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World Warfare
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  1. I'm guessing one of them are the katyusha rocket launcher, and a jagtiger?
  2. I have done some of the things but never with bombers which cost me time :/
  3. Cathasach

    Couple of bugs

    This issue happens to me too. It deletes league chat messages after popping up for a few seconds and then the league chat becomes empty again. Also notifications won't show up in message tab.
  4. The aircraft carrier should only be able to build scout planes and have anti aircraft guns for defence against air units, also can carry fighter aircraft, bombers, and transport planes (but NOT with a load of troops in them). It can also refuel, rearm, upgrade, and repair planes depending on the carriers level from 1 to 5. Ex. -level 1 to 2 (refuel, rearm, and repair) ---[cannot make scout aircraft] -level 3 to 5 (refuel, rearm, upgrade, and repair)---[can make scout aircraft] Another suggestion is supply ships with a huge amount of resources packed from transport trucks coming from your city to your dock for your naval fleet that can supply ships with (ammo, food, and fuel) and supply ports that are not connected to your territory with building materials. supply ship-The higher the level, the more resources and building materials you can store. (no defensive weaponry)-----[ A radius around the ship should notify the range it can resupply ships and docks. Also have the privilege to turn on and off resupply]
  5. Will this katyusha be shooting it's rockets one after the other launches or like an artillery shooting once every few seconds? also will it be able to get into transport planes and will it be faster than artillery's kph?
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