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World Warfare
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  1. Villages and cities are different. I support capturing villages to damage/destroy trains.
  2. Alright, with the confirmation of global war coming back, and the lovely waterways which it contains, I am moving to begin the brainstorming for a Submarine unit. Below are my ideas of making it useful, yet not OP. 1. Submarine Basic Strengths 1.1 The sub will utilize torpedoes as weapons which can be fired when submerged or surfaced. 1.2 The sub can only be attacked by a unit which drops depth charges or torpedoes (more to come below). 1.3 The sub is visible to all when surfaced; transparent to owner and allies when submerged. Yes, this means the sub will be stealth when underwater. 1.4 The sub shall have great vision when submerged (sonar) and shall have a moderate engagement distance. 1.5 the sub should have a strong attack against ships, rivaling or surpassing that of the destroyer. 1.6 the sub shall be unlocked after the cruiser, yet before the battleship. 1.7 the sub shall have extended range capabilities as it is meant to operate underwater for long periods of time. 2. Submarine Basic Weaknesses 2.1 the sub shall be vulnerable to bombers, yet extremely vulnerable to torpedoes and depth charges. 2.1.1 the Destroyer and Submarine shall be the only units capable of firing torpedoes. 2.1.2 the Cruiser shall deploy depth charges aft of the ship to combat the submarine. 2.2 the sub shall become "spotted" or lose stealth, even if submerged, upon launching a torpedo or being with the view range of a destroyer or cruiser (sonar capable ships) 2.2.1 Sub can re-enter stealth status after escaping enemy ship line-of-sight. ----- let me know what you think. Suggestions welcome.
  3. I like the idea of having a free for all which allows players a level of diplomacy to choose their allies. If the decision is made to challenge an ally, it shouldn't need to be approved by both parties. We should be able to attack anyone we desire. Utilize a prompt if we begin to attack a player whom we are allied with to warn of the break in diplomacy. I like this idea.
  4. You are missing the point. I only ask for uniformity. And no one capped me with StuGs. If you don't like what I'm saying, stay off the thread.
  5. I know what they are considered in the game. The problem still persists. Just making them drive faster and labeling them a vehicle doesn't change the fact they are and should be an armored vehicle. This game prides itself on being true to the past. I'm holding the Devs accountable.
  6. The aircraft carrier was the most protected ship in the group because they didn't have defensive armaments. The ability to carry and deploy airplanes kinda undercuts the need for defensive weapons.
  7. I don't care about the added advantage. It is a problem of uniformity. It is an armored vehicle. Either make all armored vehicles transportable by the light transport aircraft, or fix this problem.
  8. I'm complaining to the Devs to fix the problem.
  9. Is there no one can help me understand this? I'm so confused.
  10. It supplies the city, not the troops.
  11. This is what I would expect. It will carry a sizable amount of supplies which would increases with level. Set a beacon in the field and the troops must be within it to receive the resupply. The cargo plane would drop a percentage of the supplies per lvl (lvl1=100%; lvl3=50%; lvl5=25%). This is my take on the matter.
  12. I agree. I enjoyed the other map because you could move a fleet into position to launch a surprise attack on players. Now, we are too close to truly utilize the many advantages of the naval armada. Add good to the Europe map and let's get it going.
  13. I am currently fighting a battle on two fronts. I am having trouble keeping the troops supplied due to the sphere of aerial resupply tactics being too small to enclose multiple units striking multiple targets. We need a way to resupply troops via a controlled cargo plane. Simple.
  14. My version of the the railways aren't generated until two stations are connected. If the railways run thru an enemy village, then take the village so you can maintain a visual. It should neve run through as enemy city.
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