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World Warfare
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  1. You guys said troops will respawn each 2 hours but will there be a way to know the respawn times, cause it would be bad if someone attacks a rebel city 5 minutes before respawn tiger cause they’ll kill all the troops than they’d respawn all a sudden which would be a problem so hopefully there’s a way to prevent that problem from happening
  2. I really like how rebel are a bit more buffed and how the rebel cities and surrendered cities upgrade slowly however, I suggest to add some air defence to the level 15+ rebel cities since a army of bombers can cruise threw them quickly and make the 15+ more buffed since a level 8 and level 10 rebel city where much more powerful than a level 15 since level 15 has 5 m40 1 bomber, level 8 had 3 rockets+2tigers+2destroyers+2 bombers, add ships surrounding water side of level 15s, also change the troop respawn timer in rebels cause I killed the whole rebel army and than was attacking center of city (I only had 2 stugs so it was slow and lights) the rebel army respawned and killed all my lights and it happened twice, so maybe make them respawn slowly. Another bug was when I was attacking that city it said a 4th level 1 rebel was constructing and once I capped it was still there and my troops kept attacking it and it didn’t break. Overall really fun and love the smaller teams and concept just keeps some bug fixes -Maxanator from Deicide
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