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World Warfare
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  1. Sunsy1

    Cant login

    Hay is there maintence or something going on me and some of my league mates were busy on isle and then the game crashes and we cant get onto the feild please fix this now...we were taking middle to
  2. In game name Sunsy msg me anytime im online ill help and i can work alongside player..(im in players) H
  3. Yea i agree with the kickibg thing ive seen people get kicked and killed immediately by there former league even tho the person was goibg to join a league close by that could help them out
  4. Guys seriously we cant find a match and it's annoying af
  5. Hey guys players has cued for sliver cup and still can find match so if youd maybey join please reply and do so
  6. Really it should only be gems u have earned not bought or sveryone is given gems for the tournement
  7. How do you think rhey make this game?what dose it cost,whi fuels the produtction of it? Us if no one bought anything the game would be non existanst
  8. Is there a way to see how long people in ur league have been offline ,my teams considering doing a spring cleaning of players we havent seen in a while,if theres not a way to see this please make this ,this will really help leagues stay organized deffinately if there large you dont need to have people who have quit in your alliance ,no. One tells u when they quit the game
  9. Sunsy1

    Balance Changes

    Lol thx snake just wonderd also hope to see u guys in a battle soon
  10. Sunsy1

    Balance Changes

    What dose it mean tho like why dose he do that
  11. Ong great id love to watch! So would u let epople send videos to u and u post them if there good? Cause that way we can get alot of game footage while u guys work to improve the game! LES GO MKV MY FREIND THAT WAS AMAZING! FOR THIS GAME THAT ACTUALLY IS REALLY COOL
  12. Sunsy1

    Balance Changes

    Well freaking said i get some things are a bit underpowerd (just the katuska to me) but the games well balanced besides the navy ands whats snakes $0.2?
  13. Guys imma say i have no authority nor respect or high rankings but yall need to just shut ur mouths and play the freaking game for what it is ..... a game and games are for......fun! So how about you go to a game rip eachothers throats out and have fun doing it okay? Thanks and i have no respect for anyone who used the sheild glitch entitionally but guy gemming had to be done if the gemmers didnt gem then the devs wouldnt have funds to make the game better then it would get boring then theyd abandon it and bye bye game ! So its a game what the heck who the hell cares ! Yea it makes u mad when u loose but wtf i dont care i stand right back up and take another punch and i will always keep playing Sincerly Sunsy of Players P.S. Yes i spent 20 mins reading this whole thing!
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