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World Warfare
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  1. Happy international women’s day. To all the strong women out there have a good day. Ill be spending it by taking a girl I been to see a movie tonight. In game name KingOfGreeks league The Family Lmfao shopping with your wife da would be a good time for you also
  2. The tactics straight out of the pc version! So nothing new at all. Will increase lag and chats will crash when it’s over a typical joy killer update.
  3. Hello for GODz Dynasty distribution of 24k diamonds 240k gold KingOfGreeks, 6,000 diamonds and 60,000 gold Irishmen1014,3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold IronWolfe,3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold KingBreak,3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Lionheart,3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold WJR, 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold MacArthur1453 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold
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