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World Warfare
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    Is it possible to log into the same account on different IOS devices? Thanks
  2. #1 The worst thing about war 2 victory was that it was pay-to-win. It started off fine, but slowly moved towards pay-to-win. I really hope this game does not do that because in war 2 victory you had to pay lots of money to do well, even if you payed a little money, you would still not do well. #2 The team that worked on w2v (I saw you saying that you are a different team than the people for w2v) basically abandoned the game. They stopped working on it and we didn't have any more events and they didn't fix up the game at all. They didn't fix any bugs and the game still ran slow and had crashes, but they did reskin it instead, which did not help the speed or crashes. I hope that doesn't happen with this game at all, as long as there are still players. #3 (Basically an add on to #1). w2v has a lot of over powered things that you need to do well (i.e. the best heroes, gear, badges, etc.) most of which you needed to spend a lot of money. and over powered troops that only certain people can get (mostly, again, money), like the ultra troops and normal troops cannot compete with at all. The above things are the worst things that w2v did wrong, I hope that you take it into consideration and try to avoid them. It's, in my opinion, why I don't like w2v in the recent months, years. It was best years ago before all of the ultra and heroes and anything over powered.
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