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World Warfare
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  1. Rup

    Crash June 14, 11:45 PM

    I'm back in. Was buggy for me all night so was worried. Got lobby fetch error for about 10 mins. Landed now. Logged out.
  2. Rup

    Crash June 14, 11:45 PM

    Anyone else crashed? If I can't get back on I will lose everything I have. ~56 troops all leveled, some level 5.
  3. Rup


    Never!! Lol. My goal this field was to beat it with just ships and it really was overkill. One of my Cruisers got to 50% and I pulled it. Didn't need to. It would have lived.
  4. Rup


    Ship-only kill on Super Battleship. 13 Bismarks, 8 Carolinas, 6 Cruisers. All level 4 or 5. Done.
  5. Rup


    Ship-only kill on Super Battleship. 13 Bismarks, 8 Carolinas, 6 Cruisers. All level 4 or 5. Getting close!
  6. Rup


    Ship-only kill on Super Battleship. 13 Bismarks, 8 Carolinas, 6 Cruisers. All level 4 or 5. Attack!
  7. Rup


    Ship-only kill on Super Battleship. 13 Bismarks, 8 Carolinas, 6 Cruisers. All level 4 or 5. Set up.
  8. Rup

    Crash During Battle

    New bug makes game unplayable. Went in to attack a city with a league mate ... defender had a lot of troops defending. As I start to move in I crash and crash immediately after logging back in. I cannot do anything. Can't even look at the fight without crashing. I managed to pull away and select gigs to drop troops. But that's it. Anytime I tried to look at battle, crashed immediately. I lost 40, mostly level 5, troops because gigs shot down before I could drop and those that did drop were pummeled because all in one spot. I was able to get in and watch after enemy's troops were all gone and I had lost my 40. This basically makes the game unplayable for anything bigger than a skirmish. Really, really bad problem.
  9. This is a good topic and I'm glad CB brought it up. I only heard about the Persuade glitch after one of our players (apparently) was banned for it. Jane, we'd still like to know if he was banned or if he just quit. I knew he had something that I didn't know, because he seemed unbeatable in some battles when I was watching him. And in Isles he basically took the middle island after the first day. Regardless, I'm hopeful that anything like this continues to be fixed and players get kicked. I'd much prefer a limit on gems in Cup. Maybe limit blue gems and raise the purple gems in Cup and give missions that give you those. Similar to Isles with Gold. I've fought against guys that gemmed their city and turrets more than 20 times and constantly gemmed troops. That's just insane and not at all how the game "should" be played. I imagine you all make the overwhelming majority of money in regular battlefields, not Cup. Maybe I'm wrong. As for alliance chat, it's not convenient but Chat groups work well. I'm sure everyone's figured that out by now, but thought I'd mention it. As for cracked versions of the game, not sure how to handle that. Jane, can you keep stats on damage done, etc? Surely it would be obvious if someone was hacking.
  10. Rup

    Less Trash Talk Please.

    You only hate trash talk, because YOU SUCK NOOB!!! J/K ... I agree. I don't like how bad it gets sometimes. I don't mind good-fun trash, with the emphasis on fun. This isn't life and if this game makes you feel good about yourself, it's time to go outside for a bit. Actually I use that line sometimes when it gets bad. Or I just don't go to Battlefield chat.
  11. Rup

    How did you find World Warfare?!

    I don't really remember, but my guess is from Facebook. I download a lot of games and start, only to immediately delete. This one has kept me hooked for a while.
  12. Rup

    Love Isles!

  13. Rup

    Resources did not transfer

    Edit: A day later and none of it has appeared. I lost 2 Gigs and about 5,000 each of supplies.
  14. Rup

    Resources did not transfer

    I'm having this problem as well. Sending resources from LC or city. Just sent food and 2 gigs from LC and is not there. Log shows it was completed. Actually I watched them arrive because I wanted yo build the gigs right away. I'm on iPhone 6.
  15. Rup

    Approach to Godz LC

    Planes heading in to attack Godz Monument during Silver Cup.