most my teams wives or girlfriends get pissed at them over this game at one time or another , yes family has to always come first. But we love this game , but it needs to work better for all players , as a lot of players have quit or just do not play much, do to the amount of time it takes out of their & family's life. I have a few other ideas that would help get & keep new players but waiting to see if anything is done or said about this idea first. Thanks Domm
  6. I was wondering the same thing ??????
  7. Chat working but very bad lag , sometimes cuts out
  8. Well Russell one of the biggest problems i see is players quitting because real life gets in the way , when i play i give it 110% , but i have to take breaks between maps as not to burn myself out . Having shorter maps would be a big help , i know i would play more maps if it was only 4 days , 8-10 days just to much for a lot of players . My wife gets pissed at me when on for 8 days straight , sure she is not the only one ....lol. With school , work , family etc. Gets hard to stay on for that long , we always seem to have one or two , quit or get kicked for not being active. Thanks Domm
  9. I Agee with a lot of what Saladin is saying , i just set up a new post under Different Map Lengths , would like to see what other players think about it. Also StrongFree is more than willing to train new players ,
  10. I think if we had different maps, 4 , 6 , 8 day maps we would get more players to play the game & to stay with the game . As a lot of players just do not have the time to put in 8-10 days to play , also a lot of players quit or are not active for full maps as real life gets in the way. I think you could get more players to join this game & players that are already here play more if you made adjustments that would allow players to pick how long they have the time to play. Just my thoughts would like to hear what other players think. Thanks Domm , StrongFree
  11. Your not alone Sunsy my chat not working at all ether
  12. My chat been out since update as well , everthing else is working but NO CHAT
  13. Himmler , head of the SS , not a good choice for an officer He was murder, responsible for the holocaust murdered over 6 million people
  14. officers

    Nice posting Diva ,you may have something here
  15. I have no chat so i can not even enter a map , been waiting over 12 hour chat still not working And yes the single officers should be available from the main screen , if you are not in a map for 7 days your are out of luck