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World Warfare
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  1. MrJoseg

    Halloween Event-2019

    The wife and friend! MrJoseg
  2. MrJoseg

    Christmas Moments

    A beautiful day with family. MrJoseg
  3. MrJoseg

    Halloween Moments

    MrJoseg. Enjoying time with my wife and kids. MrJoseg
  4. MrJoseg

    Not starting up

    I have not gotten my phone or iPad to load today. Is something down? MrJoseg
  5. MrJoseg

    Best Moments.

    I was looking for something similar to the old Command and Conquer. This is better! Plus I have played in two leagues full of great guys! MrJoseg
  6. I have played in two Leagues and they have been some of the best guys! Thank you! MrJoseg
  7. On vacation with the family in Florida! MrJoseg
  8. I had three great uncles in the war. They served in many different roles in support of Generals both in the U.S. And in Europe. MrJoseg
  9. MrJoseg

    Balance Changes

    When it comes to troop totals you put 1 troop total per troop. This doesn't matter if it's a tank, plane, artillery, or troop. They all have different strengths and abilities. They should also count for less towards the troop total. A troop shouldn't count as much as a tank. But in a real battle there are always more troops than tanks.
  10. MrJoseg

    Halloween Event!

    Dressing up this year! MrJoseg!!! Put her in jail!
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