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World Warfare
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  1. Atlguyb1

    Long Live League Event

    Had got bored of the game but realized there's nothing like this one In the App Store
  2. Atlguyb1

    Long Live League Event

    Long live the 21st MR I shall bring it back Memorial Day I have risen Gen Atl from the dead!
  3. Atlguyb1

    Detective Recruit

    actually it has the art tank
  4. Atlguyb1

    New Patch Preview- Episode 2

    I believe it's called the Golden Age...
  5. Atlguyb1

    League Battle——Sitrep Collect

    Hey guys. Getting pretty intense here at another bronze as we would be in silver but the problem we had with the league battlefield still being there just got resolved. I am only now starting after being injuried in an Airsoft game. But that won't stop us the score is close and rebels and 21st plan to have this one in the bag. So far a lot of movement many are just waiting for tranprorts to be expanded before continuing advance.
  6. Atlguyb1

    Project X Achieved, Strongest League Emerged!

    I got it this is cool thanks. I am already wearing it showing it off for a bit ☺️
  7. Atlguyb1

    Project X Achieved, Strongest League Emerged!

    I think since this is the first year this game has been opened and the top 10 league leaders have done an outstanding job showing off skills winning battles finding huge bugs reporting them improving the game etc. We should maybe get a special medal in which we can wear showing this great honor throughout the game just a thought ??
  8. Atlguyb1

    Unit Stats- You Must Know

    I'll take pictures next time but during our last league battle we had a lot of trouble with the western side of the map 75% of them were fighting against just 21st Regiment. As soon as I got the gigant plane it opened up a world of hell for the other side I had dropped tank destroyers super tanks level 5 art and a world of pain motorized infantry this changed the tide very fast making me easily wipe through finishing my campaign of the western side in under 5 hours I had captured all major headquarters plus their leaders cities. The tank destroyers came in use when heavy tanks were charging and AA definitely helped with taking down bombers the gigants high capacity allows me to farther advance my troop movements by stopping to reload at every city. Being able to drop so many units brings things into play like the enemies I faced never expected to be charged my motorized infantry or for my gigant to have super tanks in it and I dropped it right on there art it's high health allows it to take very long before shot down by weak AA (level 1) or Turrents
  9. Atlguyb1

    Project X Achieved, Strongest League Emerged!

    Thank you very much for this honor. I just pulled this game up around late October and have enjoyed it so much. It is my pleasure to play such a great game with such good competition. No needs to beat you buddy. You can have this win. If I had wanted to sweep you guys I would of last night easily win by the time your team even woke up. But we still get a cup and its the holidays and my guys rather be off with the fam then putting a lot of effort and time at the current moment. Next time :)
  10. Atlguyb1

    Project X Achieved, Strongest League Emerged!

    Good job to all of you guys congrats for topping charts and killing it on every battlefield and league battle! Good luck for future battles! We will be up there soon
  11. Atlguyb1

    League Battle- Sitrep Collect

    Commander is doing great his people are active unfortunately we got the shitty part of the deal having to deal with spartans to the south and glitchy quests like GenOmar can't get past the first league quest even though we completed it. We got people on our team that are busy with there fams that's not a problem but they got wiped out anyways. We finally made our way to the wonder I took the command center single handed like A badazz but all my men died due to bombers so now struggling to fix my men as they continuously die to enemy art now
  12. Atlguyb1

    League Battle- Sitrep Collect

    So we been advancing very nicely joined this battle not to late after others we been building and are heading toward the wonder with our neutral allies for now we plan to take out the guys to our south soon.
  13. Atlguyb1

    Tornado Bombers?

    We are at it again me and the warpigs taking down Godz alliance member PureSteel.
  14. Atlguyb1

    Tornado Bombers?

    Ever had so many bombers when it hits the target they form a tornado? I have me and war pigs created a tornado fleet of bombers today. Check it out!
  15. Atlguyb1

    Diamond Cup- For Glory

    21st Regiment made a stand but lost I must regroup since many left I am on my own Peter if there's anything I can do its stop a regime.