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World Warfare
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  1. To solve the problem with alt leagues, enter the account binding in the game to the mobile phone number. At the root of this problem, you do not solve it otherwise, but this will significantly reduce the number of alt accounts in the game. Shields add recharge depending on their duration and limit their use at one time. For example, you can turn on a one-time shield either for 2, 4 or 8 hours and after it ends, the next use of any shield should be available after a similar period of time, that is, through the same 2, 4 or 8 hours ... although I would rule out the shields from the game. KinGSkiLL IRoNLeGioN

    Halloween Moments

    Happy Halloween In game: KinGSkiLL
  3. Thank you! Tell me, what about medals for prizes?
  4. KinGSkiLL, Rokossovskyi, InHaLe, shustriirus, Susanin, Mi34: 2000 diamonds 20000 gold XAMELEON, Malinovski, SpecAgent, FancyBear: 500 diamonds 5000 gold Sorry, correct: KinGSkiLL, Rokossovskyi, InHaLe, shustriirus, Susanin, Mi34: 1500 diamonds 15000 gold XAMELEON, Malinovski, SpecAgent, FancyBear: 750 diamonds 7500 gold
  5. Ok. In each round was a different team. Here is a list of all the participants in the Cup: KinGSkiLL, Rokossovskyi, Mi34, InHaLe, shustriirus, XAMELEON, Susanin, SpecAgent, FancyBear, Malinovski "IRoNLeGioN"
  6. Hello! You need to provide a list of participants of the Cup for the issuance of awards? P.s. how to change then change your username? I'm KinGSkiLL "IRoNLeGioN"
  7. Мой любимый прадедушка! Ветеран 2 мировой войны! Дошел до Берлина!!
  8. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEKnh3UUQjUbaAnIBARyyww Создал канал в Youtube, хочу продвигать игру и записывать разные видео для новых людей.66
  9. А я не понял. Выкладываю видео в Youtube, подписываю, а вам куда написать что за видео и где оно?
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