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World Warfare
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  1. Dear Commanders, First of all , i would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas for u and ur families Secondly , i want to share smth with u , it is the suffering from playing among a league who is actually based in USA or north america ,coz when i join them , i suffer from the huge time zone difference for starting the new battle fields and for any event and so on, so that i had been searching for a league who based in Europe but to use the English langue as its main luggage s in game chats as to be able to communicate and understand the rest of the members during battles and so on , so mainly , i am searching for a British league or Irish or Scotland or England , any league from that countries will suits perfectly for me to join , so is there any recommendations? does anyone would like from that countries even to start and form a new league together? i am waiting your answers dear commanders
  2. Barthel , its more than a perfect explaination ! Thank you very much Barthel for ur help and everything became clear now for me
  3. Guys, there was an update today early morning and i had noticed that after such update or system maintenance the chatting system became more better and my all long sentenced had been sent successfuly did anyone notice that?
  4. Florian told me that Jane or Lily will check such issue and will work over it and here you r writing about this bug and all what guys wrote above is the same which i had wrote before in the below link but they even described the problems even more clearer than me So we are waiting to get such bugs fixed as soon as possible Jane
  5. Dear Jane, thanks for your answer but would u plz tell me how many gameplay in this game or u can call it how many scenarios in this game ? i mean there is battlefield - tournament - Isles of war , so whats the difference between them ? i need to know what is each of them for? for example the battlefield , what should i gain from it? whats my main role there?is it have a certain duration? and for tournaments , when it starts and whats in tournament which is not in battlefield? how often there is a tournamentt? for isles of war ,the same questions as for the other previous 2 scenarios , i need more explanation and information about it please. Many thanks in advance
  6. Manson , only now i became sure that i am playing a different version than you or may be even a different game !! I dont have such screen and dont have such icons at all !! I am using IOS 10 !!
  7. Thanks Manson for the reply but can u send me a screen shot to show me where is that main menu which u mean?
  8. Barthel , sure the out dated FAQs helped me some , but u can say i am very eager to know more & more about this game coz i liked it very much but can u tell me plz where is this lobby chat? I have only 4 kind of rooms for chatting inside the game with no response and these rooms r always not active and the lobby chat is not among them! And for leaders and leagues , i opened a topic here complaining that i can see only few league about 43 and 90% of them with 1 paticipant or even without any players at all and just an empty league and the remaing 10% contains not active players! So with whome should i talk?! Then i started to search for some active leagues which r famouse here in this forum like wolfpack or mavericks but also for sorrow it gives me a message that such leagues doesnt exsit! Barthel , i feel i am lonely and the only player in this game! There smth wrong for sure and i really need some help! , here are some screen shots for u as to proove my words for u.
  9. No problem Barthel , i got what u mean now but believe me i tried many times through the general chat but its like a desert no one active no one reply anything and as i am talking to my self then i searched here found only one old topic and not completed then tried the FAQ but found it out dated! So the last hope was to start a topic and to write here Yes i saw Florian , he is a nice man
  10. osos4ever

    Chatting System !

    Great so the same problem as me , so now to whome we should send our problem? Or who we should contact?
  11. osos4ever

    Chatting System !

    Finaly someone is suffering from smth inside this game? so do u have the same problem exactly like me Florian?
  12. I cant wait for it Waffles Ok Florian , may be i dont know him well but all of u r trying to help me but in a very simple helpful way than his him
  13. I check and found no space before the name ! so what do u think? Whats the problem? Why i cant see any other leagues? I check and found no space before the name ! so what do u think? Whats the problem? Why i cant see any other leagues?
  14. osos4ever

    Chatting System !

    It seems that no one faces such problem except me or what?!
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