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World Warfare
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  1. marshallG

    Christmas Moments

    i was a good, good boy last year, but santa didnt put any officers under my poor christmas tree :(
  2. marshallG

    Halloween Moments

    get yo hairy azz back to team signup soft destiny hehe get yo hairy azz to team signup you soft destiny hehe
  3. marshallG

    Halloween Moments

    marshallG's cheap try for diamonds
  4. marshallG

    Maintenance and Update-Oct. 22nd

  5. marshallG

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    suicide tactics should be greatly limited, cooldown or something, only league mates.
  6. marshallG

    Tournament requirements

    bloomancer, if the point of bronze is only to qualify for silver cup, they should call it qualifications for silver cup, and not bronze cup, including achievements/medals for completing those "game missions". i dont want to farm anyone for gold, i want to play the game and among other things - complete game achievements. one of them is winning bronze cup. so why am i not allowed to do it? this practically means whoever wants to play bronze (for any reason, for example doesnt want to stress or spend as much as in silver cup) has to drop/change current league and enter bronze with "newer" league, which doesnt make sense. as the devs said - bronze should be free for all, and silver only if you qualify. thanks for your feedback though.
  7. marshallG

    gigs space bug

    same old bug with loading units into gigs on ("new") liberty map. it is extremely annoying. space "points" of different type units (tank, vehicle, infantry) when loading into gigs are not calculated right.
  8. marshallG

    Tournament requirements

    quote: Bronze Cup: All leagues are able to participate. a. for some reason, i dont see team signup for bronze cup, only for silver. bug or intention? i see no reason that any league can not play bronze cup, if they dont want to play silver cup. as quoted text above says. b. why (alreadyqualifiedforsilvercup) league can not have team for both silver and bronze cup during same season? c. where is the post with new tourney rules? this forum is organized like a huge pile of sand.
  9. marshallG

    No Joycrafter Server Hosting = Game Progress Loss

    waffles, if you dont have anything smart to say (and you said that yourself, quote: "no clue what you are talking about..." twice?) why do you bother writing anything? do you feel special in that way?
  10. marshallG


    rankings are closed, what are rewards for top 5 leagues of both silver and bronze tournament this season and when can we expect them?
  11. marshallG


    waffles, if you dont have an answer to my question, then pardon me asking - who asked you anything? rules of tournament - only leader can declare victory. how do you think everybody else has 76 cities per battlefield? i underline, everybody else.
  12. marshallG


    yesterday i bought some gold on promo offer (225k gold for 10$ - google receipt attached) because i had only 60k and as you all know - tech is a black hole of gold. i spent around 100k gold to start 2 new tech class upgrades. simple mathematics say that i would be left with around 180k gold (60k i had + 225k i bought - 100k for tech = 180k). when i logged in last night, i had only 3,4k gold on account. this is a serious problem, because either someone STOLE gold from my account, or i didnt receive gold which i paid for. i demand explanation and my gold or my money back. otherwise, we go the hard (google) way.
  13. marshallG


    anyone who knows me from the game knows how strict i am when it comes to following game rules, which should be the same for all players and leagues. league fluffycupcakes plays bronze tournament this season. yesterday i sent a request to developers to check why wonder which i have been attacking doesnt receive any damage from my army. game support fixed this issue promptly (thumbsup) and game account OFFICER DAVID from league GLIMMERS showed up on map and started attacking wonder with paratrooper. after a while, i personally killed remaining red cities on map, and 15 min after i erazed the last red city - BATTLEFIELD SUDDENLY CLOSED! i underline - as rules should be the same for everyone - OUR CINC DID NOT DECLARE VICTORY AND ENDED BF. cinc was not online at that moment. our goal was to have all 76 cities taken, as everyone else is doing. closing map ON YOUR OWN will have influence on bronze rankings, and that is not FAIR. i played game for nights, spending my time, amethysts and afterall putting great effort to compete with the best, but this act of game support is insult for my league and myself. i want to hear answer - who and why closed our bronze tournement battlefield last night?
  14. marshallG

    Maintenance & Update on December 21st

    g approves [pray]
  15. marshallG

    Season8 ranking update

    there is a problem with ranking update. any plans of updating BEFORE next (final) week of this season (8) starts so we can plan our strategy? thanks.