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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Red Army
  2. Maureen Adele Chase Dunlop de Popp (26 October 1920 – 29 May 2012), née Dunlop, was an Anglo-Argentine pilot who flew for the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during World War II, and became notable as a pin-up on the cover of the Picture Post magazine. Maureen was a Spitfire pilot. Plane below is Spitfire gals.
  3. Please verify any Pics that have wrong names. Rosie the Riveter!
  5. officers

    Please incorporate HitGirls Lnks of these woman in this post. Like the best of them and then add their summary. Double check my woman pics with the info as one is showing a different name so just wnat to be verified.
  6. officers

  7. officers

  8. My son WhiteShadow has some great ideas: U-Boat Yamato "Japanese armorment" African Campaign Pacific Campaign
  9. Submarines are a must.
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  13. Gemming or excessive Diamond Use Excessive Gemming (Diamond use) seems to be a problem with bigger leagues. It seems to offset the balance significantly between NON-career players and the Top League Players. Gaming is a big business and brings big money, however when balance issues start to show between the average gamer and the Career Gamer... then theres a problem. The average gamer usually is the sustainer of the game economy and the advertiser... the Career Gamer is the Big Pockets but usually short lived. In my opinion.... excessive Gemming of shields for P2P abilities/gains is not well accepted with the avg. gamer community...although its Big Money for the receiveing end. It would be nice to see a 1 time option of a Free Shield per game or earned per so many BF's (or points) for all players to avoid P2P animosity. If a CAP limit (cooldown) could be placed on gemming per BF or CUP. (Ex: BF =cap could be 1000 diamonds/10,000 amethyst per a specified time limit and it will reset @ that point) (Ex: CUP =a set CAP on Diamonds 2000/10k amethyst per 24hrs or per ENTIRE CUP. Maybe a complete limit of 1000 Diamonds and a amethyst cooldown...period.) This would better balance the NON-P2P avg. gamer vs. the P2P career gamer. For players with special Officers/Generals: maybe it could be possible that the Gem/Diamond rule be offset by the use of those in CUP/BF. (Ex: you use a special General then the cap on amethyst is set lower or the Diamond cap is set at a 24 hr cooldown or set at a lower Cap, too.) This could balance the double whammy on P2P issues. Shields: in CUPs dont allow shields last 48 hrs of the game, in BF allow them at a limit of 1 free and up to 2 shields through the game play time. Gaming is Big Business but the little guy matters too.... the avg. gamer is the one who is the most important to the business.
  14. Son WhiteShadow downloaded it when it was "New". Just recently I offered to play it for him while he was studying and enjoyed it. Now all my sons play it.