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World Warfare
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  1. units in grouping list are not listed in order / by type of units (it used to be infantry in top of the list, navy and air on bottom of the list, now all units types are mixed - check screenshots). could you please make unit ID# more visible? change the colour of font (currently white), or change the background colour (currently light gray), please, i have a problem to choose a gig which hold specific unit which i want to unload cause i cant see ID# of that gig in the units list. there is also a bug with unit multiple command, it used to be perfect, but with new update units just stop, i didnt manage to find out what stops them, but something is not working as before most definitely. please run additional test on that.
  2. merry christmas ID: МШ мир божји, христос се роди
  3. i have strong reasons to believe that extreme lag which we had is due to complex video graphics happening on screen. many different units from different players on screen + tactics + damage calculations + graphics which correspond to any command (management / control) of units (for example, tiger tanks with permanent skin + in speed march + with all tactics + many units from different players = server can not proccess all command inputs & graphics outputs. is there any way to "lower" graphics quality? do we need so much "smoke" when units are moving? if you dont fix lag - players will stop playing and/or spending on game. it is absolutely against any logic that you can not give diamonds back to players who spent them in cup.
  4. thank you, peter. well received and highly appreciated. my impressions of the map are still mixed. it is definitely very hard map if you loose your capital, since you can not respawn city (72 cities in total). map description said LC can be converted only in lvl 10 cities, which was not the case (you could convert any city). i would most definitely play this map again.
  5. several players, including me, raised this question on the post which offered gems. no answer. are you some kind of forum police or developers representative? because i asked something to peter and you "answered" my question, in gamesupport style.
  6. peter, you (you personally on forum) have promised amethyst rewards on this forum and via game e-mail for feedback about new maps for 3 times now, and you havent give any promised rewards. that is not ok. i understand that developers have lack of ideas and are asking + listening to players opinions, but why promising/offering anything when you later dont do your part of the deal? is it really that much of a problem for game to give 500 (or more) amethysts a few times?
  7. i dont understand why did you limit number of league cities per league? it is in everyone's interest to have more of LC units than less. more arms/units - more and better battles, that's how i see it. do not get me wrong - i prefer not-LC units, but i cant see any good enough reason for "lowering" amount of LC per team. 1. what are gold rewards like? (compare with existing maps) 2. what is game speed?
  8. i changed my nickname to: МШ what is the problem with rewards?
  9. we can not delete ally function, too many connections in game algorhytm, afterall this is team game, there are "ally skills" for each of tech classes (joint force and the other ones)... i noticed we have more flags at start of this map than normal. maybe you should consider that mz and rss fields also have automatic upgrade.
  10. how large is team on new map, 10 players per team?
  11. i really do not understand you guys... is there any manager or engineer who is actually playing this game? 1. what is the logic behind announcing new map 3 days before (limited time) portal opens, if we know (do we know?) how long regular map last? the only way i can join new map is to surrender my current map. 2. the last liberty battlefield (the one with permanent tiger skin reward) was absolutely ridicilous to play. liberty (same as crisis fringe) is 10/10 (small) team map - and there were +60 ALLIED (GREEN between themselves) game accounts, more than 10 chinese leagues in teams <= 10 all allied. do the math, it is abnormal gameplay benefit (more tactic points, higher donations, more visibility via green teritory, more respawn shield etc...) what can your new "matching system" do about that? 3. i am not using game support any longer cause it is a waste of time and nerves.
  12. this is criminal. what do you treat us for - sheep? gigs space glitch is there AGAIN. I CAN NOT CAPTURE REBEL CITY (WHILE TURRETS LVL 20 ARE HITTING ME). game support is OFFLINE DURING WEEKENDS AND THE MAP LASTS FOR 4 DAYS (do the math when support finally comes online and "solve" my problems which happened 3 DAYS AGO. you have no respect for our time and money invested in playing this game.
  13. slayer, you have same issues with baldachilles as i do on omg, it is probably accounts' connection link broken... i cant access rooster page to share league access to other teammates on current map.
  14. marshallG is my nickname.
  15. marshallG

    Easter Day Event

    your bunnies are cool but my lion is king! happy easter ❤️
  16. i tried new skin on global bf yesterday and i can say just this, when tiger tank (with new skin) moves on map - there is more smoke (graphic effect?) than in my room...
  17. marshallG

    New Tactics

    and yes, i confirm this new "brilliant" idea is just about the money. which one of the developers suggested that you need to use purple tactic card (50 tactic points) to "activate" new tactics? why should i use purple card when i have tactic points?
  18. marshallG

    New Tactics

    i dont know which game engineers are playing, most definitely not world warfare. anti-supply tactic (-2.4% of the unit base supply per minute) is either not being calculated well, or it is designed to ruin the game. my gigantic transport airplanes lvl 5 (high suppply capacity) ran out of fuel in about 5 minutes, with 2 airsupply tactics used. do you guys (developers) understand that you can ruin the game with the moronic and yet "brilliant" new ideas? did any of engineers test new tactics in game? is this above said - normal for you?
  19. marshallG

    Women's Day Event

    ok ladies and gentlemen, i dont care what any of you will read in this post, but i have spent 2h of my life editing this simple picture on my phone and i have all the rights to demand some damn appreciation for that! p.s. also, luvin ya kris ❤️
  20. why is global map in my top 3 favourite maps? because: 1. it is large (260/20) map = in theory much more targets / larger groups combats 2. hq & rebel tiger tanks ❤️ 3. SPEED = map is more "strategical", oriented, you dont just rush / run around to fight, you must plan moves / actions. simply speaking - lower speed makes you PLAN / PREPARE / THINK more before any action. (units speed influence not just army, but other aspects of the game as well, for example - turrets can make much less damage to attacker simply because he can move away faster.) why i dont play global map any longer? because: 1. ending gold rewards are shamefully low. i understand that you wanted to popularize other ("newer") maps with that move, and i completely understand that you want players to actually buy gold, but i have to emphasize that it is a huge "downer". roughly speaking, liberty map has around 5 times bigger rewards (maybe ratio is even bigger). eventhough it is one of my 3 most favourite maps, it became ridicilous to play.
  21. marshallG

    Halloween Moments

    get yo hairy azz back to team signup soft destiny hehe get yo hairy azz to team signup you soft destiny hehe
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