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World Warfare
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  1. Sound great but have you guys fix the laggy and chat ?.. Lag troops are uncontrollable Game freezes up when hitting a city
  2. Kind of useless officers .. beside turrent and transport officer. And again you guys just add too this game and don't even look at the issues like the broken chat like fix it !!!!! if mason could make a officer chat officer I would buy it
  3. Mason it would be great if u got your ass out of your little cubical and chatted with the others in your group ... and then let us know when the next update happens. I really wish you guys stopped fucking with the game and really try hard to fix the chat that has been broken since you guys contacted it out like really try hard too earn your pay check
  4. Thanks for the warning I just lost everything tonight just started attacking a city uncool the shit u guys pull why the update in the first place you guy made the game worst then it already was Instead of always fucking with the game fix the F in cHAT !!!! This game is starting to become a joke
  5. AthenaofGODz


    A little over kill ?
  6. This chat is really sucking. So get of your asses and fix it !!!!!
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