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World Warfare
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  1. Excellent Idea. My vote would be the M8 Greyhound.
  2. That's right, what Snake said. So quit crying Cupcake!!
  3. That sucks, the ranking system is the only real change I wanted, bug fix in chat will be nice.
  4. What about the ranking system?
  5. Jane you are just as Awesome in doing your part here on the forum, the praise is for everyone at this company for being exceptional at what they do, from the programmers to the poor souls sentence to dealing with us unruly bunch.
  6. I feel you brother. I am not sure why some goals will credit you for things done, such as build a Sherman tank, but the level your troops goals doesn't.
  7. I completely agree, tournaments should be about skill not the size of your wallet. There are plenty of other aspects of the game they can generate income. I am new to the forum but is seems like everyone is complaining about this and also the current ranking system but the only changes being made is the introduction of new troops and new maps. When it comes to those complaints specifically, all I see from the developers is plenty of empty promises.
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