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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Best Moments.

    WorldWarfare was introduced to me by my middle son WHITESHADOW. Being that we are already a gaming family... I decided to give it a go. I met SilverCrow, YankeeCharlie, David001, and Sunsy1 in my first field. David, Crow, and Yankee “Doodle” taught me perfect game play and how to win. Over time I made over 400 friends and well they had to put a cap on friends to 200 . I and Sunsy decided to make the “Saloon” a well known elite chat. Eventually the GM’s even joined it! As time went by for me irl, I had lots of personal issues at home raising teenagers and do to my M.S. health and severe PTSD... things got really bad. I suffered more and more from Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, social situations, I even let my Gaming Company “GriefPvP Pro-Gaming” and my Horse farm sit by the way side. I guess do to the social connections I had in the game... I was able to open a few conversations. By doing so... I was able to open a few friendships that inspired me to want to change my life, & the situation I was in. MrMinyMe12341, MasterCheifs, KingofGreeks, BigBullets, BlackIrish, USGrant, OfficerMaxim, RPGMan and a few others. Because of that I am healing more and more everyday, I have found the outgoing person I was so many years ago, and I have even been able to help others here in this game. I even helped create a awesome network of chats of different applications that are able to be used for Gameplay needs as well as social networking between friends, G M’s, and Admins. I realize It is just a game, but we are real, not NPCs like in most games.... I see it like the friends I have are no different than “Pen Pals” from long ago when there was no internet. I also have learned a lot from my enemies Thank you WorldWarfare. Its a NEW YEAR and for myself I will get stronger and I surely will not forget the inspiration so many have shed on my life here. Thank you DarkAngel, Shortfuse, Audamus, Mel64 (Hey cous...), Otemer, WarlordLogan, David001, USGrant, BigBullets, JOHNY BOY , EzE , Utelax34, BiGDRiSK, StoneColdCrazy (BlackIrish), RPGMan, IIIIIIII (BarCode), MrMinyMe12341, VOLMER and all the DRAGONS... ALL 3 LEAGUES. SHADOWDRAGON, WARDRAGON, DragonDivision. Thank you KingZeus, KingofGreeks, Xendetta, Resqu1, IKillyou2, MKV, RainDrop, Sunsy1, SIlentWolfz, Ratty66, and so many more. DISCORD: SporthorseDiva#1574 LINE: sporthorsediva www.shadowdragonclans.com
  2. Halloween Event!

    Shortfuse, KingofGreeks, Bullet4Breakfast, BigBullets, SportHorseDiva
  3. Halloween Event!

    SportHorseDiva , WHITESHADOW , CommanderBean Shadow Civil War uniform, I hand made, hat is authentic, same for canteen and Zouave sword bayonet. Beans rebel civil war boy clothing was hand made by me, hat is 30x beaver. Shadow’s “50s” outfit was Hot! Bean’s disguised as a Pokeman trainer “Blue Team”!
  4. Ongoing Chat Problems After Each Update/Red Dot Syndrome

    I have found the red dots that don't go away are directly related to me removing 2 or more Players form a group chat or adding multiple to a chat. It causes all the red dots to appear on all recently chatted chats and those dots do not go away unless you close the chat room and then close the app for so many minutes then reopen and click on each red dot and pause in that chat for a moment. Then the dots go away. (It also causes the #s to the chat rooms official #s of ppl to change sporadically until the red dot issues has stopped.)
  5. Independence Day Event

    I am in awe... of the ? I found in my own home town. COLONEL THOMAS SLEDGE. I took "CommanderBean" to see the parade and decided to seek a spot where many were not. I pulled up and out to my left I saw a shadow of a man in uninform. I wiped my eyes and looked again. I thought maybe I had played too much WorldWarfare. It was a man fully dressed standing in a saluted position staring forward at every single flag that passed him by. I stood there quietly noticing that some noticed and others did not... it was if he was not real. Like from another time, a whole another era. He persevered through the heat and the long stance... saluting all that went by. The ones who noticed... were in disbelief and you can see how they removed their hats and placed them on their chest... one man stopped the parade hopped out of his corvette stood at attention... shouted something said in the military and saluted him... "it was silent" for 1 min. He hopped back in his car and the parade continued. This colonel stood the entire time... then children began to walk up to him and hug him and I went over and shook his hand and with tears I said "thank you so much!" He stood with a smile...you could see the history in his eyes. When he told me he was a bomber in WW2, he also fought Korea, and Vietnam... I could not believe my eyes. See... all my family who fought those wars are long gone... but this 1 man is still standing here... he appeared so young for being so old. I began to tell him my families history of how my grandpa was born 1897 and retired as a MP from the army, that his father was born 1846 (my great grandfather) whom fought in the Civil War as CSA at age 14. He looked at me and said "you must know so much." I then said that I hope to see him again.... later I researched an article and the man is over 95 years old. He bought his home where he stood, when he retired from the air force... he strategically bought the home directly across from the base where the "Birth of the USAF" became. There is a Statue with the Airforce Jets on it... where he can peer out his window everyday and see this. This man... this Colonel... I am sure has so many stories... how can I ever hear them all. My game name is SportHorseDiva and the man is Colonel Thomas Sledge. http://www.texascity-library.org/wwii/interviews/pdf/sledge_thomas_transcript.pdf
  6. I am putting this here because I am a advocate for SAFETY against Online Bullying and Predator Fishing in the gaming community. Kids today are extremely impressionable by electronics. Electronics, games, social gaming, social chats and face calling is becoming a household staple. Do to this it makes it even more important to protect yourself and or your children from the predators, bully's, the obsessed, & unfortunately the seriously mentally ill people whom lurk online. Gaming although fun can invite in these people and unfortunately sometimes these situations do not end well. If anyone feels they are being harassed, controlled, or "groomed" online or in a game...remember "its a game" and its not worth it. Report it! What do you have to loose? Even if its confusing and your not sure. Its always better to be safe vs. something more serious as a end result. IMPORTANT to READ: Online safety & how predators prey Online Gaming Safety Addiction Predators101 1) Predators actively target their prey & are active and generally outgoing. 2) "grooming" is the process used to gain your trust. They will carry on conversations in order to establish a connection. It may carry on anywhere from a couple days to months. 3) eventually the predator will ask personal details to meet or a point of contact: ex. IMessage, kik, skype, etc... and can then gain further access, or ask for a In-person meeting. 4) beware of "effusive flattery". Ex. A predator might comment on a pic of you... saying something flattering about it or they may shower you with gifts (online). 5) suspicious behavior: ex. Putting out your conversations to open chat or friends giving out personal details in order to cause fear or embarrassment. Or asking for personal details...i.e.....chat #'s. iMessage, Skype, Snapchat, facebook... etc.... (Further explanation.) 14 yr old murdered by gaming buddy Games are fun...Social games are even more fun! They are the games of the future and create competitive environments. Just keep it in perspective and know how to identify predators and how to keep yourself safe online. NOTE: I am in no way accusing any one person/gamer with any information I have posted here. This is just information provided for you to view and make your own conclusions. If you feel you may be a victim of a cyber predator or any other type of online harassment, report it! WorldWarFare is a awesome social game and it is wonderful to see all the efforts made to continually add new things and adjustments to the game to make it even better. The staff is amazing!
  7. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

    Red Army
  8. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

    Maureen Adele Chase Dunlop de Popp (26 October 1920 – 29 May 2012), née Dunlop, was an Anglo-Argentine pilot who flew for the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during World War II, and became notable as a pin-up on the cover of the Picture Post magazine. Maureen was a Spitfire pilot. Plane below is Spitfire gals.
  9. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

    Please verify any Pics that have wrong names. Rosie the Riveter!
  10. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

  11. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

    Please incorporate HitGirls Lnks of these woman in this post. Like the best of them and then add their summary. Double check my woman pics with the info as one is showing a different name so just wnat to be verified.
  12. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

  13. Women Officers & Generals (Specials/Packs)

  14. Niviru vs. GoodOlBoys

  15. What armament would YOU like to see in the game?

    My son WhiteShadow has some great ideas: U-Boat Yamato "Japanese armorment" African Campaign Pacific Campaign