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World Warfare
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  1. SalMonella

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    It takes to long to develop a decent sized navy, I would suggest lowering the level that you can obtain ships so we can concentrate on building a navy and not an army.
  2. SalMonella

    How does extra construction slot work

    How does extra construction slot work
  3. SalMonella

    New Officers of June

    We need more active officer slots, 5 just doesn't cut it anymore I would like to see 10 active officers slots.
  4. SalMonella

    New Officers of April

    We need more slots to fit these guys in, german general staff had at least 10 advisors to hitler.
  5. When is something going to be done about the hacking in this game, I did a simple search and came across several websites that say they have downloadable apps that generate diamonds and coins. If something is not done soon this game will be unplayable and will die. The Chinese leagues use them on a regular basis and the developers should keep an eye on them.
  6. SalMonella

    A Late Thanksgiving Update

    Well that sucks
  7. SalMonella

    A Late Thanksgiving Update

    Are the other officers that were offered a few weeks ago going to be for sale again soon?