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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. What is R & D adjustment

    Thanks MkV
  2. What is R & D adjustment

    Yes I have the same Question as KingCB has about that R&D Adjustment Pack , time running out would like to know what it Does . Thank you
  3. Smaller league maps

    You need to be in a League and then they are produced in a League City
  4. List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    A shorten Blitz map to 4 days would be a big improvement, as 8 days just to long for Blitz map gets very boring at 8 days , last few days can be painfully slow.
  5. Maintenance & Update on December 21st

    Looks good what can AT attack now ?
  6. New Mode: Blitzkrieg!

    Good start but I still think a shorter map 4-5 days option would be a Big improvement as a lot of players just do not have the time for 8-10 days to play, plus sometimes very boring the last few days . A shorter map with fewer players & speed up of the map as per troops resources building times would more enjoyable for players & may help get a number of players that have quit to return to the game.
  7. New Update: Commandos

    I can not log in ether !!!
  8. Veterans Day Sale!

    Would be nice to be able to purchase some of these officers when NOT in a map . As i do not have time this week to do a map !!!!!

    Would be nice if i could purchase these or other officers without being in a map , as i would like to but do not want all 4 . Why is it we can not buy officers individually when NOT in a map ???? As i do not have the time due to work to be in maps a great deal of the time. Well I am on that subject a lot of players have the same problem , a shorter map would help a lot bring players back to the game as real life causing a problem for many players who just do not have the time for 8-10 day maps . There is a very large numbers of very good players who have the same problem who have ether quit the game or been inactive for long time. I think a shorter map would go a long way to fixing some of these problems as well as officers being available individually would gain you more profits. Thank you
  10. New Officers of July

    Still no answer to my question ?
  11. New Officers of July

    Why are we not able to buy officers by themself when not in a map , i would like to but an officer but notin a map right now & do not want the pack . Think we should be able to buy single officers when not in a map . Thx Domm
  12. LC Permissions?!

    I have solved the problem in my league , but you still need to be able to trust members to follow rules . I tried our new system in our last map it worked better than i though it would , but it only works if you have good loyal members . New members could be a problem to my system. With only recourse to kick them if they do not follow rules i set down .

    I have solved the problem we had with league city's at least in our league , troops missing , who sent what etc. . But do not want to post on here as its it helps our league greatly ,but you have to have good members that follow the rules . Tried it last map worked great .
  14. Not getting amethyst when claimed

    Yesrussell i have had the same problems , buy a 30 day pack have to open mail to get rid of red dot , then claim when needed, but some times do not get them . Also when get comp. for maint. Open it to get rid of dot but can not claim as i am full, then within a day it disapairs altogether. Never get the gems . Happen to 4-5 times now . At 2000 gems each adds up , plus all the comps. I have lost 6-7 of them 300 -500+ each . Thanks Domm
  15. Different Map Leagths

    Not just shorten the game , all things would have to be adjusted , number of players , build times , etc.